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Your Questions About Apartment Plants

June 22, 2012

Laura asks…

Apartment plants?

Aside from and Ivy, what kind of plants do well in apartments?
I have two windows that face E/W so I pretty much always have some sort of sunlight, but I do not have a patio so the plants cannot be put outdoors.

Basically, I need a very green, easy to maintain plant that doesn’t need a whole ton of light.

Administrator answers:

Weeping willows (purple leaves)
purple flames (love these, comes in other colors, bloom in winter)

Jenny asks…

what are some great plants to have indoors for an apartment?

I’d love to bring a new life into our apartment by adding plants…. what are some really great plants for apartment life? something that doesn’t need toooo much sunlight (obviously i’d keep it as close to the window as possible, but only so much is possible in an apartment), and something that won’t get out of control with growth or attract bugs. I’d also like to look into growing mint sprigs in my kitchen… how would this work? i know ants hate mint, so if i grow mint in my kitchen, i’m sure to not have many problems with little critters :o ) how would i go about growing an herb such as this in a fairly sunlight deprived area?

Administrator answers:

I have found that low light plant work wonderful in apts. Low light means low maintance. Vines and peace lilies do good
good luck

Donald asks…

Who is responsible for watering the plants in apartment buildings?

Is it ok to use grills and have plants in apartment buildings? Should we check with landlords, apt building managers, etc.? What about spring cleaning? Any tips on spring cleaning in my apartment? Who is responsible for cleaning the apt building hallways and other areas in the apt building?

Administrator answers:

You are responsible for YOUR space. Common areas are supposed to be taken care of by management.

Grills and plants are something you’d have to ask your manager about at the complex. They may have restrictions.

John asks…

what are some good indoor plants for my apartment?

I’m moving into a new apartment and I want some plants. What are some good plants that will do well in a fairly dark apartment? I know some plants clean the air and have their own perks. What would be best for me keeping in mind my place is fairly dark and also that it is small. Also, if you can give me a variety of plants to also factor in the aesthetic of the apartment.

Administrator answers:

Spider plants hang, peace lilies sit and mother-in-laws add interest. You’re right about cleaning the air. All of these are forgettaboutit plants. Low light and low water. If they begin to look wilty, water and they’ll come right back. Good luck!

Ruth asks…

Hanging plants in an apartment?

I have a smaller apartment with limited daylight (windows face west) so I was wondering what plants would hang in a basket in low sunlight. Some that flower would be nice, but green in general would be good too.

Administrator answers:

Airplane plant, creeping charlie vine, aspargus fern, violets

Daniel asks…

Are there plants I can keep in my apartment that will survive without much light?

I want to get a few plants for my apartment, but they wouldn’t get that much light. Are there any that could cope? Ideally I want them to be as big as possible.

I live in england if it makes any difference.

Administrator answers:

Ivy grows with little light and can be trained onto a nice tall sculpture. Plants that are thick leafed generally do well, like a rubber tree plant for example…but buy one that is big to start with, it takes them a very long time to get to a showy size. Ficus trees are usually inexpensive and do well with indirect sunlight. They tend to lose a few leaves when you first bring them home, but don’t panic and start moving them around a lot. Once they get used to their new home they replace those leaves and become nice plants. You can even get them with fancy “twined” trunks, (which are actually three plants woven together into one nice tree.) Just remember, not to over-water. Most of these plants like a drink only once a week, and they like to totally dry out before being watered again.

Richard asks…

House plants in apartment . Has my Green Thumb turned black w/age?

I have a pretty good sized apt. and love plants, used to have tons of them for years. Now I am having lots of failures. The only exposures available to me are North & West. I know that’s part of my problem, easy plants like philodendrens, etc. do fairly well in North exposure, but I have two kitties who do a job on them, as they come and go in the front windows. I have 13 foot ceilings, can’t think of an attractive way to use a full-spectrum light. West exposure is kitchen and bedroom with another tall apartment building next door, two large windows in kitchen, one in bedroom, but another tall apt. building right next door. Can anyone advise on plants like strawberry begonias and Wax plants (Hoyas) and the like? I believe hanging plants would be best, but have plaster walls and although I’m pretty good with a drill, I’m also short and can’t see climbing that high. Thanks to any houseplant lovers!!

Administrator answers:

Try using a lamp or overhead lights. Its a good way to get filtered light. This way you can put them any where you want.didn’t get just what you were asking but I hope I’ve helped.

George asks…

Who knows the movie about an apartment full of evil creatures and plants of a fantasy world?

I saw this movie when i was a little girl, i loved it but dont remember its name. I watch it around the late 80′s. Is about a girl that visits an old lady’s apartment full of alive plants and evil creatures that transport her to another world, a fantasy world. Any information you can give me will help. Thank you in advance :)

Administrator answers:

Troll (1986)
starring Noah Hathaway as Harry Potter Jr.(!), Jenny Beck, June Lockhart, Michael Moriarty as Harry Potter Sr., Shelley Hack
IMDb synopsis:
An evil troll, Torok, transformed ex-husband of the ancient, powerful witch Eunice St. Clair, has chosen her apartment building to be the heart of the restoration of the world he once knew. To do this he uses an emerald ring and takes possession of a little girl named Wendy, whose brother Harry immediately suspects something wrong. Torok, often in the form of the little girl, goes into each occupant’s apartment, hideously transforming people into plant pods.
EDIT: Here’s the movie trailer:
Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the movie at YouTube though I watched it there once~in addition to the 30+ other times I’ve seen it. I love it!

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