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July 6, 2013

Ken asks…

What are some good websites for finding apartments?

Im moving out of state and I need a reliable way to look for affordable, decent apartments!

Administrator answers:

I found some of the least expensive and nicest apartments through their listings than any where!

Good luck!

Jenny asks…

How can I keep my neighbor’s smoke from entering my apartment?

My neighbor smokes pot and cigarettes all day long inside his apartment. The problem is that our apartments connect at the vents, so all of his smoke comes in and seeps into my clothes and furniture and is making me very sick. Is there any suggestions to stop this?

Administrator answers:

I had the same problem in my old condo. It was horrible. We found that most of it was coming in through the bathroom because, like yours, our vents were connected. We put duct tape over the bathroom vents and just resolved not to use the fan ever. This helped a little bit, but we could still smell it. So we sniffed around and found a hole in the wall under our vanity – it was coming through the inside of the walls. We got some spray foam (I think it’s called Great Stuff) from Home Depot and filled in the hole, along with some other ones we found under cabinets, behind appliances, in the closet ceiling, etc. At that point, we couldn’t smell it anymore, but it was still making our throats scratchy. We clear-caulked all the baseboards to the floor so nothing could leak through the walls (this helped with our spider problem, too!), and got a better filter for the HVAC that was supposed to filter cigarette smoke. It was liveable by then, but we’re happy we have a house now.

I doubt your apartment manager will do anything about it, but you can always ask them to hire someone to come in and do the items I mentioned (at least the filter on the HVAC), though the duct tape over the vents and filling in the holes you can do yourself. If you have a sympathetic manager, you could ask to move to another apartment, but who’s to say you won’t have the same problem there? Could always casually ask the neighbors before moving. Be friendly and tell them you are very, very allergic to cigarette smoke. In the future when you buy a place, make sure it’s a house and not a condo, or you may have the same problem!

John asks…

What is the size of the rooms at Wynhaven apartments Houston Tx?

Please help we are looking at apartments tomorrow and we need to measure?!?!?!

Administrator answers:


You might want to see if you can find the link to the correct location and find the floorplans so you can find your answer.

Hope it helps…..

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