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October 2, 2012

Carol asks…

Cheap apartments in New York?

I want to move to new york when i’m 19. But i’ve heard it’s really expensive. Is there any apartments there that is cheap? and about how much will a cheap apartment for one person cost?

Administrator answers:

It depends where in NYC you live. You can probably get a tiny studio apartment in Staten Island for under $1000 / month, or about that rate in Brooklyn or Queens. On the other hand, if you must live in Manhattan, you can easily spend twice that for a tiny studio. (That’s why so many people have roommates.)

Charles asks…

Cheap apartments in downtown Toronto?

I’m moving to Toronto at the end of August and will have some insane competition with other students for apartments. Or so I assume.
Where are some good places to live downtown near U of T?? Good neighborhoods? I have no idea.

I check Craigslist often, and see some good deals but you never know…could be a scam.

Administrator answers:

Keep in mind that Toronto is expensive to live in. Finding a GOOD place for 500/month is difficult to come by, expect to pay closer to 600-700 (yes, even if your place is shared and split). If I were you Id just find the closest place to campus.
However, this is a place called Neil Wycik, near Ryerson University in Toronto. Its a super cheap student apartment, about 450$ /month depending on which type of room you apply for. Its a bit of a walk from u of t, but i knwo quite a few ppl that do it

Mandy asks…

Are there any CHEAP Manhattan apartments? Whats the normal rent to pay for someone in/just out of college?

I want to move to Manhattan but I need to find affordable housing there. Whats the normal rent? Where and in what areas are the cheapest?

Administrator answers:

No. There are no cheap Manhattan apartments. The least you can expect to pay for a one room studio is $1500 a month. You’ll need to earn 40x that annually to qualify, so unless you plan to make $60k a year, give up the dream and look to the outer boroughs and get a roommate.

Steven asks…

i need help looking for cheap apartments in irving tx.!?

just by telling me the names of the apartments is enough help.. i really need to find some really cheap apartments! asap! in irving tx.

Administrator answers:

Hello – here are online listings for apartments renting for under $500 in Irving:

There’s one listed for $295 at 321 Katherine St, Irving, Texas, 75061. But it’ll probably rent soon at that price!

This property has apartments starting at $399:

Surrey Oaks I
1814 Estrada Parkway
Irving, TX 75061

Those are just the cheapest ones I saw but there are a lot more listed. You can contact them all through that web site to start the rental process.

Hope this helps…good luck!

Lizzie asks…

I really want to move to PR, Im in my early 20′s and dont have a lot of money. So is there cheap apartments?

also, I’m a bartender so I would need to move somewhere close to a good paying job for my field. And how much money would you suggest moving there with?

Administrator answers:

Dad e Pops!!! Loco si no tienes nada bueno que decir no digas nada!!!! Aporta algo bueno no negativo!!!!! Ayuda al hombre!!!!

Jordan, as for living in PR is very doable. Your going to be fine.. There are tons of bartending job in the metro area “near San Juan”. Take as much money as you can. You can find apartments for as little as 150 a month.. It depends on the location but you can find a cheap place!!!! My advice is to go for it!!!!

Good Luck!!!

Pedro & Leslie

Boricuas de la pura sepa!!!!!

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