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February 24, 2013

James asks…

How to make the apartment system in Sims 3?

I downloaded apartments. I put in the cheat codes but I can’t seem to put in multiple families in the apartment. I don’t have any expansion packs. I only have the regular Sims 3.
Is there any way I can make the apartment system work? Any cheat codes?

Administrator answers:

Apartments in the sims 3 aren’t really apartments….They are more ghost rooms until the top floor which is a house… So essentially it’s a house on top of an empty shell. They will only fit one family, so it’s not like the sims 2 apartment life where you could fit multiple families into one apartment complex, and could actually play them.
You’ll need the Sims 3 Late Night expansion pack to properly use the apartments.

Linda asks…

Where are there affordable apartments in new jersey?

I have found a job in queens, ny and I am thinking about making a commute to work fron New Jersey. Are there any apartments there at affordable prices?

Administrator answers:

That’s tough, apartments here are really expensive, but still probably more affordable than in the city. I have to agree with the first comment that once you consider the commute you’re probably better off finding a place in the city.

Donna asks…

What do they ask on an apartment application?

I’ve rented apartments before, but mostly in small towns where all you had to do was pay and they’d rent to you. I’ll be moving to a large city in a few months, and most of the apartment complexes I’ve looked at require submitting an application. What do they ask on these? Do I need the contact information for my former landlords? If so, just the last one, or a few of them? Do I need other references? Or will they be more concerned about my job and how much it pays? Thanks for any help.

Administrator answers:

It really depends on the location of the apartment. Many ask for information about where you have previously lived and contact information for your recent landlords. They may also ask information about what you do for a living and how much you get paid (to see if you can afford the apartment). They probably will ask for some references, people who know you and will vouch for you.

What they are mainly looking for is any financial blemishes (like evictions, court action due to apartment damage, rent history, felonies, drug charges or bankruptcies) that would make you an undesirable tenant. They also want to know if you are a good tenant or a pain in the butt tenant.

If you have been a good tenant in other places, have always paid your rent on time, have decent credit history, and have no criminal record, you have nothing to worry about.

Helen asks…

What apartments have outdoor pools near Marshall Unversity?

So I am going to be moving from Wisconsin to West Virginia to go to grad school at Marshall University. I would love to have an apartment with a pool or other outdoor amenities. So far all I have found is the Country Club Apartments. Does anyone know of any others?

Administrator answers:

Go to and find a real estate agent in the area who specializes in apartment rentals. Phone him or her to get some information.

Of course the outdoor swimming season is not much longer in West Virginia than Wisconsin.

Nancy asks…

how much do apartments usually cost in new york city?

how much do apartments usually cost in new york city?
I was just wondering out of curiousity. I am not planning on buying one. I don’t live in a city so I don’t know how they decide the prices.

Administrator answers:

To rent anywhere from 1,500 to 2,500 some apartment in the city include heat and hot water sometimes if your really lucky power.
To own its like 200,000 any up Good luck

craigslist is mostly scams…your better off taking a trip to the city and walking around in the area you want to live in. You might even get a better deal!

Donald asks…

What is the tallest apartment in The Sims 2: Apartment Life?

What is the tallest, largest apartment building included in the Apartment Life expansion pack for The Sims 2?

I’ve seen custom content of large apartments that can take in 6 families but I haven’t been able to find any pictures of the larger apartments on Google. I have also seen screenshots of Belladonna cove and I see some fairly tall buildings but I can’t tell if they are liveable.

Would anyone be able to provide screenshots as well?


Administrator answers:

There are building that are more than 6 stories high wich are not liveable
you cant make your own apartment either but ive got this expansion pack and have not seen any apartments more than 3 floors big

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