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May 26, 2012

Richard asks…

What to name 2 identical apartments in the same building?


We own 2 identical apartments in the same building and we want to give them “clever” names to differentiate them. For example, apartment A and apartment B isn’t very interesting, “old” and “new” isn’t very attractive etc. We thought of Ying and Yang but the apartments are identical not opposites so it’s not very appropriate. Any ideas?

Thanks for your input!

Administrator answers:

Are there any sports teams in your area? Like if it was NY you could do Yankees and Mets or something like that.

Joseph asks…

Can you move to different apartments owned by the same company without a fee?

My husband and I don’t like the apartment we’re in and we want to move closer to his job. The apartments we’re in are owned by Integrity Management in El Paso and we wanted to know if we could move to another apartment complex owned by the same company without having to pay an early termination fee.

Administrator answers:

Only the property management can tell you this, some will charge some won’t.

Hopefully for you they won’t.

Jenny asks…

What department of government oversees living conditions in apartments?

We just moved out of an apartment after buying our first house and now the apartment owner is trying to get us to replace things in the apartment that were old and disgusting when we moved in such as the carpet. What I need to know is what branch of government oversees the living conditions of apartments and such so that I can report them for mold and water in the AC and under the flooring, as well as electrical issues, etc. We really can’t afford the $4000 they are trying to charge us for things that were pre-existing when we moved in.

Administrator answers:

The health department or town code official- problem is that you have to prove they were there when you moved in.
Hope you have photos or past complaints to the landlord.

Nancy asks…

What is the different between commercial apartments and cooperative housing?

I’m looking at several places for sale. some say commercial apartments some say cooperative housing.

I know the commercial apartments have a higher tax rate, but what are other differences?

What does the owner have to “give up” in turning the commercial apartments into a cooperative housing? What’s the trade off to get the lower taxes?

Administrator answers:

Commercial apartments? Do you mean you’ll be using it as commercial office space? If you mean living in it, then those are residential apartments.

The difference between residential apartments and cooperative (co-op) apartments is the type of ownership one assumes when purchasing. When you buy a condo/apartment, you own the title to the apartment you are buying. In other words, you can freely sell it to whomever you like whenever you like. A co-op is completely different. You do NOT own your unit. You own a share in the entire complex. So when you decide to sell it, they might want to interview the buyers or put restrictions on the type of person buying in and they can block a sale if they don’t find that person would fit the current residents of the co-op. Co-ops are cheaper and more difficult to sell because you don’t own your actual unit, but a share in the entire complex.

Susan asks…

How are the apartments and surrounding areas in cedar hill, tx?

I just wanted to know which apartments are the best in Cedar Hill. Safety is very important. I am looking for apartments in the range of 500-600. How far is it from downtown Dallas? Can anyone help?

Administrator answers:

Find CedarHills Web Page by using that name in your search box, then look up apartments for rent. Obviously your wanting a gated community. So that may be another key word.

Mary asks…

What is an apartments administrative fee used for?

I paid $60 for an application fee and the apartments want an administrative fee of $100 on top of the deposit. What is this fee used for? Is it the same for every apartment complex?

Administrator answers:

It is a shady, yet legal, way some places operate. Stay away from anyplace that charges more than a modest application fee. They need this to do your credit and criminal history check.

Mark asks…

How do you make apartments in the Sims2 Apartment Life?

I keep trying to make apartments in the Sims 2 Apartment Life. I make the apartments and put in the cheat and the “myne” doors and everything, but when I click it it says that I have no apartments. And it says the cost is 0$ to 0$. Can anybody help me, please?

Administrator answers:

Usually you have to alot a certain amount of space for housing.

Thomas asks…

What do you do when all the apartments in your area have bad reviews?

All the off-campus apartments for the university I want to go to have BAD reviews (like one star out of 5). They all say things like how break-ins and robberies happen and how they heard of one person that was robbed at gun point. And then for other apartments, people would say “EWWW there’s tons of cockroaches when I moved in”.

What do I do if all the apartments have bad reviews? Do I listen to them or ignore it and move in anyways?

Administrator answers:

I would drive by the property during different hours and check it out.Do research on the management company too

Also, apartments change management companies and if the reviews you are reading are even 2 to 3 months old they could be misleading since a new management co can completly transform a property.

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