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July 29, 2013

Donna asks…

How much would a house like this cost in Iowa next summer?

My brother and i will both be done with college this spring, starting jobs where we would both make $15 per hour. I have a $300 car payment for another 2 years, and he will need a car within a year, of a similar payment.

We want to get a small house here in Iowa, area code 50613, that has a large workspace such as either a very large garage, or a seperate workshop, perhaps made from a pole barn. Neither of us plan on raising families there, so a 2-bedroom house with 1 bath and a small kitchen, just a bachelor pad, would fit quite well. We’d like to be near town, but rural enough to not have to worry too much about neighbors, since we’ve grown up in the country and are used to being able to shoot firearms, and work on our cars without worrying about leaving a tool laying out, for a passing kid to steal if we were in town. Darn tool-stealing kids.

Honestly, i think we would both live in a large RV if the price was right, and if we could find an empty lot for dirt cheap to build a simple workshop on. We have welding equipment, an air compressor, stuff that just doesn’t fit into a small house’s garage in the middle of town. Our parents are selling the acreage to move into a condo in town, and my brother and i cannot afford the huge house or property it’s on, when the large workshop and rural setting are all we really need.

I thought about maybe just living in an apartment in town, and renting somebody’s unused barn outside of town, for my brother to rebuild a muscle car, and myself to build a dune buggy.

Okay so this is a ton of extra info… Any advice or thoughts on how much we could get a small rural house for?

Administrator answers:

Depends on how far out of town you are willing to live. Cedar Falls-Waterloo is a college town, with an industrial base. Farther East and South, the more expensive. You get 75-100 West Wright/Hamilton/Franklin county areas, you can buy what you are looking for within $50-60,000 range. 30 year loan, you’re talking $600-700 month including property tax and insurance. Should be able to rent around $400-500 month

Maria asks…

What do I need to build a breakfast bar in my apt?

I have a tiny apartment, I have a blank wall about 6 foot wide that I would like to build a breakfast bar on. I just want a simple plan on how to build it. I want it to be about 2 feet wide (or a bit smaller) and I want it to be as long as the wall. Please tell me what sort of materials I need and tools. Keep in mind I want to do this VERY cheap. Thanks :)

Administrator answers:

If you don’t have a hand held drill, which you’ll need, you might wanna consider buying a table for two and chairs. Lots of times I’ve seen them on Craig’s List or second hand stores for $25 to $50 for the set. It might be cheaper than having to buy the materials and tools.

Nancy asks…

Apartment Lock Problem?

I live in an apartment. Someone has been coming into my apartment while I’m at work, while some things are missing they aren’t taking anything major and it appears they have been snooping through things. I really don’t think it’s my landlord, and he has allowed me to change the lock. I haven’t seen him yet to give him the new key, but the problem is the landlord has a storage room downstairs where he keeps his tools, furnace filters, for rent signs and whatever. He also keeps the spare keys to all the apartments down there. He has given a few people in the building a key to the storage room so they can do things for him when he’s not here and they aren’t too particular about locking the door to the storage room when they are done doing whatever they are doing in there, plus any one of them has access to all of the keys. The landlord is very naive and thinks it’s crazy to think that anyone would be so dishonest as to use the keys without his knowledge. I really don’t want to move (I will if I have to) but it makes me angry that I am paying so much money to live here a month and just about anyone can come right in. Too many people have access to the keys and I don’t want to give him the key to my new lock (yes I know all about the laws) I don’t plan to give it to him until he actually asks for it. Aside from me moving, does anyone have any suggestions for me?? Thanks.

Administrator answers:

Get one of those motion sensitive cameras and mount it where it will start when the door is open, so when you have to give your landlord a key, you’ll be able to see who comes in and out. In the mean time buy one of those “book” type safes for your valuables.
When you have the pictures, you’ll be able to take action, either with the landlord or the police.

Betty asks…

How Much Will Basic Things Cost for First Apartment?

I live in Madison WI, and intend to move out of the house and get an appartment (~$700/mo.) with a friend, starting this summer. We’ve worked out how much to spend on monthly costs (rent, utilities, and weekly groceries), but we will need to buy a whole bunch of stuff as soon as (or before) we move in. That means that we’ll have to shell out a large amount of money all at once, which requires planning.

Such things include: Plates, glasses, and utensils; kitchen knives and tools; a stock of imperishable food; toilet plunger; toolbox; cleaning supplies; and other little things like that.

We’ve already accounted for furniture and the security deposit.

How much would you estimate these costs to total up to?


Administrator answers:

It really depends on where you go to purchase those things. Some of them could be bought at yard sales, or thrift stores.

Wal Mart is also another lower cost place to start purchasing those things. Some things like a tool box are not critical and you could leave it for later. Also A toilet plunger really doesn’t NEED to be bought until you need it.

All told you can get most of the stuff for a few hundred dollars (maybe 500) though, if you want GOOD knives and such then you may want to invest more money in it. Also, kitches tools, well go get the ones you KNOW you will need but, purchase more specialized ones as you need them. Also don’t forget Pots and Pans which can also run into a pretty penny for them. There are two ways to obtain them. Purchase them as a set which can run 200+ dollars or buy them as you need them, though if you know anyonw with a CostCo or Sams Club card you might be able to get a really good deal on them there.

For cleaning, I would start with somehting that is multi purpose (if you don’t have much cash) instead of purchasing a lot of specialized products.

Again, it really depends on where you shop and the quantity of stuff you are buying.

Laura asks…

I told my girlfriend of 5 years I cheated on her. She dumped me – How can I get her back?

I went to my girlfriends apartment late last night. I told her that I had sex with another girl three weeks ago and that I made out with two girls at a bar two days ago. Believe me, I am not the type of person to usually do anything like this. I have been with my girlfriend faithfully for 5 years. I told her because the guilt was killing me and I know that I made a ridiculous mistake. I tried to talk with her and explain to her that I loved her and I am stupid for making a mistake. I tried to explain to her that this is very unlike me and how I dont know what came over me. We were planning on getting married after she graduates from law school in two years. I told her that I know she is too good for me and that I will do anything to make it up to her and I dont want to lose her.

When I first told her, she was first quiet for about 10 minutes. She then started crying for like 45 minutes. She told me that she would never in a million years think that I would do something like that. She kicked me out of her apartment and told me not to call her. I thought she just needed some time and a break to me.

Today, her sister came to my apartment when I was at work (she sent me a text) to pick up my girlfriend’s stuff. She left my gf’s key and told me to “never call her again you worthless tool.” I tried calling her, but she just texted me back and said “I cannot even talk to you right now, please dont try to contact me.”

How can I get her back? I know I do not deserve her, shes incredibly beautiful and crazy smart. My parents are coming into town to celebrate their anniversary and got us all balcony tickets to see a broadway show. Ugh Im going to have to make something up to my parents of why she is not there. They love her and they were already thinking about where/when we will get married.

Should I give her a few days and call her? Send her flowers? Buy her a really nice watch she wanted (the 5k one I was planning to get her for christmas)? How can I get her to trust me again?

Administrator answers:

If she doesn’t want you, you cannot get her back. Stop trying to call. She has told you not to and by doing so you are harassing her and she can get a restraining order on you.

The best thing you can do is probably the letter, but don’t write it as an “I want you back” letter. Write only that you feel terrible, and you are sorry to have hurt her, and you only wish her well. Say goodbye in the letter, and do NO expect her to ever contact you again. Then begin the process of moving on. She will probably not contact you, and if she does there’s not a great chance she’ll want to be with you again. Do what you can and then leave her be.

Chris asks…

Freeloading Brother is Driving Me Nuts!?

Let me set the scene for you: My husband and I live in a 2 bedroom apartment. We have 3 cats and a small dog. This is a comfortable and loving environment. We have always striven to take care of our less fortunate family members, from providing a place to escape to for a few days to helping with bills.

My husband’s 24 year old brother was fired from his job in April, just before Easter. He has always lived in MO with his mother, but has wanted to relocate to NE to be closer to my husband, who is like his best friend. Thus, when he lost his job, he started job hunting up here.

He actually found a job within the first 3 days, so we said he could stay with us until he had saved up enough for his own place. While he was waiting on his first “real” check (full hours, not just training 3-4 hours a day) my husband and I were providing gas money and food, in addition to footing the bill for any activities we did, like movies or dinners out or borrowing him money when he asked. We also paid for Brother’s insurance premium, a loan payment, a new car battery, and other miscellaneous expenses.

Unfortunately, Brother is now making very good money, but blowing it. Instead of saving, he has taken trips to visit a long distance girlfriend, gotten a $300 tattoo, gone on a $250+ shopping spree for clothing and presents for the girlfriend, etc. He eats out frequently, having fast food/restaurant dinners more than 5 times a week. He also buys $100s of dollars in food a month that he does not welcome us to and keeps in a separate refrigerator.

There have also been problems with cleaning up after oneself, not leaving dirty dishes full of water “soaking” in the sink for days at a time, helping out with household chores, etc. There is also an issue of respect for my small dog, whom he does not like and I cherish as my most valued friend and prized tool. He does not like her simply because she is a small dog with a high pitched bark.

We have talked to Brother about setting a goal and sticking to it, but when asked what his goal was, he said, “I honestly don’t know.” We told him that needed to change.

Now, Brother is planning another trip to the girlfriend’s, where they will stay in a hotel for her birthday. This will be another $300+ trip. Last night, he felt it appropriate to scream at my dog at the top of his lungs as soon as he came home due to her barking. I have hit the limit of my patience with this young man.

My husband does not want to charge Brother rent because he feels that Brother will feel entitled to an opinion about household issues if he is paying part of the rent. We do charge him $75 a month for electric/internet, which he has yet to pay in full.

How can I communicate my extreme displeasure and coerce him into setting his own time limit/goal to be on his own? My husband is getting irritated as well, but no where near my level. I don’t want to create bad blood between them, but I cannot allow someone to live with us forever. Especially after last night’s stunt with my dog.

Administrator answers:

Why is he not moving out already? He has a job and makes good money? Why on earth are you letting him still live with you and your husband? Tell him he has 2 months to find a place and get his butt out of the house… Otherwise it doesn’t sound like you’ll ever get rid of him! He is 24, not a child. He’s blowing his money because he knows he can sponge off of you two.

Linda asks…

Economic Homework Help! Please!?

1.What is the government-controlled price ceiling on apartment prices called?
a.floor pricing c. equilibrium level control d. rent monitoring

2.When the government sets a price floor on earnings, it is called which of the following? equilibrium rate c. minimum wage
b.base-level wage d. employment guarantee

3.Until 1996, the United States used price supports in agriculture by doing what to create demand?
a.setting legal price floors c. setting legal price ceilings
b.buying excess crops d. raising prices

4.What happens when any market is in disequilibrium and prices are flexible?
a.Market forces push toward equilibrium
b.Sellers waste their resources.
c.Excess demand is created.
d.Unsold perishable goods are thrown out.

5.Why does a government place price ceilings on some “essential” goods?
a.To prevent inflation during boom times
b.To keep business people from making large profits.
c.To keep the goods from becoming too expensive
d.To reduce demand for these goods

6.How does a firm generally respond to a higher demand for its goods?
a.It rations goods. c. It raises prices.
b.It cuts prices. d. there is no set response to this

7.How do falling prices affect supply?
a.The supply curve moves to the left.
b.The supply curve moves to the right.
c.The quantity demanded rises.
d.The quantity supplied rises.

8.Advances in production, such as new technology, can do which of the following to a good?
a.Transform it from an expensive luxury to a mid-priced good.
b.Change it from a necessity to an expensive nonessential.
c.Raise the price as more features become available.
d.Make the production so simple that it becomes unnecessary.

9.What happens first when the demand for a fad peaks and falls?
a.The quantity supplied goes down, and the price goes up.
b.The quantity supplied and the price goes up.
c.The price goes down, and the quantity supplied goes up.
d.Excess supply makes the good easy to obtain.

10.Which of the following is an example of search costs?
a.Paying a premium cost for goods.
b.Buying goods in some special way that is outside the normal channels
c.Driving to a faraway place to find available goods
d.Selling extra goods for a discount price.

11.What is the main principle of Adam Smith’s The Wealth of Nations?
a.Profits are in what people need rather than what they want.
b.Business prospers by finding out what people want and providing it.
c.Although goods are inexpensive, people do not always get what they need.
d.A price-based system sets some goods, such as food or housing, out of the reach of some people.

12.Why did the United States use rationing during World War II?
a.To limit production to a few varieties of each product.
b.To create a society in which each person had an equal chance
c.Because the needs of the armed forces created tremendous shortages
d.Because it wanted to override the existing black market in goods.

13.What prompts efficient resource allocation in a well-functioning market system?
a.Business operating for a profit
b.Government regulation
c.The need for fail allocation of resources
d.The need to buy goods regardless of price

14.How do price changes affect equilibrium?
a.By assisting the centrally planned economy
b.By serving as a tool for distributing goods and services
c.By limiting the market to people who have the most money.
d.By preventing inflation or deflation from affecting the supply of goods

15.Why did the former Soviet Union use a command economic system instead of one based on price?
a.It had major shortages of many goods and services.
b.It wanted goods and services to be less important than they are in a price-based system.
c.It hoped to overcome the advantages of a black market.
d.It hoped to create a society in which everyone had the same chance.

Administrator answers:


David asks…

Why won’t his mom leave me alone?

recent incident
I didn’t get much money this year but I’ve been off taking care of the baby. I kicked him out because he was emotionally abusive and causing other problems at my apartment. He is an employee at a tool and die company. He works, and will be getting back a decent-sized refund anyway. His mom wants him to claim the baby so he can get more back, even though he doesn’t pay child support. She kept pestering me about it (she even wanted to do my taxes for me but I went to H & R block ’cause I didn’t trust her.) I’ve got the ******* stomach virus and puked my brains out the other day, and she was still asking me where my 2009 taxes were so she could do an adjunct form on her computer, and have my boyfriend claim the baby. I looked for the son of a ***** and told her I couldn’t find it, and laid down. She said well that’s ok, she’s gonna claim the baby on his tax form anyway, and we could do an adjunct form later. And that she’d give me the difference of what I would have gotten, if I had claimed the baby. Shouldn’t I get more than that, since I do all of the work, even though his mom does help on my car insurance which is like, 90 bucks a month. Why is she doing this to me?! Is this even legal? I feel like she is a big bully…me and my boyfriend’s therapist told him that he needs to address it to her, and that it wasn’t really my place to, like I shouldn’t have to, and he didn’t, and I haven’t…. now she’s doing this help!

I told her too, well if there’s anything the baby needs to be on, it’s his health insurance because our therapist asked us why she isn’t on it… I mean with me she’s on Medicaid but she still has a good doctor, and if anything happens to is job, she’d always have that…
she says, “Well, if the baby is added to his health insurance policy, then his policy would change- it would go from a single person to a family plan, so it might be a bit more expensive.” I’m thinking, “No shit, do you WANT him to be a single person, and not provide for a family?” So I was gonna tell her that he probably can look it up but before I could say anything, she says, “I’ll look it up later and see what the individual costs of each plan are.”


But when I tell her that Brandon won’t really do anything for himself and he needs practice, she says “Oh, Brandon won’t ever do anything for himself.”

I see a wall I could bam my head up against really hard several times, but from this stomach flu I just don’t have the energy to do it. And that’s sad.

Administrator answers:

Realize this

Hurting people hurt others. It’s not you.. They are the ones who have a problem. They are sick and being mean makes them feel better. People/kids/parents do mean things or lie to manipulate. They just want the reaction so they can get high feel good from it. You have to look at the agenda and not just the words. Abuse is anything that’s not uplifting so forget what truth is being used right then. They have the problem.

When they or you have been thru a bad past/rejection/father gone it makes things start. So called disorders such as Bipolar, cutting, OCD, anxiety, panic attacks,hearing voices can all come from a tramautic past. It opens doors to the negative and things like addicitons, cravings also. You can talk to me or google “emotional abuse” Knowing the truth is the step to freedom from pain.

Sickness can be a spiritual problem so praying to get rid of negative things of a spiritual nature is often needed after years of abuse.

Turns out psychiatry is not based on science. Its just like a theory and a guess. Doctors only practice this theory on the side of being docs. There is no medical background to it at all. Psychiatrists do not draw blood to determine the presence of a biochemical imbalance in patients. They merely observe and announce the existence of imbalances. They just desire to believe this. Mental illness does not exist.

Google online “Emotional Abuse” Read about bullies online.
Realize its their problem.
Google- Diet Depression Soda Thyroid
Google-”Sinners prayer”- learn that heaven awaits you
Google- “Deliverance Prayers”

Click my name to talk. – God wants you to know truth

Source– Experience in a ministry- I have time.

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