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August 12, 2012

William asks…

What is the best way to find rental apartments in Honolulu, Hawaii?

I have been looking online for rental apartments in Honolulu, HI and cannot seem to locate websites listing apartments out there. I will be a Graduate student attending Chaminade University in the Fall and was curious about the apartments available in this area around the university. Any suggestions? Students currently renting out there? Thank you for all of your helpful responses.
Please if possible, list specific apartments that I can check out online for photos, pricing, etc. Thanks again.

Administrator answers:

Ah the convenience of the Internet or the old fashion Newspaper – - – neither one works!
The best way to get a good deal is to pound the pavement. YES – - – go on line, find a cheap hotel room (there are a few) for a week, then using that as a base, get out and walk the neighborhood around Chaminade. It truly is a nice neighborhood, mostly flat. You walk, you spot a building you like, you ask around, is there a property manager? Seriously, the people who take my sage advice generally find better deals walking around – - – the old lady watering her lawn, “do you know any places for rent around here,” be persistent, be friendly, turn on the charm.
Do contact Chaminade, there are various student societies and many might have leads as well. There are several community bulletin boards around the campus.

There are also ways to search for building managers on line as well, so if you find a few buildings you like you can search out the property managers or even individual unit owners who might have properties available.
Sadly enough Craigslist ahs become unreliabel and filled with dangerous crack pots.


Thomas asks…

Are there any good apartments in Washington state?

I’m searching for a good apartment, and I saw one that I really liked; however, I saw the reviews online that said it’s a bad apartment in a ghetto (which doesn’t seem like it’s in a ghetto). It also had many other bad reviews. I’m searching for a good apartment that doesn’t have too many bad reviews (one that has more than 3 stars). Does anyone know of any good apartments in either Puyallup or Renton? I am flexible in other cities around there.

Administrator answers:

Sometimes the reviews are left by previous tenants who are angry that they were evicted or whatnot. Managment can change over time and things might have changed a lot since those people left those reviews. Any city should have some good Apartments. What would be really good would be to know what your price range is so that I could point some out to you.

Chris asks…

When should I start looking for apartments?

I’m a student at the University of Arizona and I’m living on campus this year. I’m sick of it, though, so I’m planning on living in an apartment off-campus starting in August. I’m wondering when I should seriously start looking into/applying for apartments? During the summer I’m going back home about 2 hours away so that makes things a little tricky. I’m also planning on moving in with my boyfriend, if that affects anything.

Administrator answers:

I was in the exact same place as you last year – I was a freshman at the UofA living on campus, planning on going to Phoenix for the summer.

We actually found the complex we wanted to live in around February. You HAVE to start looking early. Many places that rent mostly to students will start signing for fall in the spring, so it’s necessary to start looking for places sooner than later. Also, that way you can think about what you are looking for – most of the places really close to campus are more expensive and not as nice as the places that are father away, and these are the places that fill up the fastest as well.

Contact me if you have any questions!

Also, just looked at the other responses – student complexes hold places for the fall in the spring. Don’t wait until a month before school!

John asks…

How do I make changes to apartments after changing the lots type in Sims 2?

I just got Sims 2 Apartment Life. I’ve made apartments successfully, and changed the lot type. My question is once you’ve done all that, how do you make changes? In building, to add on, etc.

Also, how can you have driveways and cars? Do you have to have a garage?

Administrator answers:

You have to change the lot type back to residential before you can access the build mode features. Type in the cheat “changelotzoning residential” and once you save and exit the lot, the lot type should change to a residential lot. From there you can build and do whatever you want. Then you can change the lot type back to apartment with the cheat “changelotzoning apartmentbase” and then saving and exiting the lot. I’m not sure if this works with a family already moved onto the lot.

Ken asks…

How much do apartments cost in the city of Melbourne?

Currently live in Queensland but next month I’ll be transferring to Melbourne University. I’m not worried about high prices, but how much exactly are the apartments in the central city of Melbourne? I know they’re expensive, especially the ones where the views are great, but if someone could tell me how much they are to buy, that would be great!

Administrator answers:

Depends so much on what exactly your looking for (how many bedrooms/bathrooms/car park/ location/views etc etc)

Look at –

Joseph asks…

How do you make apartments using Sims 2 Apartment Life?

I have the Sims 2 Apartment Life, and I’ve lived in the apartments in the game, but I just can’t figure out how to make apartment buildings? Please help!

Administrator answers:

Something like you make a lot and it comes up wth the option then..

Sorry I can’t remember

Nancy asks…

What websites are good for buying apartments?

I want to purchase an apartment. Would this be a co-op, condo or would it be listed as something else? I am having a hard time finding apartments to buy and condos are three digit-ish if you understand what I am trying to say.

Administrator answers:

Well honestly it’s no help because you haven’t listed where you are from. Best thing to do it too google “buying apartments -your city- ” The first ones to come up should be the most reconized and the most helpful!

Jenny asks…

What dogs usually do well in apartments, and are usually good with cats?

Hi, my familly is thinking about getting a dog soon. We live in a really big apartment and we need to know what dogs can do good in the snow, good in apartments, and are good with cats. We have one cat that just turned 2. Thanks!

Administrator answers:

I live in apt. I have a cocker spaniel and he loves my cat. They play all the time..


Sandra asks…

Is it legal to turn a two level home into three apartments?

I have a neighbor who turned his home into three apartments. The first apartment has the whole upstairs with a bathroom and kitchen. The second apartment is a bedroom with a bathroom in it. The third apartment is two bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom, and living room. I just think that there is too many people in the home and it seems like it’s causing many problems with police being there on a daily basis. Is there anything I can do to fix this problem?

Administrator answers:

You would have to see if he has a certificate of occupancy on the place. You would have to call the code enforcement for your city. If he is renting apartments that are illegal and do not conform to codes that the city has set, then, you can do something about it. If not, you are stuck.

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