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August 24, 2012

Nancy asks…

Where do I find a cheap place to stay for 1 month in the area around santa monica ?

Me and my friend are moving to Los Angeles and we just need a cheap place to stay for a little bit until our new apartment becomes available. We cant afford too much, I am looking for a price around $400-600 one month, it can be ghetto we dont care .

Administrator answers:

I don’t think that you are going to find a place of $600 per month that will just rent to you for one month. You can try, but most people want a commitment. Even slumlords in the ghetto want a commitment, since they are looking for long-term tenants.

You might look for a hostel or check out

Betty asks…

remodeling my rented unit, on a very tight budget want to update countertops, cabinets and stove?

i am renting my apartment for a real cheap rent by los angeles standards, the owner doesnt want to change anything in my unit for that reason i believe, even though he updates the other units, anyway i want to give my kitchen and bathroom countertops they are a ugly linolium. i used that cheap marble looking contact paper but it is finally giving up on me. what is the best way to give this a new look for cheap? also my stove and oven are really dingy, 2 years ago i painted it with that spray paint for high temperature things but i used white over a brown stove and now the paint is chipping and even turning brown from everyday use, im sure it has burned the paint. last i want to redo my cabinets, they are painted with white water based paint i want to redo and maybe paint or stain. what are the best cheapest ways to redo my rental? i dont want to put to much money in since i rent…. oh i went on a site that gives details on how to give countertops a marble look are this good looking?

Administrator answers:

I know this won’t be the answer you’re looking for, but wouldn’t it make more sense to try and find a cheap, used stove somewhere instead of repainting it again and again with shitty results? Ask around friends and family and ask them to ask others as well… I’m sure you can find something for just a bunch of bucks.

As for the counter tops… Try to take everything off first…. The contact paper, old color… Just everything and sand it to smooth the surface. Then go to a hardware store and let them help you out there, so you can look at the products and see what might work best for you while you have someone you can directly ask.

I don’t know about LA, but where I live, they sometimes have “leftover” counter tops dirt cheap at hardware stores. I got mine for about $30. I’m sure that would make more sense than investing in expensive foil or paint.

Good luck!

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