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August 4, 2013

Maria asks…

What type of dog is good for apartment living?

My fiance and I are moving into an apartment soon and are looking to adopt a dog. I was curious as to what type of breed or mix breed would be could. There is two different types of apartments that we are looking at. One is a basic 2 bedroom apartment has a sun room and what not. The second place is the same only has a patio/balcony. The second apartment thought has a dog park. I’m just curious as to what dog would be good. Also two dogs that we dont want is ones that are yappy and small toy dogs. Thanks

Administrator answers:

Just because a dog is small doesn’t mean it will be a good dog in an apartment. There are big dogs that are quieter and as long as they get some basic exercise each day would be fine in an apartment. Have you thought about a Bull Dog? Or a Basset Hound? Each dog has its own personality so you could go to an animal shelter and ask them if they have a dog that would be good for your situation. Maybe an older dog would work too!

Mark asks…

How do I move my sims into an apartment?

Okay, so I got the sims 2 apartment life and noticed that there already were apartments but I wanted to build my own. So I did the whole changelotzoning apartmentbase cheat code thing and it made the apartment. Only problem is that when I tried to move my sims INTO the apartment it said something like no apartments available to rent or whatever. So, what does this mean and why did it come up?? Please help me asap!

Administrator answers:

Also, as well as the apartment door, make sure you have no other door leading from the apartment to community space. If you do have a back door to a garden or something, make sure to fence that area off.

John asks…

How much are apartment building on top of stores?

Im trying to find an affordable apartment I am from Chicago.. Have you ever notice those apartments on top of stores ? I know this sounds weird. ( they look a bit tacky to me too ) but I figured they would be cheaper than average apartments. so how much are they ?

Administrator answers:

I know what you mean, but the shop owners probably own it (unless they sold it?) Just se if the shop owns it and ask the shop ect. Depending on how flash and up to date the apartments are you’ll have to ask them. But its probably cheeper, i don’t know?

William asks…

What about medical marijuana in apartments?

Should people be allowed to smoke medical marijuana in an apartment even though it’s permeating the air of the adjacent apartments?

Administrator answers:

That’s a tough one. I smoke, but do it in the bathroom with the fan on. Reason being that in my last building, I could smell it from one of the units down the hall, all the way down in my unit. I know people hate the smell and I know it absolutely does permeate other apartments. It’s my vice, not my neighbors’, and I have to respect that.

Daniel asks…

How was your apartment living experience?

My husband and I are are looking for an apartment but we’ve never lived in one before. We’ve always lived with his mom because she didn’t want to live alone. Anyways, what kinds of things should we be aware of when going to these apartments to look at them? It’s not like we’re going to live there forever but it will be a couple years and I want us to be comfortable and not regret picking any certain one apartment and being stuck in a lease for a year. So tell me what I need to know so I don’t choose the wrong apartment.


Administrator answers:

Obviously, make sure that you can afford to pay rent and utilities. Look at closet space, kitchen counter space, bathroom size, and available electrical outlets (all of these things mattered to me – decide what matters to you). If you can, visit at different times throughout the day. Make sure that you feel safe in the neighborhood (drive around after dark and see how you feel as well). Make sure that there’s available parking if that’s important to you (definitely was to me). Check out several options before you choose. Look at apartments in houses, apartment buildings, townhouses for rent, etc – then you’ll see what kind of layout you like. Be wary if a building has multiple units available… It may indicate that management isn’t the best. My first apartment was horrible… But I learned from my mistakes and my second apartment I loved (and ended up living there for 6 years). When you’re looking at the apartments, picture yourself living there. Where will your furniture go? Is there adequate storage? Is there laundry available? Is there a tub and a shower – or just a shower? Is there an overhead light in all the rooms (my living room had no light – and that ended up really frustrating me)? Noise can be a big issue in apartments. It’s nice to visit in the evenings when people have gotten home from work, so that you can see if you hear everything your neighbors are saying or doing. Good luck to you!

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