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October 13, 2012

Mandy asks…

Do Vancouver apartments allow therapy pets with a note from a doctor?

If I have a note from my doctor, can I keep a pet in a no-pets apartment in vancouver? I currently live in Oregon, and if you have a note saying the animal is for therapy, you can have it regardless of the pet rules.

Thanks for your help~
if it makes a difference, I am talking about a cat…

Administrator answers:

Emotional support pets are not recognized in canada … Unfortunately … And it is brutally hard to find a place that will allow pets …

Lisa asks…

My daughter has a therapy dog and now my apartment management is fighting me on it. What do I do?

the dog has been coming over for about 2 months now and hasn’t caused any problems. We’re moving to a different building and the lady that lives above us doesn’t want a dog on the property, so until the property management figure something out they wont allow him to come over. She has a written letter from her therapist and her doctor as well. I just don’t know what to do about this. Can anyone help me???

Administrator answers:

Show the landlord the dogs certification, the same certification you need to take the dog into the grocery store or out to dinner. That is the only proof that this animal is in fact a service animal for a disabled person.

Otherwise you need to move elsewhere.

James asks…

Should i provide professional massage therapy out of my personal apartment?

Administrator answers:

No offense meant April, but conducting professional massage therapy out of your apartment, doesn’t seem, um, well, professional. Legit massage therapy still has a few hurdles to overcome in the minds of some. I started renting a room in a physician’s office, than proceeded to buying my own building, and rent space to other professionals. Having your own office space seems to work much better. IMO. Good luck though in what ever you decide!

Michael asks…

Why does my browser (safari) not load sites like etsy and apartment therapy?

I’m sure it’s to do with my internet as i did not have this problem before moving to my new place.

(1) Could it be the router? It’s a belkin i think, supplied by the internet company.
(2) About 5 people in the household use the internet? ( I doubt, because other sites like fb still load up quickly)

Please help. It’s driving me crazy and i want to fix it asap.
Well it was working fine until this morning. Now, it just won’t load. And it’s the same result with firefox as well.

Administrator answers:

Because it’s not Firefox.

Thomas asks…

Do apartments that only allow cats have to let you get one for therapy reasons?

My apartment complex only allows cats, but if I got a dog for therapy reasons, would they have to let me keep it?
Also, I HATE cats. I am not going to get one. And I want to get a puppy. So it wouldn’t be trained. But I have MDD (major depressive disorder) and I’m happier around puppies and I am way less likely to hurt myself if I am aorpund one or have one

Administrator answers:

I don’t know check with your supers attitude about it.

Donald asks…

Do I have to pay a pet deposit at an apartment complex if I have a workng dog?

I have a therapy dog and my apartment complex requires a pet dep. She is a german shepherd, and they do not allow German shepherds on the property unless of course it is a working dog and I have the appropriate documents to prove that! But someone told me that it has to do with fair housing laws or something like that. Since I have to have her why should I have to pay a pet dep.??


Administrator answers:

Even if she is a therapy dog, she is still a dog. Some building managers and owners see a dog as a liability, and they require extra money in case your dog damages anything in the apartment. You could contact your local county or city offices and see if they can help you.

Paul asks…

The apartment I live in has a balcony apartment below it. The tentent holds therapy sessions on the balcony?

I can hear every word of their conversations. It’s driving me crazy? I asked her to stop, she won’t….what should I do?

Administrator answers:

It is a violation of her patients privacy!! You should make your presence known by gasping and giggling at all of their juicy comments and try to put your two cents in (I.E. Get over it you crybaby your husband left you because you are ugly or your father left your mother and you because you wet the bed!) That should make her patients very uncomfortable and eventually they will request a more appropriate setting for therapy!!!

Donna asks…

Will my apartment allow me to have this dog for therapy?

My appartment allows their tenants to have dogs. We currently have one chiuaha so we arent allowed to have any more. “the rules are one dog per house”. But that dog is my aunts dog who moved from somewhere else with it so we asked my apartment manager if they would allow us to have one more that would be mine. They said that was fine as long as a doctor said that I needed one which he did. So I have been looking for a dog and have decided on getting a AKC registered rottweiler from this lady who breeds them. This is the only dog we have been able to find in our price range. Which is rare since we are on a fixed income since my mom got into an accident. We choose to look into getting a rottweiler since we have had one before and we think that they are very good companions. The problem is our apartment has a 50 lb weight limit. My manager said that she doesnt know if they will make an exception for a depression therapy dog so she said that she will call me back. I dont know how good our chances are of this but I hope they are somewhat good. Please just give me an answer as to what it will be and if there is anything I can do to get them to allow it. Thank you so much.
Someone on the third floor had a pitbull so idk if that helps.
We dont adopt since that costs more than what it would be from this breeder. AND before you say something against that we choose the breeder since its AKC registered.
And dont tell me how bad rottweilers are or that they can turn vicious. NO BREED IS VICIOUS ITS HOW THEYRE BROUGHT UP AND RAISED WHICH MAKES A DOG.

Administrator answers:

None of us can answer this question for you. Your landlord and their insurance company are the ones to answer it. Weight and breed limits often stem from insurance coverage. Rottweilers and pitbulls are clumped into the bully breeds (many times unfairly, but that’s how it is). If someone in your building has a pitbull, you really have no way of knowing if that dog has been approved by your landlord and I wouldn’t make it the basis of your argument.

Best of luck. Dogs are truly masterful healers of the heart.

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