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October 7, 2012

Lisa asks…

Living in LA for a month?

I live in the Philippines and I’ve decided to enroll in a month long, finance related course in Los Angeles (Continental Grand Plaza, Continental Blvd, El Segundo, CA 90245)

I was wondering if anyone can help me out regarding these things:

1) What’s the best/cheapest/nearest place (apartment? motel? hotel? a dorm?) I can stay? how much are the costs? it would only be for a month (unless i get offered a job) so it’s just temporary

2) Is commuting a good option to get around? or do I really need to rent a car?

3) What would be a good/cheap way for me to spend my weekdays? (classes are only on weekends) i wish i could have a part time job to help pay for expenses, but unfortunately i would only have a school-visa thingy, so i cant :(

I guess what I’m trying to ask is the amount of money i need to be able to survive in LA for about a month. thanks!

Administrator answers:

Try websites such as,, and to find hotels which can offer extended-stay rates. Depending upon how lavishly you want to live, you should bring at least $10,000 US to cover all your expenses. The lodging will be the biggest, of course. And renting a car would be your best bet, because the public transportation in Los Angeles has plenty of room for improvement, at least according to answers I’ve read in this forum.

Donald asks…

Semi-stray cats near my apartment are being fed and are now multiplying. What to do?

Bear with me here.

I live in an urban part of Los Angeles, CA in a 3-story apartment building. Next door to my apartment building are two abandoned houses whose backyards are used as parking for University of Southern California maintenance vehicles. Nobody lives in the houses but 5 days a week USC employees park there. I don’t know if they park their vehicles then switch to USC maintenance vehicles for the day or what, but they come by these abandoned houses more than once a day.

I gather that one of their employees noticed that there are semi-feral cats (strays/abandoned) that roam the area and that person has apparently started buying cat food and placing it daily in the front yards of the houses. This has caused a few mature cats to start hanging out in the area and for shelter they live under the abandoned house (in the space between the ground and house floorboards). This seems to have been going on for a while but…

…it’s Spring and for every mature cat there has popped up about 3-4 kittens. As cute as kittens are I am a bit concerned. I don’t know how much cat food costs but I do know that whoever is putting out the cat food is going to have to feed a lot more cats now or these kittens might be in danger of eventually starving. I suppose it’s possible that the cats could also hunt for vermin or eat out of garbage bins but I’m not that knowledgeable at how cats live in the area.

I know people who work maintenance don’t exactly make a ton of money, and I would think that cat food can’t be *that* cheap… plus what happens next spring or so when there are another 3x more kittens? It’s my personal opinion that this is a path that cannot be sustainable.

How should I approach this? I would consider leaving a note in the area (maybe near one of the maintenance cars) at the very least making sure the person feeding the cats is fully informed of what they are doing. I’m not here to scold this person because they might already know the consequences. And I know for sure that these cats don’t go home with this person and come back every day or anything like that. I doubt any of the cats are spade or neutered.

So what should I do? In a few months I might be moving and actually wouldn’t mind adopting a couple of the cats. Is that an okay thing to do? Or is it better to let the cats live their little life with their families?

Any help would be appreciated. Let me know if you need more info.
Edit: What would happen if I notified the city? I don’t want these cats being put to death or anything…

Administrator answers:

In my opinion, you should lobby your city government to re-zone the cat-infested area. If it’s re-zoned to allow restaurants, no doubt a Chinese or Mexican restaurant will move in and “control” the cat population!!!

Paul asks…

Does tenant have right to make decision on this?

I had beautifully upkept lawn at my beautiful home. I then rented the house out to tenants. They had never lived in a home where the bills include sewage, trash pick up, water which includes water for the lawn (which comes with the house). I had found a perfect balance where I’d set the timer a few minutes in the morning and a few minutes in the evening and had the lushest green lawn in the whole neighborhood (and prob watered less than the neighbors from this formula).

My tenants would stop watering and I’d notice if I ever went over to discuss something (they’d always break something so I’d be out with a handyman to get it fixed for them). I’d comment on the lawn and it was a big bone between us. My neighbors would call and ask why my lawn is dying and I’d try to block it out because it was no use. Today the gardener called to say it is dying and he needs to replace the timer because it doesn’t even work and is not sure if its’ getting watered. My tenants say that they water it 3 times a week and the water company recommends not to use too much water. I know they don’t care about water conservation and are too cheap to pay for the watering and don’t care that the lawn is all brown.

I’m going to pay over $400 to change the timing system (which was barely a year old when they moved in, I have a feeling they purposely broke it). I don’t know if I can force them to water it more? I am so frustrated!! and no it’s not in the lease but it’s also not in the lease that for example not to burn the house down but common sense says not to do it, and common sense says not to kill the lawn. What are their/my rights? I’m thinking of getting a high-tech timing system which they can’t alter and setting it to water every day with a lock they won’t have access to. It doesn’t help they’re lawyers so I’m always on eggshells catering to their every whim to avoid any lawsuits. (this is in Los Angeles where single homes (vs. apartment buildings or duplexes) are not under the laws of the housing authority/city/county)
a) I pay for a weekly gardener – I do not expect them to mow the lawn or things like that.
b) I have a timer that sets when to water so they literally have to do NOTHING (and enjoy the lawn – have games set up on it etc.). The least they can do is not tamper with the timer which is killing the grass. If they don’t want it watered then they are free to live in an apartment that doesn’t come with a lawn they use for their children to play on.
I’m wondering if I should offer to pay the water bill i don’t know am fed up.

Administrator answers:

Being a gardner myself, I can sympathize with working on getting your lawn just right, and then renting it to someone who doesn’t have the same level of urgency to keep the lawn nice.

Of course they are NOT watering it! But, does LA or the county have any laws in place about how often you can water? I know when I lived in SoCal, there were times when you could only water every other day.

It makes no sense that they would break the timer or not want the lawn watered if you are paying the bill. My guess here is, if you put another timer on the sprinklers and it gets have your answer about what is happening..they probably are breaking it.

When their lease is up, I wouldn’t renew it. And, I would address this issue in your next lease.

It would kill me too if I owned a place and had the yard looking good only to have tenants not care, but that is how tenants are sometimes. They don’t treat things as if it is their own. :0(

Maria asks…

Is it a good Idea to move to Phoenix, AZ?

I live in tiny town named Blythe, CA which is 2 hours away from Phoenix. Couple of friends and I where planning on moving to Hollywood, Los Angeles but we started looking up apartments and doing the math and we are not going to be able to afford living out there. The reason why we chose over there is because of the school him, her, and I will be attending. He is going the Art Institute and the both of us girls will be attending Cosmetology schools. So they decided on moving to Phoenix because it’ll be a lot easier since its cheaper in Phoenix than it is in California. which I am not highly happy of I hate Phoenix ONLY because of the heat and I just do not like Arizona but whatever is more convenient. It still a big city anyways with lots to do so whatever gets me out of this small town where there is nothing to do or carry on with your life. Anyways, We were looking up apartments in Phoenix and they were from 750 to 1200. and In LA, they ranged from 1300 and up!!! nothing less. but the thing that worry me is, since I am a California resident, will the tuition for my schooling be higher? and will i get the same benefits i get here in California? I have medical. and When I went to my community college here I did not pay for anything. so what I am asking is will I still get financial help with my schooling even though cosmetology schools are different. and will I have to change myself to being an Arizona resident? I plan on living there for almost 2 I even have to? please help. thank you I greatly appreciate it.

Administrator answers:

First of all, yes you would have to become an az resident and in order to do so youd have to live in arizona for atleast a year meaning the 2 years you planned on being here is now 3. What benefits youll get will depend on you. As for your situation Id say arizona sounds better. Itll be easier and their is a great party scene in arizona if you look in the right places. Just make sure you dont live in phoenix. Stay around the outer cities like tempe, mesa, even scottsdale and youll do fine.

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