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March 24, 2012

Donna asks…

where’s the best place to look for cheap apartments in Chicago?

I live in the west suburbs so I would prefer somewhere close to the west suburbs and around 600, maybe 700 dollars. I’ve looked on craigslist but they just show bad neighborhoods. Anyways, thanks.

Administrator answers:

Hi Noel,

Plug in your parameters at the website below and see what pops up. I trust you know the names of the better neighborhoods as this will simplify this task. Needless to say, nicer neighborhoods command higher monthly rental charges. You may have to sacrifice space for the price you want.


Wanna be near the L or Noel? ;-) ;-)

Good Luck!

Steven asks…

Are there any cheap apartments in Northern KY?

My husband and I are looking for a cheap decent size (at least 1 bed/1 bath) apartment for less than $500 per month in a good area of Northern Kentucky. Any suggestions?

Administrator answers:

You might try Fort Thomas — Pleasant Valley Apartments (next to Sonserena Apts) I believe are on the cheaper side, but they are small and not that nice. There’s apartments on Hollywoods Drive in Ft. Thomas that are on the cheaper side. I think Hidden Valley in Highland Heights aren’t that bad. I really don’t know all the prices but I’ve had friends that rented in those areas and I think those are some of the cheaper ones that are still in a nice area. Try picking up an Apartment Guide — they’re usually in the lobby of Kroger and Meijer stores — you might find them at gas stations too. The ones on Bordeaux in Highland Heights and the ones on Davjo in Cold Spring are probably cheaper — BUT typically those are more of problem areas of their respective cities — a lot of police calls to those streets. Good Luck — as mentioned you can try Craigslist, but you’ll want Cincinnati to find NKY apartments.

I’m a Campbell County resident so I’m unfamiliar with apartments in other parts of NKY but I’m sure Kenton and Boone have decent apartments to offer as well. If you’re unfamiliar with the area, just take a couple of drives (different days/different times) to the considered apartment to see what the area is like. You can also check with the local police they’ll be able to tell you if they have a high incident of calls to that area or not. I’m sure you’ll be able to find something that will work :o )

Mandy asks…

Is there any cheap apartments which is rented for tourist in Penang for a month ?

Hi All

I am going to stay in Penang, Malaysia for a month in march. Would like to find is there any place to stay for a month which i could rent it. If the apartment is little furnished would do great.


Administrator answers:

Two years ago, when I was still living in Penang, there was an apartment just right smack next to Gurney Plaza. Its … I think RM50++ per night. Maybe they have different deal with monthly rental. I’m not sure its still there.

I heard the previous IPG was converted into an apartment. Maybe you can check that out too.

Daniel asks…

What website should I go to to find Cheap apartments within NYC? ?

I’m looking for an apartment does anyone know any wesites?

Administrator answers:

Cheap New York Apartments, or

Susan asks…

Where are some good, cheap Apartments I can find near UMass Amherst?

I’m looking to find an apartment for next semester and I figure I can ask if anyone has any ideas or good rent prices. It doesn’t need to be too close to UMass, Anything around 15-20 minutes away would be fine. Just seeing if there’s anything good out there!

Administrator answers:

No such thing near Amherst. You might end up with a bad cheap apartment, but you’ll have to pay market value for a good one.

Thomas asks…

Does anyone know of any cheap apartments in Marion, Arkansas or West Memphis, Arkansas?

I am looking for a 1 bedroom apartment in the Marion, Arkansas and West Memphis, Arkansas area. Minimum price $100/month. Maximum price $300/month. Please let me know if you know or have heard of any in this price range in the area.

Administrator answers:

Seek in tour agency

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