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Your Questions About Apartment Plant Growing

October 18, 2012

Thomas asks…

Is there an way to make a little hydroponic growing unit for one plant in my small apartment?

Just was wishing to make a small hydroponic growing unit for one plant in my small apartment. I don’t have too much room and am not wanting to spend a ton of money on a real, professionally built unit.


Administrator answers:

The simplest one I’ve built was with two 5gal buckets a small fountain pump ($8 on eBay) and an aquarium air pump ($1 at yard sale) in an ebb and flow system. When placed in a sunny window with 4 supplemental 13W “Lights of America” sunlite compact fluorescents ($12), I was able to get cherry tomatoes to fruit. RScott

Richard asks…

Devil’s Ivy Plant Indoor: I have a Devil’s Ivy plant growing well indoor. I live in an apartment?

I have placed it near the fire place and it is growing well and spreading around the floor area. Moss pole support may not help as it has grown quite lengthy. I cannot not keep it out side as its getting cold.

Can you please give me some suggestions for supporting the plant , that way it looks more organized, the floor space doesn’t look cluttered and also enhances the living space decor.Thanks in advance for your help!
Thanks! The idea of giving it support through the wall worked. I tried the poster putty it was falling off. So I got the 3M sticker hooks that can be easily removed when you dont need it. These hooks are providing good support and I let it climb by the window frame

Administrator answers:

You can cut it back, it wil get bushier with larger leaves or you could make it climb the wall with the putty that you stick posters on walls or if you are allowed holes in the wall insulated staples

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