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February 27, 2013

Charles asks…

What should I do? I am worried about moving because my apartment got bad ratings?

On apt ratings my apt scored ok until recently. Residents are complaining of roaches, bed bugs, homeless people and 5 people sharing a studio apt. I am from the country and don’t know a lot about the city. What should I do? The apt is in downtown DC and I got a great price for it. Ppl keep telling me to suck it up and welcome to the city :( ….. If I do decide to move in what do I do about
1) Bed bugs
2) homeless ppl
3) roaches
4) 5 ppl to an apt

Administrator answers:

Well … Welcome to the city.

There’s apparently a bedbug epidemic going on in cities around the country. Bedbugs live mostly in upholstered furniture and beds. If you don’t have them now, you’re not likely to find them in your new apartment. Scrub the place down when you first move in, get the rugs steam cleaned if they haven’t been already, and you should be OK. Get one of those plastic zipper covers for your mattress if you’re really concerned.

Homeless people live in cities. That’s a fact. What can you do about them? Donate to your local homeless shelter. Volunteer there.

Roaches are everywhere. Just like homeless people, they’re a fact of life in the city. (You have them in the country, too, you just don’t notice them so much.) Keep your food in tightly sealed plastic containers.

Five people to an apartment? Don’t worry, your landlord isn’t going to make you let four strangers move in with you/

Ken asks…

Does anyone know the lowdown on my apartment complex in Harrisburg, PA?

A friend and I are moving into a 2 bedroom apartment in The Brook at Colonial Park. Apartment Ratings showed a very low rating for this complex, but it did for any other one in Harrisburg, as well. The thing is, it’s hard to base an opinion on this area due to a lot of the entries on being from a year or so ago (nothing recent). Therefore, does anyone know if it’s okay now? Any things I should be aware of? I know there was shootings and a rape, but 2 years ago. I also notice that someone said that all of this happened in the front of the complex, but our apartment is in the very back…

Administrator answers:

There was a more recent shooting at the Brook:

Betty asks…

Diff Apartments Ratings?

Is there a website that offers apartment ratings from customers? Kind of like how offers ratings on teachers from colleges all over the U.S.

Administrator answers:

I believe it’s either or that has testimonials for apartments from former tenants. I really liked reading them, i felt i knew what i was getting into.

Mandy asks…

What are the best apartments for grad students in Lansing, Michigan?

I plan on attending law school down there and I’ve been reading apartment ratings and they all scare me. Anyone know of an decent apartments for students? It’s greatly appreciated.

Administrator answers:

I am not sure what your budget is, but I have used for my apartment searches. I did a quick search for you with a budget of $700 a month. Http:// If you would like, the search criteria can be altered so you can look for apartments close to your campus. Good luck with school and your apartment search!

Mary asks…

How can I find crime reports for an addressee or name of a person?

How can I find crime reports for a person or an addressee? I have one persons name and I have an addressee, minus the apartment #. I read on apartment ratings that one of the two people who maneged an apartment complex was sent to prison for hiring non citizens and fraud. But how do I find out if any of this is true?

Administrator answers:

You can’t…LOL

George asks…

What are some good apartments in ST charles MO?

Looking for safe, nice apartments in St Charles. Am moving in October but the apartment they don’t have nice things to say about the apartments in St charles. HELP!

Administrator answers:

Most reviews I see for apartments are bad, but there usually only one or two frustrated people. I live near city center park and i honestly love it here. If your worried about safety just get an apartment with a security system and above all check the area out before you sign, if you get a bad vibe just go find another place. Good Luck!!!


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