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February 14, 2013

Sandy asks…

Do only expensive apartments in Seattle allow dogs?

I’ve been searching for apartments in Seattle and not many of them allow dogs, and the ones that do are VERY expensive.

Administrator answers:

Apartments in Seattle are all pretty expensive. You might find something more affordable if you are willing to consider some of the burbs or outlying areas. PAWS website has a list of pet-friendly housing that might be helpful, but the list is pretty short so I’m sure it’s not complete. You also might try posting on Craig’s List.

Susan asks…

Why do some apartment sites show less rent than others and ask for membership to reveal the address?

are these sites fine to look while searching apartments? Given the fact that i am in California and unable to find one-bed apartment for less than $1000. Some help. Thanks

Administrator answers:

Cause they are scammers basicly, they show ya the possible rental prices, just to make it look like a great deal so you pay the fees to access the sites.
You should look locally for a apartment, no fees involved. Try the local newspapers, try local real estate agents and property managers. Try private free sites like and lycos classifieds.

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