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March 22, 2012

Lizzie asks…

Moving to San Fran in jan ?

I need help finding a place to live in the area. Im looking for a cheap place yet nice and close by to the Bart system.
Im looking to rent a 1-2 bedroom place for $1300 or less but don’t want to be moving into a ghetto.
Im moving from NJ so im blind to the areas and need help apartment searching…. thank you.

Administrator answers:

There are different areas and each is known for a different type of ‘crowd’. Just a little 411 before you get there, no one calls it “San Fran”, we call it the “Bay” or “Bay Area”. It’s cold and foggy, and there are many tourists and everything is really expensive – be prepared for that but if you love culture and exploring it, nothing else will compare for you. High fashion and fast paced, with terrible parking.

If you find a place surrounded by more houses than apartments, you’re good to go! If you rent a room or sublet from someone, it will be more cost effective and you’ll be able to learn more about the town and the locals (and customs) quickly. It will also give you a chance to check things out and physically see the areas you could move to. You’d also make quick friends and get plugged in.

Or, you could find a place outside of the “city” and commute. A lot of people do that since the cost of living is higher in the city – so the pay is higher, but they live in the suburbs and the ‘valley’ (outside of the city) in a larger house, for cheaper, with more space and just commute during the week. You’re still up financially, but down timewise. Just a thought – Good luck!

Steven asks…

should i move to arizona?

i want to move to a place where it is almost always sunny, dry & where the sky is so clear i could see all stars almost everynight. Do u think arizona fits this? im living in nj and im tired of the people, the WEATHER, the traffic, the EXPENSE, the tiny living spaces (it costs almost $1000 for a crappy tight studio/1bedroom apt) i want to move someplace where their are girls my age (mid 20′s) and are loving and kind and where the sky just breeds beauty, the apts are cheap and big… ive been to texas and it was perfect, tons of girls, weather impeccable, nice big beautiful roads and space in the apartments with dishwasher, central a/c and even a freaking pool in the townhouse that you could use for free all for around $400/month but the laws are ridiculous. (wouldnt want to get caught up in any part of the system their. not even traffic) what do u think. is arizona place to move?

Administrator answers:

Make sure you have your citizenship papers if you move here, especially if you’re not really, really white.


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