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Your Questions About Apartment Planter Boxes

September 18, 2012

Chris asks…

How can I grow potatoes/onions in a planter box or garden pot?

I want to start growing potatoes and.or onions. I live in an apartment with patio space, but I will be using pots or long boxes to confine to crops.

Give me something short and sweet to get me started!!!

Administrator answers:

Actually you can definately grow potatoes in a barrel – check out these sites

have fun and enjoy and do check out those purple spuds on the last site – very cool

Helen asks…

what is the best way to make a planter box to go on my patio?

we live in an apartment, but my bf and i really want a garden, one of a decent size too…something that included such plants as tomatoe, onions, zucchini and herb/spice plants…i have some space to start one but the grounds bad and im scared that neighbors will bother them…is there anyway to make a planter box and grow my garden on the patio? is there a specific way to make it and have it drain?

thank you alot

Administrator answers:

I make wooden planter boxes all the time.
Just buy some redwood planks, and cut to about 6″ wide to 24″ long and 5″ deep.
I drill about 6 holes in the bottom for drainage and put miracle grow in then some
starter plantings, you know the little ones you get at hardware store in 2″ to 3″ containers.
I use my brad nailer to put together or you can use wood screws too.
Or you can use nails too
as they grow bigger and bigger just make different size planter boxes and replant.
Good luck.

Nancy asks…

How big should my planter box be to plant…..?

I live in an apartment complex (ground level) and wanted to plant tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, and okra in planter boxes on my back porch. I have looked at the Lowe’s website and the biggest one I could find was like 20″ wide slightly angled inward toward the bottom and 18″ deep. How much room do the roots need to grow properly? Should I stick with trying to buy a planter box big enough or just build one? Please answer how big of a planter box I would need for each of the following:

Okra, Cherry Tomatoes, & Hybrid Tomatoes (Big Boy)

Thanks everyone!!!!

Administrator answers:

I’m not sure about the okra, but it should hold one of either type of tomato. When you plant them, add about a cup of Miracle Gro for Tomatoes (aka, Viagra for tomatoes), as per the directions, and plant them all the way up to the first set of leaves–the little hairs along the stem will turn into roots and give the plant a good healthy root system. And for the best cherry tomatoes, get Sweet Millions–I’ve never had any others produce as many or as sweet cherry tomatoes.

George asks…

Courtyard Planter Box?

We have an large planter box in our courtyard (8m2), we have cleared the space and would like to redo this area. Both being new to gardening/landscaping we are a little daunted however excited by this project.

The planter box sits approx 70cm above the ground so whatever we do we would like it to be aesthetically appealing, as its visible when in all areas of the remainder of the courtyard. The courtyard is north west and gets full morning sun and full afternoon shade. On the back wall this does adjoin to another unit but this is blocked by a brick wall and screening fence.

Our initial thoughts are to put in a hedge along the back wall , a vegie patch for the kids and some grass in the rest of the area as its right in front of our lounge window. Although having such a formal feature as a hedge may look messy having a vegie patch in front. We are hesitant to put in any trees or antyhing too tall as our apartment is very dark and we do not want to take away any light we are currently getting. In saying that one smallish tree could work. Does anyone have any ideas and what we could do?

Administrator answers:

Starting a whole design from scratch may be harder than you think. You’ll have to take into account many different factors, including your hardiness zones, water availability, amount of maintenance, light availability, cost, and the time you’ll be able to devote to it.
My suggestion is to go make use of the workers at your local nursery or a neighbor or friend who likes to garden. You’ll need someone who knows your area well.

As for a hedge, you may want to try some kind of climber, like Boston ivy or jasmine. Small trees aren’t hard to find. Lots of fruit trees and ornamental flowering trees stay relatively small, but you’ll want to really research that. A good small, pretty tree is the ornamental plum.

John asks…

Planting flowers in arizona?

I have a small (very) planter box outside my apartment door. I am looking to plant seeds in it. What flowers would do well in this planter box, concidering I live in Arizona and it is already almost May.

Administrator answers:

Sunflowers, geranium, zinnia, marigolds, salvia, snapdragons, cosmos, alysium

Donald asks…

Do you have your own vegetable garden?

For the last few years, I’ve had my own. It’s a lot of work to keep up with, but worth it.

Some of you may say you don’t have enough yard area to have a garden, but you can always create your own little one in planter boxes or along the side or your house/apartment. Just a few tomato plants can go a long way!

Administrator answers:

Between my son & I we have gone halfs on a garden & it is at his house which is across the street from me. Nothing better than home-grown veggies!!! This year we put in corn, tomatoes, green & hot peppers, onions, cucumbers, lettuce, watermelon & cantelopes!!!

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