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May 31, 2013

Steven asks…

My 21 yr old son told me he plans to get an apartment with his girlfriend. How do I help?

I am a little emotional over this because I raised him by myself thru turmoil you would not believe. I would rather he work, live at home, and get a college degree, but he has fallen head over hills for this girl and she is very nice from what I can see.
What can I do to help him? I already offered him my livingroom furniture since he doesnt own a dish towel much less furniture. It gives me an excuse to buy new stuff.
I am afraid the rent is too high. Also, how long is the standard apartment lease?
They both work at Walmart. I am also sure he was a virgin before her. He is wooed by the sex.
I just can see him financially drowning.

Administrator answers:

This is hard for any mother. You have to stand back and pray he doesn’t throw his life down the tubes. You never know maybe this girl will give him motivation to be something. But he has to learn on his own the value of a dollar. He has to grow up and pay some rent. Of course, you can give him some hand me downs. I mean my parents did that for me. They gave me some pots and pans and stuff to start out with.
He may be wooed by the sex, but you can’t stop him from doing this.
Most places that you rent the standard lease is 13 months, however, it is possible to rent for 6 month leases. You just have to shop around. Depending on the area that you live in depends on the rent amount. If they both work at Wal-mart they can probably afford to pay their bills, etc.
I know this is hard just hang in there. Things have a way of working themselves out.

Ken asks…

What is a good name for a company who plans fun events for apartment communities in portland oregon?


Administrator answers:

Fun For You
Apartment Community Events
PDX Fun Together

Sandy asks…

What plans should I buy for my apartment?

I am new to this. I need something low maintenance that can live in 25 degrees Celsius and not much sun. Thank you !
I mean PLANTS sorry haha

Administrator answers:

Philodrendon, (its a climber and can have plain or variegated leaves)Mine lives in a reasonably dark corner and is doing fine. I also have spider plants (strappy leaves that produce ‘babies’and dont need much water). Peace lily ( correct name is Spatfilum , but I dont know correct spelling!) they like to stay reasonably dry . Birds nest ferns. Prayer plants are also beautiful. I have all these in my living room, I make sure they are not in a draught nor do they get close to a heater. Good luck.Oh I also have what is commonly known as wandering jew, dont know its real name, that also likes to stay dryish, and it trails all over the place. Just great.

Betty asks…

how do i get good apartment designs with all the floor plans and sectional is real important?

i need the detais of the appartment if possible.

Administrator answers:

If you’re looking to rent an apartment, many places have sample floorplans online. These aren’t always helpful, but it’s nice to know whether their idea of “spaceous” is “bed is practically on top of the fridge” . . .

Robert asks…

2 bedroom apartment floor plans prices?

So the government is giving us a house and we don’t have to pay for electric stuff, like TV, internet, etc. and we are going to have 2 bedrooms. so what’s the price? and i mean the price for the apartments that government pay for us. like how much do we have to pay, even if the government help pay for us?

Administrator answers:

Northern cities have higher prices than Southern cities, In any city, there are static neighborhoods and dynamic, that is, increasing in value. Some dynamic neighborhoods do not allow homeowners to rent. The best way to determine what to charge renters is make an analysis of the neighborhood in which your home is located. Talk to banks, mortgage companies and check the classifieds in your local newspaper.

Charles asks…

garage apartment plans?

I am looking for plans for turning a garage into a small house or for plans for houses that are similar in shape and size. Like a small garage that has a small addition added to make a bedroom/bath and small kitchen. Can any one help me out? Thank you.

Administrator answers:

Well a professional designer can help you with creating such kind of house plan, all you have to do is tell the designer the things you want to have in the house plan

Mary asks…

Should we go on with our apartment plans, despite the possibility of my husband going to jail?

My husband was arrested for evading the police. It is a stupid story I won’t go into, besides to say that he never went more than 40 mph, and didn’t get a half a block.

So, now we go to court Oct. 9 and there is a possibility of jail time…but it is his first offense, and the lawyer is “cautiously optimistic”. Besides how stupid the whole situation is, we are supposed to be leasing an apartment (for a great price) starting this month.

We are staying with my parents, and while I love them, we are going loony without our own space. This is really the only apartment we can afford, and it won’t be there later (college town, 2 bedroom, $350 a month, downtown). Do we proceed? Note: My husband watches our infant daughter while i’m at work, so i’d have to pay child care and rent and everything by myself if he is incarcerated, which is near impossible. But we lose our only out, otherwise.
The thing is, too, that we are actually not paying any rent at my parent’s house, and have been there for 9 months. We are all crammed in sideways, and we are costing them a lot of money. My brother is also still in college, which costs them. We are all getting on each other’s nerves… We NEED to get out.

But at the same time, there is the possibility of everything falling apart. But I am optimistic that the odds are on his side…being it is his 1st offense, and we have a witness that can help…but still. It is like being between a rock and a hard place.

Administrator answers:

I wouldn’t go forward with the whole apartment thing UNLESS I knew I could afford it on my own along with everything else.
How would you manage to pay for everything if your husband is sitting in jail? You might need that money for his bond or legal fees. Maybe it is your sign to wait. -Say a prayer and leave it in God’s hands.
-Good luck and God Bless.

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