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May 27, 2013

Betty asks…

How much is rent for apartments near university of texas at Austin?

Or rent for apartments not too far from UT at Austin.
If possible suggest any helpful sites.

Administrator answers:

You could probably find a little apartment for one person for something from the 450′s to 480′s, though a more spacious one that you share with somebody else would cost each tenant about 500 dollars a month.

Richard asks…

When should i start looking for apartments?

(im currently in halls) The university year ends in June/July and if i start looking for an apartment then there will be a huge rush to find apartments and the one i like maybe taken.

Should i start looking for apartments earlier? (January, Frb, March)

Administrator answers:

Earlier is always better.Most apartments will let you pay a fee….or deposit to hold the apartment you want…And also most apartments will go in application order…so the sooner your app and fees are in the more likely you are to get the apartment you dream of.

Mary asks…

When should I start looking for an apartment?

I need to move into an apartment by May 15. However, I’ve been contacting people on craigslist and they pretty much all say “check back later”. This makes me think that most people just find apartments and move in at the last minute. Is this true?

Administrator answers:

I would suggest maybe shooting for May 1st as your move-in date. You definitely don’t want to be without an apartment.
It is probably a better idea to choose the area you want and actually go to the apartment complexes. They will know who is moving out and when, and then you can let them know when you want it. And, you can also look at apartments to compare and stuff.

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