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November 24, 2012

Donald asks…

What’s the best apartment in St. Louis near the Wash U Physical Therapy school?

Administrator answers:

Its hard to pick the best because we really dont know what your criteria is. There are some new lofts on Forest Park Avenue and there are some very nice apartments on Lindell complete with doormen. There are also some lofts off Oakland which is just a bit south. A lot depends on how big of an apartment do you want, how much you want to spend and do you want new and modern or a bit older with historic features. If you are looking for older and a bit less expensive there are a lot of buildings in the central west end and in Dogtown that would work.

Sharon asks…

my apartment wont let me keep my dog how to i make my pet a therapy dog?

Administrator answers:

Short answer: You don’t.

A therapy dog is simply a pet that visits hospitals, nursing homes, libraries and schools. The handler of a therapy dog has to follow all the laws for pets; they are not different.

As far as having a service dog is concerned, they are for folks who have real disabilities…..and in your case “Stupid” is NOT a disability…..

Lizzie asks…

How would you describe someones feelings towards their first session of therapy?

I am writing a story and a small section of it is going to be about my character in therapy.
She has just found her dead fiance in her apartment and is emotionally broken and devastated. I would like to describe how someone would feel going to their first therapy session and what kind of feelings it would bring up.
I f anyone could help me describe that, I would be very grateful.

Administrator answers:

I had OCD for 8 years of my childhood and I went to therapy at 13. I felt nervous about what they were going to say about me and how they would feel about me (Would I be considered insane? Etc) I was also very optimistic towards the whole experience, I WANTED to be fixed and made better and that made the whole experience much better for me. When I first got there I was shy as usual and rubbed my hands a lot and kept my head down and said the answers to what they asked me. Then as the session went on she got to know me personally first rather than go jumping into OCD to make me feel comfortable. She also talked about her life a bit too as there was a culture difference and I found that really interesting. After that we worked into CBT (Cognitive behaviour therapy) and sorted it all out.

Your character could be like me, optimistic and open or nervous or pessimistic and lies a lot. It depends.

Lisa asks…

How do I get a good loan to pay rent on an apartment?

I am a freshman in college that does not have to pay for tuition at my college. I want to live in an apartment next year, but probably will not have enough money to pay my half of the rent. I am also planning on attending graduate school for physical therapy, which I will be in debt for. Is it wise to get a loan on an apartment since I won’t have any undergrad debt, and if so who is the best company to get a loan from?

Administrator answers:

You are talking about an unsecured personal loan (no collateral) and this will be nearly impossible for you to get in your current situation. And, most landlords will not rent to you without some source of income or parental co-signing.

What’s wrong with living on campus and saving your money? Go visit your friends’ apartments when you want to get away; let them have all the headaches of rent, utilities, etc. And you just reap the benefits. Head back to the dorm when you need to sleep.

This is one of those situations that really, really illustrates the “grass is always greener” adage. Off-campus living looks glamorous to you right now, but when you are scraping pennies to pay rent and keep the lights on it isn’t pretty at all. The guy still in the dorm has the jing to go to the movies and eat out once in a while.

Be smarter than the other freshmen.

Sandra asks…

How to get a pet rat certified as a therapy pet?

My son is mentally handicapped & responds positively to the pet rat. He is now 39 years old & has had a pet rat most of his life. He has moved into a supervised apartment complex & they don’t allow pets. His doctor said that if we can get the rat certified as a therapy pet then they may have to let him have it.

Administrator answers:

I’m a vet, and have dealt with this situation a couple of times, though with dog/cat.

Ask the head administration at his facility what THEIR requirements are for certification, and be sure to find out if there is any involvement with city or county agencies (e.g. Health dept?).

I know that for dogs and cats, there are temperament testings that must be done by certified individuals and/or facilities in question. It would be pretty difficult to find a standardization for rat temperament testing, I’d think. If you were my client and your facility gave the ok of my authorization, I’d use my best professional judgment and go from there.


I think it’s a great idea, what you want to do. I hope it works out for you and your son.

Donna asks…

What would be the best dog breed for emotional therapy and a small apartment?

i have suffered from ongoing depression since i was 12 years old. i also have an anxiety disorder, and ADHD. i am now 18 and living on campus at college for the first time. even with my morning cocktail of medication, i have begun to relapse. my main contributor to my depression is loneliness, and abandonment issues. i’m socially awkward, and i am going to try and talk to my psychiatrist to help get together the appropriate documentation and recommendation, but i need help deciding what would be the best dog for my situation. i live in an apartment on campus with three other roommates, and i take a full load of classes. i have plenty of time to be at home, i’ll just be spending most of it on homework. i also have allergies to dogs, but not too severe. i’ve lived with animals all my life.
my college allows service dogs. there are about three of them living on campus. i’m pretty sure they’d be fine with an ESD as well. i know i’d have to get the paper work, but i think i can.

i don’t want to get a cat, because i’m even more allergic to them, and i’ve had cats all my life… they’re not the same as a dog. not as loyal, and they choose when to love you and when to be loved.

dogs have always helped to relieve my depression, as i have very few friends, and no close friends, which among other reasons, is why i’m so depressed. no one to talk to or trust.

so now i’m stuck in an apartment with a ton of people i don’t know, and i don’t have anyone. i just really need a dog.

i like the idea of a couch potato dog. and i’ve been looking into cavalier king charles spaniels, but i’m still not sure.

Administrator answers:

Hey, i understand what you are saying but i really do not think a dog would help. They are a lot of work and if you suffer from bouts of depression i fear your dog may not get the care that it requires. I mean no offense what i am trying to say is that dogs require so much attention and if your are ill you can not and can not care for your dog i just feel it will make you feel worse and of course be a shame on the dog.

What i do suggest is a smaller pet that requires less care, such as a rabbit.

Hope this helps

Paul asks…

Has anyone been treated with the therapy EMDR for PTSD? Did it work for you?

I have been diagnosed with PTSD, general anxiety disorder, panic attacks, social anxiety disorder and now I am getting to where I don’t want to leave my apartment. I am on several medications which help and have been in talk therapy which is also helping, but I am not progressing very rapidly. They think this may speed up my progress. Any thoughts?
Eye movement desensitizing reprocessing is what it stands for if anyone wondered…

Administrator answers:

I got back from Afghanistan 1 year ago with my leg almost gone. I had PTSD really bad and I am right now getting help and I feel really good about life. So to answer your question yes it does work.

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