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May 15, 2012

Helen asks…

Does anyone know of any nice, cheap apartments in Orlando, FL?

My friend and I need a two bedroom appartment for the end of this month. We can’t afford a lot.

Administrator answers:

Here are the usual real estate website you can use to try to find a place in Orlando:

Since you are a Yahoo user, why not try:

This site might well offer the biggest selection in any given area:

Another popular site is:

You can also try Craigslist at:

Another option is to try this site run by e-bay:

In the end, you will probably get better results by keeping a close eye on Orlando apartment rentals in Orlandos’ newspaper classified ads.

Good luck with your search for a place to live.

Donald asks…

When is the best time to find luxury apartments for cheap around North Austin, TX?

I’m getting married next year and need a nice apartment to move to. Therefore, I’m engaging in an early research of apartment types, prices etc.
Please help if you currently live or have lived in similar conditions.

Administrator answers:

Just look for place that are running specials

William asks…

Looking for cheap apartments in downtown Houston,Tx?

I live in Spring,TX and want to move downtown to Houston in the fall. My problem is that I haven’t really lived on my own before. So I am trying to find a cheap apartment in downtown Houston. Can anyone direct me to a few sites to help me make my choice?

Thank you in advanced

Administrator answers:

Best is to find some property and real estate portal in your area.


Linda asks…

does anyone know cheap apartments in new orleans?

i’m thinking about moving to new orleans. does anyone know how the cost of living is there? i pay 600.00 for a 2bedroom in philly.

Administrator answers:

New Orleans is expensive.

In the French Quarter $600 won’t even get you a studio.

You’ll have better luck in the surrounding areas.

Metairie, Kenner, River Ridge & Harahan.

The morning commute is very heavy but avoid I-!0 and you’ll find it manageable. River Road and Jeff. Hwy are alternatives.

Donna asks…

looking for cheap apartments in columbia, sc with good neighborhood?

hello looking for some cheap apartments in columbia, sc from cheraw, sc with a good neighborhood. can anyone from south carolina or who lives or lived in columbia, sc help me out?


Administrator answers:

Here’s a list of apartments around Columbia:

Then just cross reference what you find against what people say about it:

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