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July 5, 2013

Maria asks…

How to make a sims 2 apartment without the exspansion pack?

Right so I wanna make a apartment block in the sims 2 but I dont have the exspansion pack (my friend said dont bother getting it cause you can make apartments without it) and I was wondering how! Plz help!!!!

Administrator answers:

You can’t really make them without the EP. The best you could do is create a household with a bunch of rooms, and have a “family” with a bunch of different, unrelated people living there (which I would do in TS1). It’d be really expensive though, as the Sims would have to purchase the entire building (and pay the bills for the entire building as well), as opposed to just their unit with Apartment Life.

Besides, AL adds so much more than just apartments, there’s no reason not to get it. Helicopters, family starting funds based on family size/make-up (instead of a flat $20k), witches/warlocks, a ton of playground equipment, closets, medicine cabinets, wall-mounted shelves, the ability to adjust the height of objects placed on walls, spiral staircases, and Sims being able to study life skills such as being able to respond better to fires and being better parents (although that comes from FreeTime, it’s carried forward with AL) among others.

Jenny asks…

What is the difference between an Apartment and a Condo?

I have seen condos that were identical to apartments. What is the difference, if any, between the two?

Administrator answers:

I can understand your confusion! We own a vacation condo that used to be an apartment. The apartment complex sold off each unit, thus turning them into condos! Also, my friend lives in an apartment complex that she rents a unit from, but her neighbors own theirs! You can own a condo and rent it out to someone which makes it even more confusing! If you own a condo, you can remodel the inside making it completely yours! In WA, and probably other states with limited land, you can buy a detached condo which is a house with less land. In those, Usually much of the land (sometimes just the front yards) are controlled by the homeowners association.

Lisa asks…

What does it mean when an apartment has broadband internet?

This isn’t the same as wifi is it? I’m looking into apartments and just wasn’t sure what type of internet service broadband is.

Administrator answers:

“Broadband” or “High Speed” Internet are loosely defined terms. Originally broadband Internet was defined as downstream speeds faster than 512 Kbps. The definitions minimum speed has been steadily going up. Currently the FCC defines Broadband as a 4 Mbps or faster Internet connection. Many DSL plans are not this fast. Http://

As far as what a specific apartment has, you’ll have to ask.

Broadband Internet usually comes into a commercial building such as an apartment on a cable or fiber connection and then can either be split out to the individual apartments using Ethernet (wires) or wirelessly (WiFi) or both.

If you apartment only has wired connections, then you’ll have to purchase and configure a wireless router if you want to enable WiFi devices such as laptops, iPod, game consoles, etc.

If your apartment includes WiFi broadband Internet service then the manager will give you the name (SSID) and password to connect your wireless devices to the apartment’s broadband connection.

Good Luck…

Robert asks…

Does anyone know where to buy apartments in Illinois?

Hi, I’m looking for an apartment to buy in Illinois. Does anyone know how much the cheapest apartments sell for? And could you please tell me where to look?

Administrator answers:

You mean you don’t care where in Illinois you buy an apartment? Southern Illinois is very beautiful, clean and the weather is much better than the rest of Illinois. The winters aren’t as severe with cold and snow, etc. (it does snow though, but not as much) – Carbondale Illinois is a university town and buying an apartment there would be a good investment. Google the Southern Illinoisian newspaper and check out the real estate section.

Sandy asks…

Why are the maintenance costs for 2 bhk and 3 bhk different in most apartments?

I hear in most of the apartments the maintenance costs per month are linked to the size of an apartment, ie, different for 2bedroom and 3 bed room. What is usually the logic behind this? IN our apartment, most are 3 bedroom apartments and they are not ready to keep the maintennace costs low for 2 bedroom apartments

Administrator answers:

Normally in 3bhk the number of persons more compared to 2bhk apartment.

The consumption of water and usage of lift etc are more by 3bhk due to more persons. So they have to share more. This is the logic.

Again if majority decides certain things you have to abide by it for smooth sailing.

Mark asks…

How do you install the Spineworld apartment patch?

The apartment wont load. I am a citizen and I have enough money in game. I can’t go into apartments or buy my own.

Administrator answers:

If you have an apartment and if you have many things within your apartment it takes a while to load, so you have to wait awhile . As of right now the servers are having connection problems lately so it can also be because of that. I say try again at a different time or try a few days later.

- Hope that helped :)

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