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February 16, 2012

Jenny asks…

Best place to live as a young adult; NYC, Los Angeles or Miami?

I am graudating from high school this year after going to a prestigious boarding school. I could get into an incredible ivy league school for next year, but I have overworked myself so hard over the past 6 years and I want to take a break for a year before going to college. I want to stay in a cheap apartment in either NYC, Los Angeles or Miami and just work at any place for a year to get a little money. I have a good amount of money saved up to afford an apartment for a year.

Administrator answers:

I currently live in New York City but have spent a lot of time in LA, Miami, Chicago, and most other large cities in the US. It all depends on your lifestyle. If you like super hot weather, laying on the beach and partying hard, then Miami is your place. If you like a little more space, driving and peace and quiet after midnight, LA is your place. If you like the 24 hour lifestyle, endless restaurants, noise and a crazy mix of people, then I would recommend NYC. I prefer NYC because I don’t have to drive and deal with traffic, I can go grocery shopping at 3am and if I feel like going to a movie by myself, nobody even blinks at you. Of course, LA and Miami are cheaper but if you have enough saved to rent an apartment in Manhattan for the year (I would budget at least $22,000 for the year to rent a small studio in Manhattan) then you should definitely do it. New York is one of those places everybody should at least spend 6 months to a year at least some point in their life.

Charles asks…

Smart apartment renting in Los Angeles?

I’ve started very briefly looking into apartments in Los Angeles, and I don’t know much about apartments period. I’ve heard living in LA is expensive; so, what’s the cheapest decent place to live? Meaning, how little could I possibly spend? And what are the smartest neighborhoods to live in for those prices? I know everything’s got it’s bad side, so I’m open to hearing negative opinions on what certain places/living conditions are like there, but I’m not a big fan of negative Nancys so, please, helpful comments will be appreciated.
I’ve been looking at one place in particular, The Langham. It’s one of the cheaper places I can find (625 w/ no bed, 1 bathroom).

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Any opinions on this?

Administrator answers:

Where is “The Langham?” A one-bed at that price is probably a shack in south central.

Where you live should depend on where you work. Try to make your commute as short as possible.

Ruth asks…

What is a good website/magazine for finding a good deal on a 1 bedroom apartment in Los Angeles, California.?

I’m trying to move out of my parent’s house and would like some information from people who have moved out on their own at around age 19-20. I don’t alot of money and have a stable job. Looking for something in the price range of $500-$600/month or hopefully something cheaper. Thanks in advance for your advice.

Administrator answers:

Bring the newspaper up on your computer and look!

Nancy asks…

I want to move to Los Angeles, California. & i need your help with some things!!!!?

I need to know of the cheapest community college in Los Angeles with dorms (I need as much info as I can get)

I also need to know of some cheap apartments (1 bedroom very small) that can live in that are not in a ‘dangerous’ place (Like hidden or near a dangerous spot)

I also have another question.Does LA have a lot of Auditions?Or casting calls?I want to move to LA to start my Acting career but I want to get ready & start looking for colleges&see if it’s the right thing to do.

Thanks for your help!!!!!!! :)

Administrator answers:

The only CA community colleges with dorms are in the boonies in No Cal.


The CC’s all cost the same, you pay more if you are not a CA resident. This is the cost for Community College, 2 year – Resident $17,148 9 months fees (2 semesters) and living expenses + $5000 summer living expenses = $22,148 for 12 months.
Non-resident $22,148 + $4560 non-resident fee (24 units x $190) = $26,708
Costs broken down at PCC:

So it will cost you about $27,000 a year, living very frugally — they only count $1078 per month room and board, that will be very hard to find, that’s a cheap apt with a roommate and eating cheaply. If you intend to act, and I don’t know when you’d go on auditions between school and work, it would cost you quite a bit more. You’d have to go to acting class (all working actors do), have head shots (gotta be great, which cost $$), a good reliable car, spend lots of money on gas (auditions can be in Santa Monica, Pasadena or anywhere else across LA), good cell phone and plan, clothes, money for going out and networking.

LACC has an excellent professional acting program. You must audition to be accepted and it’s quite competitive. It is very difficult to work and be in this program, due to rehearsals, etc. It’s not a general education community college program, but LACC does have some great acting classes you can take if you’re doing general education there. You wouldn’t want to live nearby LACC, it’s not nice, but you can live about 1.5 miles up the street toward Los Feliz, a safer area, but it’s not cheap.

LACC Theatre Academy

Auditions are only for professionals who have training and agents. Open call or cattle call auditions are generally not for any substantial parts and often are just a publicity stunt to get the movie name out there, the parts are already basically cast. If you are serious about acting, learn the craft where you are now, and don’t move out here until you’re ready to compete with the actors we already have out here. Agents only want talented, experienced actors, because they can only properly handle a limited number and the actor makes them money, so they must choose those that are guaranteed to make them money. There are scam agents, and agents that seem legit, but what they do is to send actors on cattle calls they could have found themselves, and if you book a job, they still take their percentage even though they didn’t do anything to earn it. They also will send you to classes, for photos, etc that they receive a kickback from and will mostly likely not be very good. Learn who the legit agents are. You must be very careful!

You can’t count on making money as an actor. You need to belong to SAG (Screen Actors Guild) union to work at jobs that pay anything. It is difficult to join SAG, and you really can’t join until you’ve done a lot of mostly non-paying non-union work, like student films or small independent films. Because if you join SAG, and you have no experience, no one is going to hire you, but you can’t work on a lot of non-union jobs because you’re union. So you have to work for free to gain experience first. And lots of actors audition for non-paying student films, so it will take time to build a resume. Only 5 percent of SAG members make more than $75,000 a year from acting, and 2/3 of members make less than $1000 a year from acting. Most actors earn a living doing other things, like waiting tables, teaching acting classes, or if they’re highly educated, teaching at private schools (we have amazing theater arts programs at the private high schools in LA).

Good luck!

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