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April 10, 2012

James asks…

Jobs in Los Angeles, California, questions?

I am Canadian, and wanting to move to Los Angeles to pursue a better education for my university years. I want to attend University of California, Los Angeles, but first I need a plan. I have been looking at other people’s questions about LA and I know that it is extremely expensive and I shouldn’t expect it to be the way that movies portray it. I need help in my ‘plan’, for instance what sort of jobs I will need to get by in a 1BR apartment, it doesn’t matter where but I want it to be in a safe area, I am way to tired of the thugs in Canada. I have also read that living outside of Los Angeles is cheaper, so I would love to know exactly where outside of LA. I also know that UCLA offers housing, but does financial aid pay for it? Another question: how much will I spend a month, (I know that sounds silly) including gas, food, rent etc. ? This links to my job question, I need to know what kind of job I will need to live comfortably. I heard that I will need a student visa, so please explain the process of which I will take of actually getting to the United States and what it is exactly (my Yahoo! says I am eighteen or seventeen but actually I am younger). Is it true that if I just go there for my schooling, I will not be employed? That is what someone told me. Please, please, please, help. I know there is a lot of questions in this one or two paragraphs but I really want an insight on living in LA!

Administrator answers:

Sure, you should consider studying away from Canada. The questions of yours are many, and more need to be addressed.

The first one, thinking of anything in the USA is – costs

Per Academic Year (9 months)

Living with Relatives Residence Halls Sororities Off Campus Apartments
University Fees 11,639 11,639 11,639 11,639
Nonresident Tuition22,021 22,021 22,021 22,021
Health Insurance1,0871,087 1,087 1,087
Books and Supplies 1,6081,608 1,608 1,608
Room and Board4,35913,734 8,262 10,485
Transportation 1,959912 912 1,587
Personal 1,8691,560 1,560 1,857

Total Nonresident $44,542$52,561 $47,089 $50,284

As a Canadian, you are looking at ~ $ 50,000 per study year, times 4 – 5 years in total. Can you borrow or will your parents put up that?

You may, or may not receive bursaries or financial aid. In general terms, there is far less, if anything available for Canadian students – but you may be able to get “some” from Canadian sources.

As a student in the USA you will NOT be able to work, except on the university campus. Perhaps at the cafeteria or Library. They pay little over minimum wage which is $ 8.00 per hour in California.

A student visa is ONLY to study, you cannot work (I said that) and you are NOT allowed to seek work and stay in the USA after graduation. You MUST return to Canada and apply for an immigrants visa from there, a process that takes from 2 – 5 years after your graduation. (I know. It’s a crappy rule, but true.)

Read about fees here:

To start your student visa application, go here:

Studying at U of T (University of Toronto) or McGill (Montréal) you would pay about ~ $ 5,000 in tuition plus living costs. Studying in Canada, you can also seek part time jobs, work as an intern in your chosen field and, with a bit of luck – after graduation walk “straight across the street” into your new job – the one you studied so hard for.

I apologize for not being entirely supportive of your efforts to study at UCLA but, face it, it is a large and crass world out there.

It is cheaper to study in Europe. Try Sweden or Denmark – they offer oodles of English speaking curricula.

Nancy asks…

What other cities are close by Los Angeles where the cost of living isn’t as expensive as L.A.?

I know that it would be unrealistic to believe that there is a cheap place to live in the state of California, but there must be another city/county that is closer to Los Angeles (particularly downtown) that doesn’t cost as much to live in Los Angeles. So far, I am only discovering Santa Clarita to have decent prices for apartments to rent. I am currently residing in Redlands, California which is San Bernardino County, but the amount of time and the cost to commute to Downtown Los Angeles (where I work) is ridiculous! Can anyone recommend another city that is close by Los Angeles (not necessarily in L.A. County) that the cost of living isn’t as high as Los Angeles and the commute isn’t as bad as 2 hours of commuting time as well?? I am desperate to find this information out because my family and I just moved here from Virginia. Please help (that means only serious answers please)!
I am searching for a two-bedroom, two-bath within the range of $1,100 – $1,395.

Administrator answers:

Most places in L.A. You can find a place for that cost.
I live in Glendale and it has apartments for that cost. Many times the apartments you see listed online like on are only the high-rent ones.

Glendale area I know for a fact has 2 bedrooms for $1200. I actually rent a 2 bedroom for $650 (but it’s really really crappy).

Glendale is right above downtown L.A. So it’s a perfect location for your family. It’s fairly nice and not as expensive as some areas.

The good thing about Los Angeles is that there are apartments EVERYWHERE. There are more apartments than houses. You are just not looking the right places.

Here’s some listings for ALL of Los Angeles – I totally reccomend that you use this site. and are useless.


Here’s a few I found for Glendale:

North Hollywood which is Northwest of Downtown –

Pasadena which is next to Glendale / Downtown –

Please email me I can tell you in detail about every neighborhood. What races live there, how safe they are, prices, etc.

George asks…

where do gay college students live in los angeles, How can I find a place?

I know that West Hollywood is the gay village and where a lot of gay people live but I looked at the apartment prices and they are VERY expensive for a college student can afford, if anything if they do, then they have to having a roommate. Im gay and Im wondering where to live in LA that rent is just a tad bit cheaper. I know that LA rent is expensive in general, but i just still want to know safe areas in LA for gays

Administrator answers:

Anywhere they want to live. Although there are areas with larger concentrations of gays, in general you will not have issues in most of SoCal. People in LA are diverse and mostly accepting. I’ll give you the same advice I give anyone new to the area: live as close to work/school as possible. Everything you have heard about the traffic is true.

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