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November 25, 2012

Helen asks…

Is there a site where I can view ALL apartments available in a certain city?

I don’t want a site where the people who own the apartments post them up. I am looking for an apartment, and everywhere I drive, there are so many apartments and I don’t have time to stop at them all. I’m looking for a site that can give me information on ALL apartments for rent in an area.

Administrator answers:

Google Earth.

Daniel asks…

Is there any good websites where I can look at available apartments for rent?

I am looking for an apartment in Southern California to rent, though I can not look in person. Is there any websites where I can look at available apartments.

Administrator answers:

I like to use when i look up apartments. has a lot of pictures so you can see what the apartments look like and there is a tool further down on each apartment’s page called walkscore, it will tell you what is nearby like restaurants and grocery stores.

Joseph asks…

What kinds of cats are good for small apartments?

I was just wondering which breeds of cats are suitable for small apartments, without a ton of space? I’d have room for a litter box and such, obviously, but it’s not like the cat could run a marathon across the floor.

Administrator answers:


Heres a comparison on how small they are:

heres a cute pic:

here’s the breed description:

But please, either cat you go with,
adopt your cat from an animal shelter.
There are SO many cats out there, hoping their hearts out to have a home that you are willing to give.
Please look at your local animal shelter and consider a cat from there.

You could be a life saver, literally.

Times runnin out for cats out there, Save a miserable life.

Thank you! :)


Hope you find the PERFECT kitty!

Mark asks…

What are the best apartments to live in around Plano, Allen or Mckinney?

I wanna know the best apartments to live in around plano, allen or mckinney. Could you tell me the price and other information you have on the apartments? Thank you!

Administrator answers:

I go by a beautiful apartment complex regularly in Allen. It’s on Exchange (off the 75), between 75 and Greenville. They are really pretty buildings, in a gated complex – across from a huge park,and with trees and fields on the other sides. So, it’s not congested, and there aren’t any other building around it. The buildings are all set at angles, with lots of green space between them. I’m sorry I don’t know the cost though:) …. The name of them are The Heights

Linda asks…

Is it typical for apartments in Korea to have pincode doors?

Like those in the Korean drama He who can’t marry. Just wondering if most apartments in Korea are like that, where you don’t need keys, but just press a pin code to get in your apartment?

Administrator answers:

A lot of apartments have pin code doors (especially newer ones), but it’s still typical to have key-locked doors.
By typical, I mean the majority of apartment doors use keys (well over 50%—I would estimate about 80%).

Betty asks…

How can you stop a developer from building apartments in your neighborhood?

We live in Houston, Texas, and there is no zoning laws here. Our community is a stablished community but we are under the threath that a developer is planning to build apartments near our subdivision. This will cause flooding and overcrowding of schools…What is the best action to fight them, although they already purchased the land?

Administrator answers:

What makes you think you can fight them? If the developer has already bought the land and gotten the building permit, it’s a done deal. By the time the public finds out what’s going to be built next door, the money has already changed hands and there’s no point in fighting.

Oh, you can have a community meeting and file protests and so on – but if the powers that be have decided the builder is going to build, then he is.

If this construction would really cause flooding, it wouldn’t be happening.

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