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February 21, 2012

Paul asks…

If you are staying in a city for one or two weeks what is the cheapest housing option?

I might be in Atlanta for a week or two early next year. Should I rent a room, or a hotel or apartment?

Administrator answers:

I think I’d start out by checking rates in some extended stay motels. However, be sure that they aren’t welfare residences, which some appear to be.

Then I would call other chain motels (i.e. Days Inn) to determine the best price for a week or two week block. Keep in mind, you’ll have to go to restaurants if you don’t have cooking facilities — and that can add up.

I’d also check things out on Craig’s List — do be careful! — and maybe through a bed-and-breakfast network. (Some people open up their houses and allow people to stay, without being a fancy b&b, I stayed in one like this in San Francisco.)

The cheapest option of course is staying with someone you know — but if that isn’t a possibility, do some comparative shopping.

Good luck!

Michael asks…

Moving to Atlanta..I have some questions about the area and moving?

1. I’m planning to attend Perimeter College in Dunwoody (to finish my dental hygiene degree). What are the cheapest areas to live in the Dunwoody area? I don’t want to drive more than 10 or so miles to school. I’m totally unfamiliar with the area.

2. Is Sandy Springs close? I have some friends that live there and they really love it. What about Brookhaven? Marietta?

3. I’ve been looking at apartments online and I’m beginning to get overwhelmed. I am driving up in about 1 week to look at apartments but I just don’t know where to start. What do you suggest I do so that I don’t go absolutely insane looking for a place? I’m trying to keep rent at $600 or less.

Administrator answers:

I was just by Perimeter College last week…. (It looks like a nice school!)

Unfortunately, I’m not that familiar with the area so I can’t speak definitively, but I think you’ll be better off finding an apartment in Sandy Springs, than you will in Dunwoody. Brookhaven I believe is expensive and Marietta (where I live) may be more of a commute than you’d like.

When you arrive, make sure your friends are available to go around with you, looking at apartments. I took a friend to look at apts. In Sandy Springs — I think there were a bunch on Roswell Road — and she saw plenty that she liked. Your challenge is staying within your budget. $600, unless you find an older place with few amenities, will be tough.

Good luck. I think you’ll like it here!

John asks…

Moving to Atlanta, GA.?

I’m coming from oversees to participate in a medical research which might be a year long.

Work will mostly be in Grady hospital in downtown, and part of it in Emory University at campus area.

I’m moving by myself, so all I need is a small studio apartment to rent in a safe area (budget around $700/mo max). I don’t mind using commute (MARTA or bus) as probably I won’t have a car, at least at first.

Would you kindly suggest few suitable places to check out ?

Also, do you know a cheap hotel/motel near the location to stay in for the first week or so till I find a suitable place to move in ?

Thank you

Administrator answers:

Check Decatur for apartment rentals. It’s a quaint little town with a Marta station on the East West line. I like living here! It has the advantage of being home to the Emory University Campus, too.

Be careful with craigslist, though. It is too easy to get swindled because there’s little or no screening of listings. Instead, I’d check or contact an agency once you get here. When I was looking for an apartment I used You don’t pay the agency, the landlord does!

My friend from Paris likes to stay in the Residence Inn or Hyatt downtown, but I doubt these are cheap accommodations. You might be better off to get a hotel further away and rent a car for the first few days.

Linda asks…

Living Cost in Tianjin,China?

I have a question for all you Ex-Pats working in China. I hearded China taxes about 40% of your income if you make more than a certain amount. What is that amount?.

Also how does the living expenses in China compare to that of a major city like Detroit or Atlanta in the US?. For example, if you make $50,000 in China living in a city like Tianjin, does that translate to more savings than living in the US because things are cheaper. I have been to places like Shanghai & found that its not all that cheap. I rented an apartment for RMB6500 and yes it was a nice apartment.

Living with prudence, can you save a lot of money in China?. I don’t plan to own a vehicle while in China by the way.

Administrator answers:

The cost in Tianjin is cheaper than Shanghai.But in Shanghai,you make more money. And living with prudence you surely can save a lot of money.Apartment for RMB6500? You chose a easy way to live,less money to save.Maybe you can check this site: you’ll find something useful to live in China.

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