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October 12, 2012

Sharon asks…

What is the most affordable apartments in fort bonifacio?

My friend and I are looking for a most affordable apartments in fort bonifacio. If you will give us the prices, please do list them.

Administrator answers:

If you are after on the Fort ( old Mackinley) for condos the lowest price is around 35,000pesos per month studio if you are lucky.
But if you are referring to Fort Bonifacio Baranggay Cembo, East Rembo, West Rembo, Pembo, Comembo. You can rent an apartment for 10,000 pesos a month (safe & nice but not too fancy apartment) this suburbs are only stone throw to ‘The high Class The fort where the rich and famous live.

Sandy asks…

When should I start viewing apartments if I want to move in at the end of June?

Me and my boyfriend are moving in together at the end of June, but we are unsure when to start looking round apartments. Can anyone give any advice?

Administrator answers:

Hi, as a landlord, I can accept potential tenants having to give a months notice in their current place – but in reality I don’t want my place standing empty for any length of time. If someone came to me in March and said, we’ll move in at the end of June, I wouldn’t want to keep the place available that long.

I’d say, middle of May at the absolute earliest, unless you can be flexible and bring forward your start date for the ‘right’ property.

Helen asks…

Is there a site that I can actually look for apartments that isn’t complete bull?

I have been checking the newspaper everyday for new apartments and they just don’t have a very good selection, I also check craigslist everyday and they are all pile of crap apartments. Are there any other sources I can use? Or even any websites? By the way I am looking for an apartment in Utica NY zip-code 13501-13502 or even in Clinton.

Administrator answers: has worked well for me:

for Utica:

for Clinton:

Robert asks…

How do I find Dallas area apartments that rent based on salary?

I know I’ve heard of some apartments basing their rental rate on your salary. I need to find one in Dallas. I am getting a divorce and need to move June 1, 2008. At the time I will have a 10 year old, 18 month old and newborn who. I’m hoping to find employment that I can telecommute to save on daycare cost as well if anyone has advice.

Administrator answers:

I know there is one at Marsh and Rosemeade in far North Dallas and they aren’t bad at all. Also that would be Denton county, I know that if you qualify for benefits, you get more day care benefits in Denton county.

Mark asks…

What sort of a dog is best for small apartments?

Is it true that “small dogs” are best for small apartments? Or is it really all about the dog’s energy level, meaning lazy dogs are best for small apartments. Thoughts?

Administrator answers:

Its not really about the size of the dog, but more about the dog’s temperament and disposition (the two are not necessarily the same).

BEFORE you go out to buy that dog, sit down with a piece of paper and pen and write down your current, short term and long term (12 years) ‘lifestyle’ goals that you have for yourself. Then discuss those things with the breeders as part of the puppy selection process. The better breeders will know enough about their ‘lines’ to advise you on suitability.

The breeders who can’t advise you? Pass on them … They haven’t the experience to assist you.

Remember, your puppy purchase involves a living, breathing, thinking animal. Take the time to get it right … The first time.

Jenny asks…

What are some cheap and convenient apartments near Portland Community College?

I’m planning to go to Portland Community College sometime soon and I’m wondering if there are apartments close to the college that are cheap and convenient enough for a college student.
I forgot to mention that I wanted to go to the Sylvania campus at PCC.

Administrator answers:

I have had great success using for my apartment searches. I went ahead and did a quick search for you and found hundreds of affordable apartments near the Sylvania campus. Here is the link: You can further define the search parameters if you should feel it does not meet your criteria. Best of luck!

Joseph asks…

How many people do you think have cats in apartments where animals are not allowed?

I am getting an apartment where no animals are allowed, but i am going to keep my cats. How can i keep them hidden?
and no i am not gonna get rid of em. do you think alot of people have cats at apartments where they not allowed
doncrisp- i think you need to do some research on toxoplasmosis. lol you don’t know what you are talking about.
Oh and if you are that worried about it, you better not eat undercooked meat, or work in a garden.

Administrator answers:

Yes many. I would too

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