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October 31, 2012

Sharon asks…

Bondage Ball – What are your thoughts?

So, I’ve had a really rocky year with my fiance. He started having a relationship with a lesbian whom I deemed inappropriate, and I told him that it hurt me and I didn’t approve. He said, “If you don’t like it, leave..” So I did. I moved back in with my folks in the Midwest, but I really missed him, and he kept swearing the relationship was appropriate, and so I came back. On my way back, he sent me a text stating that he’s being evicted, and that he’s going on a trip to Idaho to visit family. I called his sister, and she knew nothing of it. Keep in mind, I’m like in Oklahoma at this point. I decided that I trusted him enough to return; I believed in him. I still believed in us. I had to see him again. Truly, I cried every day away from him. So, I returned. He finally confessed that he was going to NYC to stay with her at her apartment. He swears that he stayed at Ramada Inn for the rest of the trip, but I don’t buy it. I know in my heart that he’s lying. So one night, he leaves his facebook open. He writes to another girl that he used to send cutesy texts to that he swore he wouldn’t speak to again. In the message, he says that he’s going to NYC to have sex with this woman. Also, he was contacted numerous ladies and actually talking about having sex with one on the blackberry that i bought for on the phone plan that i was paying for. I cut off the phone line. I refused to give him money for anything other than rent and food – my share. He’s been cruel and has tried to make me feel horrible for leaving him and taking a leave from my job, even though I still have money coming in. Even more money than he has coming in. I was miserable at that job.

Any way, we’ve lived separate lives in separate rooms. When I shut off his phone, he refused to let me use the internet at home, and also view cable. eventually, he stopped doing this. He has gone through my items constantly, and he even got me blocked out of my own bank account online because he kept trying to guess the password and get in. Lately though, I’ve been standing up for myself. I wanted to do this Halloween Bondage Ball thingie with my girlfriends. He went ballistic stating that he doesn’t want to be with a girl who would go to one of these events. It wasn’t anything dirty at all, just some people walking around in a hollywood club in latex and I saw one guy (in full latex) getting whipped. Any way, I went any way. I said this is a ladies’ night, and I want to go. Originally, I asked him to go (I had always wanted to go), but he said flat out no.

Then on my birthday which was two days ago, I made a list for him with free or cheap things that would mean a lot to me. It was flowers, a heartfelt letter or video, cake, a dinner (which I would pay for). He got the cake, but he didn’t get the letter. I really couldn’t believe it. I had saw him writing something, and I had my hopes up. Then he made a video for someone else (part of some art project). So I left and stayed with my girlfriend. Then we all went out to the ball night.

I return and it just feels so empty and hollow. I was thinking of staying in Los Angeles, but I miss my family so much that I’m considering moving back to the Midwest.

Advice please? Sorry this is long. xoxo.

Administrator answers:

Go back home and cut this loser out of your life.
You deserve much better than this lying, cheating jerk!

Lisa asks…

Live in the ghetto. Got roughed up. My dog did nothing. I did nothing. Was I right?

I am a really small, slender man. My Dad died and I inherited enough to finally move out of an apartment and BUY (not mortgage, BUY) a house. Free and clear. Small problem. I could only afford a house in high crime neighborhood. It was cheap. I am divorced. I have a small daughter. I need to save for her first car, her sweet sixteen, her college, and her wedding. So I bought the house because now THAT expense is over and done with. But the place ( I live in Los Angeles) is near Echo Park and is pretty high crime. So I got burglar bars, floodlights, an alarm, a fence, and recently, a handgun, and a big dog. I got taken on the dog. I told the pound I wanted the biggest German Shepherd they had. That’s the only “tough” breed Allstate will let me own. Well, the dogcatcher saw me coming. Got me a “Shiloh Shepherd,” which is a HUGE German Shepherd (135 pounds) which is a COMPLETE COWARD. Now I want to stay in shape. So I walk for like an hour and a half, two hours a day (I can’t run due to permanent knee injury). I have my dog, but the dog is worthless for protection, so I carry the handgun (hey, I am WAY too small to fight anyone, particularly a gang member.) So the other day as I was walking, this powerfully build guy, looked like a boxer, was walking his pit bull. The dog was really aggressive. The dog started biting and attacking my dog, which just yelped. So the guy moved in. Instead of helping my dog, he kicked the heck out of the hind quarters of my dog, cursed me, and then pushed ME down, and then stalked off. I had a fully loaded .38 Special in my hoodie. I did nothing. I just made sure I was OK, and then made sure my dog wasn’t walking with a limp. Dog seems to be OK. I figure you use a gun when your life is in danger, not to do something when your pride is hurt. Was I wrong? Or am I just a coward?

Administrator answers:

You did the best you could do. I’m sure you wished you could have dropped that guy and his dog, but you were wise to just let it pass. You’re carrying a concealed weapon. If a cop finds that on you, you’re in serious trouble. Get a good holster and a license to carry it.

For one, I’d say get another dog. Find a loving family for that teddy bear of yours and get a dog with more of a mouth on it.

I’m familiar with the area you’re in. That’s the kind of place where 1 on 1 fights quickly turn to 1 on 5. Walking is a great way to stay in shape, but it’s a good idea to build muscle. Sit ups, push ups, then move on to weight training. Whether you need to fight back, or cover your face on the ground, being strong will have its advantages.

Linda asks…

What do I do about my financial hardships?

I’m getting really worried at this time in my life. Right now my fiance is the only one who works, he works full time making $12. an hour. We live in Los Angeles county, CA.
His salary only allows for us to pay our rent and our car payment and thats it. That doesn’t include out utility bills, or phone bills, personal care items like shampoo, deodorant, tampons, diapers for our daughter and the biggest one food.
We went to our local county office and because he is the only one working full-time we are automatically denied for any cash assistance, and because he makes too much over their limits we are denied food stamps. We qualify for medi-cal and thats it.
I myself have been applying to jobs, but it seems like everywhere I go, no one is hiring but always accepting applications, or I’m not qualified for the job. On top of all that I’m trying to go to school right now and earn a degree so I can have career. I just enrolled and I was just accepted.
Anyways, I don’t know what to do anymore, apartments are expensive, we can’t starve ourselves so we have to buy food which means we cant make a car payment…and that means right now our finance company is hounding us, and we are doing our best to make payments even if its not a full payment, but they don’t care.

Can some one give me some advice on what I should do? Do I let everything go, do I move to a different cheaper state or would I be just as screwed somewhere else as I am here? Please no mean answers, I’m looking for a solution or guidance, not to be picked on. Thanks.
We don’t have cable, we don’t have internet, his cell phone has been turned off. We only have one car, public transportation is a no go, because he has to be at work at 3am sometimes, and we’ve done that before its unreliable in orange county and in los angeles.
We also live in a 1bedroom apt. it is very large, we’ve been looking for cheaper apartments, but everything is too small, even when we ask or call they tell us that the apartment is too small for 3 people.

Administrator answers:

What? How can you guys be denied if he is the only one working full time?!?! Thats rediculous! Have you tried to look for a part time job something under the table to help out alittle bit (unless u are a stay at home mom) atleast they gave u medical. But its rediculous that they wont give u guys food stamps. (ok ignore the quesiton if u looked for part time job i didnt read the whole thing) well is there anyway that you guys can downsize? Get rid of the one car? Or file bankruptcy? Can any family help u guys out until u guys get better situated/on your feet? What type of jobs are u appllying for? And no offense, but unless u got financial aid how can you afford school, that is just another expense? I wouldnt let everything go, that would just ruin your credit/credit score. I heard that california is expensive to live in. Maybe you guys should maybe look for a cheaper place/state to live in. Somewhere that wasnt hit hard by the stinky economy.

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