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July 9, 2013

Richard asks…

I have this maybe irrational fear of living in a big apartment building, any tips?

It would really be beneficial for me to move into this giant high rise apartment complex while I finish school. Its kind of ghetto, but very cheap. For some reason i’m paranoid about moving in there. I’m a huge paranoid, i’m afraid that if someone gets a disease that is airborne, then it will circulate through the whole buildings ventilation and I will be prone to getting sick. I know it sounds weird. I also have this fear that it will fall down. How irrational are my fears?

Administrator answers:

You should do therapy for that its not very normal.
& why dont you just live downstairs?

Donald asks…

I have a therapy dog for my depression, Does anyone know how to get a pet “officially” classed for this?

I would like to register or class my therapy dog, so that she can go with me everywhere including “no pet” areas.

Does anyone have an ideas or suggestions or websites to help me out?

Administrator answers:

I am not sure about this. Though I do know that with a note from your psychiatrist/psychologist that some apartment complexes with no-pet policies will allow you to keep them.

Donna asks…

How can I get a breed restricted dog into our new apartments?

We are looking to move into a perfect place but they don’t allow German shepherds. Can I say he’s a therapy dog and if so what’s the legal process for that?

Administrator answers:

Well you would have to have a medical history with a doctor for a reason that would necessitate a therapy dog (major bad karma if you do not have any issues other than lack of character) … You should just find a place that will accept your dog … People who live in buildings are sticklers for rules and how do you think all the current tenants that would love to have a german shepherd are going to appreciate you moving in with one … The answer is they will not tolerate it … My next door neighbour tried to rent to a rottweiler/mastiff on the weekend and within 5 minutes i had the bylaws slipped under her door outlining the 20 pound maximum allowed …

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