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Your Questions About Apartment Rental Agreement Florida

August 6, 2013

Sandy asks…

Can landlord enter my apartment at will. i live in florida and I refuse to pay anymore rent, im not on a lease

im not on a written lease or anything just verbal, when i moved in me and my landlord had a verbal agreement on rental terms such as direct tv (cable t.v.) and all electric is included in the rent well i got a call from my landlord sayin that he cant afford the cable anymore and i had to get it in my own name and pay for it myself. therefore im refusing to pay anymore rent, and he calls me all day, but my main questions are do i have any rights since we on on no sort of written lease, and i work from home can the landlord shut off the power? or walk in to the dweeling while im working or sleeping? and if he does have to give me notice to come in do i have to say its ok for him to come in b/c like i said i work from home and i cant have him comming in and distracting me. WHAT ARE MY OVERALL RIGHTS???? he doesnt even know my name or ssn or anything, i never signed anything.
im gonna just let him evict me but i need to know my rights

Administrator answers:

It sounds like you have no right to be there at all. He can call the police and have you arrested as a trespasser.

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