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October 9, 2012

Chris asks…

Cheap apartments in Indy?

I’m planning on moving to Indianapolis in the summer for school and am looking for an apartment for my boyfriend and I. I’ve looked at dozens of places but I can’t find anything that really works. Since we’re both going to be going to IUPUI, we’d like to live either within walking distance to the campus or an IndyGo bus stop. Our budget for rent is 800 at the highest. If you could suggest any apartments or neighborhoods, that would be great.

Administrator answers:

Well first Welcome to Indy :) hope you can stay our city is the fastest growing region in the Midwest.
I would recommend going to a website like look up apartments within your pricerange and then use a website like
*My Guy is BroadRippleguy i am part of a recruiting class that shows all the great Benefits of living in Indy* will tell you if the apartment your interested is in a good neighborhood or bad.
Good luck and Welcome to the Great city of indianapolis! The next Boomtown in America and home to Super Bowl 46 and the Indy 500. Plenty of stuff to do here.
If your a single i would recommend visiting Broad Ripple Village and Mass. Ave in Downtown.

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