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October 14, 2012

Ken asks…

where can i find cheap apartments?

Im looking for a place that’s close to my work and school

Administrator answers:

Susan asks…

Help finding Cheap Apartments?

If I make about 1200 monthly
would that be enough to support myself in and apartment??
I was hoping to find one with utilties included
where would I be able to find cheap apartments online
Id also like money left for phone & internet
& of course gas and food..everything else doesnt really matter to me
I just want an affordable there anywhere online I could look?

Administrator answers: is awsome! You just put the amount you want to pay in rent, they come up with pages and pages of rental listings available! A whole lot easier to rent with no pets fore warning. Alos has tons of renting listings with the certain amount of rent money you need. Do not try to find a place with a LARGE dog! It’s HELLL

Nancy asks…

Cheap! cheap! apartments for college students in Fullerton, CA or near?

what are some really cheap apartments in or near Fullerton for a 2 bedroom with 2 baths or 1baths….preferably keep it under the thousands for rent but max: $1,300

Administrator answers:

Keep in mind the crime rate, is hospital bills, missing school, and missing work worth it?
Also I love

Betty asks…

I need a place to live! Anyone know of cheap nice apartments in oc area?

Hi I am looking for a nice apartment in the southern Cali area. I can pay roughly 1200- 1400 a month and would prefer to live away from ghetto-ness for lack of a better term. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Administrator answers:

Keep an eye on craigslist, and find a realtor, their job is to look for you, and help you find a place that fits you!

Mark asks…

Cheap apartments in Northampton, MA?

I’m planning on moving there as soon as I can, but does anybody know of any apartments that are A) cat friendly and B) cheap? I’m fresh out of college all I want is for the stove to work and the cockroaches to be at a minimum,

Administrator answers:

Hi okay so northampton is a great place to live in. It is part of a college area so there is plenty of things for people around your age but there are other cultural offerings. All areas are pretty but the best part i would suggest to be near is downtown. There is a public transit which you can use to get around and many other things I coud tell you about. Apartments here are some links for apartments in northampton

and here are some options one isnt cat friendly but VERY cheap and one is more expensive and cat friendly

Steven asks…

Looking for cheap apartments in pittsburgh ,pa?

i will be a freshman at a community college for about half of year 14 weeks then transfer to a university i am looking for nice cheap apartments and i cant really find any real good website i am looking for something i can pay rent for like 100 to 300 per month since i will just be there for 14 weeks i tried cruelestt but its all scams really i hate it can some one please help me with this any ideas or know any places thanks i will attending communtiy college of alleghany county

Administrator answers:

Have you tried Also, try pittsburgh local newspaper websites- google them, there’s a few with online classifieds. Here’s a good one:

Helen asks…

looking for cheap apartments in salou? 19 year olds?

any ideas on accomodation, something central and cheap! there 6 of us all 18/19 any recogmendations?

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