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Your Questions About Apartment Lease

December 8, 2012

Thomas asks…

Apartment lease?

I am currently renting an apartment in NJ, it is a lease through a management company. I have what I think is a mold problem in the bathroom that they can’t fix. How to I end my lease and still get back my security deposit and also not face any penalty for breaking the lease.

Administrator answers:

I’m no attorney but I think you should document the mold with pictures and then get a letter from your doctor saying the mold is harmful. Then, ask the company to let you out of your lease with the provisions you stated in your original question. If they refuse, small claims court.

Jenny asks…

Apartment Lease?

I currently live in an apartment, but would like to move out early. My lease is up in the middle of August, but if I pay my rent at the apartment, and it is vacant for a month or so, can the apartments do anything? (Fines, etc.?) Everything will be paid for, I will be doing double duty for a month or so……

Administrator answers:

NO, as long as the apartment gets their money and nobody else is living there (anyone other than those on the lease), then they don’t care

Ruth asks…

apartment lease?

I may be living with a friend in his apartment without having my name on the lease.. is this really risky? Also, I have two cats and can’t afford the pet deposit yet. How much trouble could we get into for this? Or do you think it is possible to get away with?

Administrator answers:

If I were you, I’d have a SIDE “sub” contract with your friend regarding rent. He would be the lessor and you would be the lessee. Make it a year, six month or month to month contract, stating the date it starts and ends. How much you are to pay in security, if any…rent per month, utilities, if any and if you are required to pay any pet deposit. ALSO, put in your contract about late fees…or at least go over it so you have a small grace period if you don’t pay him rent on the first. GOOD LUCK.

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