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July 17, 2012

Susan asks…

Are there any cheap apartments in Connecticut that are pet friendly for dogs?

Administrator answers:

Check craigslist, you can sort by “woof”

George asks…

Where to find cheap Barcelona apartments?

Group of nine of us in total. Looking for an apartment in Barcelona which would accommodate all of us. Not wanting to spend more than 25euros each per night. Dates 4th-9th August. Is renting an apartment the cheapest option?

Administrator answers:


Is dificult to find 1 apartments for a group however you can find some diferents apartments in the same builing
ask to Habitat apartments,( they have a lot of apartments and maybe can help you

Robert asks…

Cheap apartments in Winnipeg, Manitoba close to the University of Manitoba?

I am looking for an apartment that is affordable for myself and my mother that is close to the University of Manitoba, where I will be going (preferably within walking distance)…and it has to be an APARTMENT BUILDING, not in someone’s house!

I heard that Winnipeg has lots of affordable places – I am looking for a 2 bedroom for price range…$500 – $800 per month.

Administrator answers:

Check out

Good luck! There’s currently less than 1% vacancy in Winnipeg right now. But you’re right, you should be able to find something nice in a 2 bedroom for around $800

Update: It would be a good idea to start calling and getting your name on 2BR waiting lists.

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