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May 22, 2012

Daniel asks…

Fastest, Cheapest, and easiest way to travel from los angeles to new york city?

By car
By train
By bus
Or by Plane

For 4 people Me and my gf we are moving into an apartment in brooklyn
Me, my gf, my dad and little brother they live in Newark

Administrator answers:

Flying is obviously the fastest and the easiest. If you want to spend 4-5 days traveling by other means, then you might save some money but I wouldn’t drive unless you plan to take your personal car here. If you need to rent a car, between rental fees and the price of gas, you may as well just fly. A bus would be a long, torturous ride. Try Amtrak (train) or start saving for a plane ticket. It’s the difference between getting here in 5 hours verses 5 days. How much are you really going to save by not flying?

Paul asks…

Advice for moving to Los Angeles?

I’ve decided that when i graduate May 2012 from high school, I’m packing up and moving to Los Angeles to presume my dream in acting. This year before i leave, i am going to save up every little penny i make working, make some demo dvd’s, build up some resume’s and look for an agent before moving out. Maybe even get a little acting experience to help me out. So i won’t be totally dumbfounded when i do decided to pack up. I just need some general advice. I will be attending USC cinematic arts college so any links to apartments near there would be great. Preferably cheap. Any advice for saving money on bills and groceries too. I will probably have some room mates to help with rent. Also some locals shops and stuff would be great too. I want to be as prepared as ever.

Administrator answers:

Im Going to give Advice
L.a is way different from you see in movies it not hollywood where ever you go. 93% of L.a is ghetto
All so hollywood is ghetto
If your Going to Live L.a im going to list the safest spots to live in la

Los Angeles County – Encino C.A

Los Angeles County -San Fernando Valley

Los Angeles County-Santa Monica

Los Angeles County – Calabasas

Los Angeles County -Tarzana

Michael asks…

cheapest way to live in/visit Los Angeles for a month? (Please read details)?

My daughter is an aspiring teen actress and I would like to visit/ live in Los Angeles for a month or two in the summer. What would be the cheapest way to do this?

I would also have a house where I currently live, which I rent. It would be ideal for me just to take a plane to la with a couple of suitcases and cash, with living arrangements made ahead of time.

I have considered the following:
-Stay at a hotel/motel for a month
-Rent a furnished apartment for a month.

What else could I do? Also, what would be the CHEAPEST way to do this?

Thank you.
I would also be bringing a cat

Administrator answers:

A month is probably not enough time . . .

Now, you could do the hotel/motel thing for a month while looking at “month-to-month” places to rent for more like six months.

Summer is a terrible time to try and get acting work . . . Of course; you can try some classes and/or try to get meetings with agents. You’d be better off to get your daughter enrolled in some program, for the summer, in Los Angeles, CA and send her to it by herself. I mean, you can certainly go to a hotel/motel with her for a couple of weeks and find a camp-like, live-in type program or tour for her.

Pilot season, which is when most come stay in Los Angeles, CA starts more like end of August through March/April. Many people live for those months.

Oakwood offers temporary apartments, furnished for people coming in during “Pilot Season”. Of course, I hear, Oakwood Apartments are pricey.

Otherwise, I’d recommend a program, anywhere, for summer.

I was involved, in my hometown of Phoenix, AZ with a group called “Centerstage”. We’d rehearse and perform for about four weeks in Phoenix, AZ; then, we’d all get on a Greyhound Bus and head to five to ten different states and theatre’s and perform our musical, all over, for about three weeks. We slept on the busses, in school gyms and many JCC’s [Jewish Community Center’s),

We found out what a “bus and truck” show is really like . . . And acted and sang our way from Arizona to Oregon to New York, depending on the tour. It was an great learning experience, done in summer months.

These sort of programs exist all over the US and would be much cheaper than staying in Los Angeles, CA for one month for ???

You’d need a solid plan and appointments set before arriving in Los Angeles, CA. They are not easy to get, even for those who live there.

Experience is the best bet for your aspiring teen actress; or a nice visit to Hollywood, Universal Studios, Warner Brothers and Disneyland would be fun. Although, I know, as a teen, I LOVED BEING “on tour” in a show. It made me feel like a professional actress.

Some ideas below…
And read the books . . .
Here’s a few titles and a link:
“KURTAINS, Step by Step Tips on Getting Your Kid into Show-Biz” by Tia L Gold
“Kids in the Biz: A Hollywood Handbook for Parents” by Troy A. Rutter
“Showbiz Kidz: How To Get Your Child Started” by Sabina Cabe
“Acting in Young Hollywood: A Career Guide for Kids, Teens, and Adults Who Play Young Too” by Frederick Levy

William asks…

Is it possible to get a one bedroom and one bathroom apartment in Los Angeles, CA for 400 a month?

I just saw that in craigslist. I did not know that housing was so cheap in L.A.

Administrator answers:

No, unless you’re back in the early 1980′s. That must be an April’s Fool joke or a scam. There is a reason that LA area apartments start at around $900 for a studio and $1200 for a one bedroom, those are about the amounts of Section 8 vouchers, welfare housing help for the poorest, neediest, people. The amounts are what the government has decided is appropriate for LA rent at the low end. (The Section 8 waitlist got so long, years for many, that it’s been closed to new applicants.) So of course the landlords will want to get the maximum amount they can, the full voucher amount, (most of it is paid by the government), and the poorest people live in the roughest areas of LA, so the nicer areas will generally have higher rent. That’s the way the market works.

Sometimes you can find decent rentals in ok areas for about $100 or so less a month, but the good deals may be to bring in a lot of applicants, so landlords can rent to the most qualified applicants with the best credit and rental history.

So think about $800 for a low end studio, $900+ in Hollywood, $1000+ on the Westside. Sometimes you can find a bachelor or studio for $700 on the south end of East Hollywood near LACC, or in Koreatown, which can be kinda rough neighborhoods.

Good luck!

Mark asks…

What is the CHEAPEST motel in Los Angeles CA, Upland.?

Ive seen motel 8 but thats still 55 dollars a room.
Is there any cheaper motel in upland, Or even a apartment i can stay in for money ?
There has to be someway where i can stay in, In upland for less then 45 dollars.

Please help me out because I’m traveling tomorrow to Upland, And i only can afford to pay maximum 45 dollar a day. Thanks

Administrator answers:

Try the Super 8 booking at Expedia, the rate looks like around $40 + tax for the next couple days. Rates can change.


Other places to try:


Also, Google map Fontana, click on the marker > Search nearby > motel

Good luck!

Sharon asks…

Cheap places to live in California that are near Los Angeles?

Me and two of my friends are thinking about moving down to California. We would really like to live near L.A. Preferably 30-40 Mins away. I’m thinking about an apartment that can hold 3-4 people, and around $1,000 a month or less. so if you know of a place for some college students to live at, well that would be great!
>Thanks in advance!<
Also we don't really care about how many rooms. We are used to dorms and we all live together anyway, so we don't really need that much space. A one room apartment probably wouldn't be too bad. As long as we can fit 3 beds in there.

Administrator answers:

That’s not going to happen. Landlords prefer one person per bedroom so you will need a 3 bedroom apartment and those will DEFINITELY rent for more than a measly $1,000/month. Apartments and college dorms aren’t the same thing.

Lisa asks…

San Diego vs. Los Angeles ; Overall Quality of Family Life?

I think ahead a lot, I want to ensure that the city in which I know I will be happy in the future,
my child(ren) will also be happy and proud to hail from where they were born.
I have ALWAYS since I’ve been a little child held such an attachment to the city of Los Angeles
It’s just a wonderful city and which I have been living here back and fourth
(going to my hometown in Delaware) for the past like 2 and a half years, I seem to adapt well
But, as I said, I want my child(ren) to have the best quality of life growing up
getting some of the best education, having the most fun, etc. overall be immensely happy because I hated growing up on the east coast in Maryland actually, the education system s^cks and there is nothing to do aside from driving to it. and I dont want my child(ren) unhappy

I am currently back on the east coast, but I am exploring possibilities in San Diego, my mom used to live there in the 1980s and she said it was wonderful.
I have found an apartment that is extremely cheap in downtown gas-lamp district, which is absolutely thrilling also close to many stores so there is job possibilities
I always have heard so many good things about San Diego, contrary from Los Angeles.
I have never thought I would like SD for a place to live but Im not even sure I have only been there twice to La Jolla and I went to Coronado Beach

I am placing the city of San Diego and the city of Los Angeles on a weighing block
I do not want any negative comments (ex. L.A. is a cess pool, /San Diego is Overrated etc.)
I just want the positives and negatives of living in both, the overall quality for a young single adult male, (i am 19, probably plan to move back in a year or so)
which City would I more likely be able to meet someone that I want to settle down with an begin a family, which city would be best for my child(ren) to grow up in-in terms of education, overall quality of life for them to have things to do etc.

Please Help, it Means So Much To Me
I Just Want to Be Happy in Where I Choose to Fully Settle Down and Raise a Family
I Want to Be Happy Knowing I Made The Right Decisions in Life
I Will Be Happy Knowing My Child(ren) Will Be Happy as Well as Proudly Grow Up in The City
Loving Where They Came From

Administrator answers:

Sorry, but I can’t guarntee your happiness. Nor can I guarantee your children’s happiness. It doesn’t matter where you live, your kids are going to be unhappy teens. Heck, you’re still a teen.

Listen, if you found a place in the Gaslamp District, power to you. Enjoy. But realize that the GD is not Coronado, and is not family-friendly.

Same with LA. You don’t move downtown to raise a family. But if you live out in Pacific Palisades, it’s very nice there.

I don’t think either is “better”. Both are good. It’s really just a matter of preference. If you have an opportunity in one, then take it.

Laura asks…

Moving to Los Angeles? Residents please help!?

I live in Philadelphia and in a year I will be moving to Los Angeles. I don’t know anyone who lives there, so I really don’t know much about the different neighborhoods. I’m looking for apartments in West Hollywood that are on the cheaper side, yet still in safe neighborhoods. How safe are areas in zip codes 90048, 90028, 90046, 90005, 90024 (those around that area, you get the point right?) Any information you could give me would be awesome!

Here’s a map of the zip codes:

btw, don’t tell me not to move there or any nonsense like that, just actual answers from real residents please. Thank you! (:

Administrator answers:

You should find an area you like as close to work as possible.
An apartment on the cheaper side is $1200-$1500 a month for a one bedroom.

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