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Your Questions About Apartment Rental Agreement

June 13, 2012

Chris asks…

Not sure if I should include my wife on the apartment rental agreement?

me, wife, and two kids are planning to rent an apartment. I have a fair/good credit score of 695. My wife’s credit is poor. Should I include her on the rental application or because of her bad credit, i won’t get the apartment either? i am the primary person applying for the apartment rental. Please share your thoughts. Thanks, Ed

Administrator answers:

It is not a matter of should, you have no choice. It is a required. If she is not included then she cannot legally live there. There is no primary person with a lease. All tenants are equal and seen as one entity. All adults must be screened & on the lease. If they are not and move in anyway then they are an unauthorized tenant. Having an unauthorized tenant will get you evicted & possibly sued.

If you guys get denied because of her bad credit then that is just something you have to deal with. You are paying for her past mistakes and there is no way around that. You just have to keep looking until you find someone willing to give her a 2nd chance. Be prepared to settle for a less than pristine unit. The few places that take people with bad credit are not typically very nice or in good neighborhoods.

EDIT: Most landlords will not allow an adult to be simply an occupant. You will raise red flags simply by asking for that to be done. They will want to know what you are trying to hide.

Bad credit is not a protected class people! Landlords have every right not to rent to someone with bad credit. Lying or trying to find a sneaky way around it takes away that right.

Betty asks…

Should you be on an apartment rental agreement if your not paying?

We have a month to month rental agreement with the residence that we’re staying at. Does this improve your credit if your making monthly payments and if it does – should someone stay on the agreement even if their not paying their share of it – is that fair to the other person who pays for the full amount? I think if your on the agreement your agreeing that your going to be making payments – which will then obvisouly improve your credit, but if you stay on the agreement and have someone else make full payments, basically your earning good credit without paying anything which isnt fair…

am i right or wrong?

Administrator answers:

Your credit can be hurt if you don’t pay and get an eviction or judgement for money but the only good will be referance. The scenario you are talking about is done with credit card type accounts. Lets boyfriends has had a credit card for 10 years, perfect history, no balance. Girlfriend’s is not so good, so she is added to the account as an authorized user. Now it appears she has had this card for 10 years with a perfect history and no balence. It is done all the time

Mark asks…

Can I break an apartment rental agreement if I find a job which is more than 50 miles away?

I got a job which is more than 50 miles away from the apartment I am renting now. I still have about 6 month left before the lease is up. My question is “is there a law that protect me to break a contract in case of job relocation or any thing relating to that with out paying for the remaining lease term?”

Administrator answers:

The best thing for you to do is speak with you landlord and let him know you situation. This has happen to me before. I told him I would find someone else to rent the apartment from him so he wouldn’t have to worry about it. He was appriciative and he even gave me my security deposit back. However we did take very good care of the apartment and we cleaned it for our landlord so the new tenant could move in immediately.

Good luck to you.

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