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August 29, 2012

Paul asks…

Very cheap apartments in New York?

I’m looking for extremely cheap apartments in New York City or at least somewhere near there for my friend. Could you please send me photos, websites and/or phone numbers of extreemly cheap apts. Shes only 19 so she doesnt have that much money.
Thank you.

Administrator answers:

Hard to find in New York. Very expensive place to live unless you move to a less desirable area with higher crime rates. Try to find someone renting a room, those are usually reasonable.

Richard asks…

Cheap Orlando apartments that allow 3 small dogs?

Does anyone know cheap apartments that allow 3 SMALL dogs (2 Chihuahuas and one Miniature Pincher)? All will be under 10lbs. Desperately need to move and must have an apartment for three small dogs and myself that is sort of close to UCF. Thank you!

Administrator answers:

Google for rent in area of interest.

Good luck with 3 dogs

George asks…

Does anyone know of any nice, cheap apartments in Evansville Indiana?

I only need one bedroom, and I would prefer it be fully furnished. It needs to be in a safe area and cheap. Thanks for the help.

Administrator answers:

No one here is going to help you.
Have you tried looking in your newspaper’s classifieds ads under apartments for rent.
Have you tried driving around and visitng apartment complexes. Sometimes managers have an office and are frequently there during working hours. You can ask if they have open apartments.

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