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May 16, 2012

Jenny asks…


going to prague where I will live in an effieciency apartment. basically, 1 room with a little kitchen and a little bathroom. going to share with 3 people(family). tips for making comfortable and less cramped feeling? things i should bring?

Administrator answers:

Narrow down to what you only NEED for that month only. Since you will be in very close quarters you don’t want your stuff getting on everyones nerves. (no pictures, etc.) Maybe get a sleeping bag once you are over there (don’t bring it with you on the plane…just added stuff you have to carry through the airport). Then you can unroll it and use that to define your space. Maybe get light fabric that can hang with velcro from the ceiling and seperate your space even more, but make sure the velcro can come off the ceiling without ruining the ceiling because you don’t want your parents to have to pay for any damages. Good luck, and enjoy your time in Prague!!!

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