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November 17, 2012

Linda asks…

How much tax to be paid on the sale amount of my apartment in Bangalore?

I am planning to sell my apartment(in Bangalore) which I occupied in 2007 march.The construction started in dec2005 whereas we occupied in march 2007.We bought it for 33L all inclusive.Planning to sell for 37L.Prospective buyers r planning for 85% loan.
Question is:
How much tax do we have to pay?
What is the procedure for paying the tax and is there any time period for paying the tax?

Administrator answers:

The Indexed Cost of Purchase will come to Rs 38 to 39 lakhs. So you will incur Long Term Capital Loss. No Tax.


Sandy asks…

garage sale laws, rules etc?

i live in an apartment and am planning a garage sale, i asked the owner and she said yes.
i heard there were laws that prohibited color signs for garages sales and was wondering if there are any other rules that i need to obey for garage sales. thx in advance

Administrator answers:

If it says no colored signs, use white board……

David asks…

Do I need a permit to have a yard sale in Fairfax county VA?

I am cleaning out my apartment and I would like to get rid of some things. I’m not planning a big yard sale but I do not know if I can have one where I llve. ( in an apartment).
Thanks for any advice.

Administrator answers:

First, talke to your landlord (if you guys are on good terms) to see if they would even allow it

Carol asks…

What are some sites that have houses/apartments for sale in Japan?

I am not planning on moving there just yet, but I like to look at houses there. It’s fun!
So, if you could, I would like as many sites as you can think of that have housing units for SALE, not to rent. Please! :) Thanks!

Administrator answers:

Firstly ,go to, here you will find a section on Japan real estate in english.Follow the links.Alternatively try, , sites should keep you occupied for a few weeks and don’t forget to follow the links to other sites including a number on how to borrow and buy in Japan.

Steven asks…

How to get a crazy woman to stop picketing during a yard sale?

A bunch of residents are going to have a yard sale in front of the apartments and this crazy woman (who has been evicted but won’t leave without dragging it through the courts) is planning to picket the manager during the sale.

Apparently she has every right to do this, but I am afraid it is going to keep customers away.

I am looking for legal ways to maybe embarrass her into wanting to leave?

Administrator answers:

She may actually draw a crowd. Let the news reporters know. Reporters seem to like garage or estate sales. You might come out way ahead!

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