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May 4, 2012

Sandy asks…

How do you know when you’re emotionally & financially ready for children?

I’m currently 22 years old (a little young i know) and i’ve been engaged for the last 2 years. My fiance is going to be 30 in April and he feels his “biological clock is ticking”. We joke on occasion that he’s going to be the 50 year old Dad but i can tell inside it really bothers him. I think we are both emotionally ready for a child but we both hesitate when it comes to our finances. We just recently moved back to my home town in southern NJ b/c the cost of living is a little cheaper and i was offered my old job making about $27,000 a year. We are currently renting a 2 bedroom apartment with 4 cats, I just don’t see this as an established place to raise a child. He is currently a tattoo artist and has some money saved up for us, but really we’re just living paycheck to paycheck with emergency funds. We both feel this isn’t nearly enough money to live comfortable when/if a baby arrives. So can only millionaires have babies? I don’t know how to become financially prepared!!
Plus, when having a child, i hope to become party time at my job rather than full time but the cost of health ins. in itself makes it difficult to cut my hours at my job, i just feel like i’ll never be able to have a child :( I’m still young i know, but i feel like by 24 i’d like to have a baby in the works and at this rate, i feel this is an impossible feat :(

Administrator answers:

Trust me you can never ever be prepared for children, My husband and I weren’t even close to be prepared. We still lived with both our parents, I was makingg $10 as a paddock supervisor and he was makin 13.00 as a mechanic. I had to quite my job when I was 7 months pregnant because it was too dangerous, and because I did that I didn’t get maternity leave. It was a stressful pregnancy my parents were telling me this wasn’t going to work and that he would leave me. We ended up moving in together, he got a better job ,enough to save up some for the baby. We stayed at that place for a year and i was saving all the baby bonus we got and then we moved to a new province a year later. He was offered a better job that 4 times the amount of money he was making before. We have a Condo now I’m pregnant again and we’re living fine. Everything comes together. If you can stay strong together, you’ll both be fine.

Linda asks…

What would you do in this situation? Please read.?

I am going to Brookdale CC in the Fall. I was going to move in with my Aunt, who lives in Newark, NJ, but her house is two hours from the school which is in Lincroft, NJ. So I need to find a a place closer. So what the deal is that every place is about $800-900 without utilities included. And my parents don’t want to pay that much because we have a huge house in TN and it is the same price they would pay for my 1 BR apartment. My parents were going to get me a roommate so it would be a lot cheaper but they are worried that if they don’t pay the rent that I will be out of house and home. But on the other hand I can live with my Aunt for free but my schedule would be all screwed up because I would have to travel two hours by train every day. I know that, that trip will probably be exhausting to do everyday. Has anyone else been in a similar problem? Or does anyone have any have any advise?
Thanks for any advise.

Administrator answers:

I would definitely live with my aunt and travel by train. Those 2 hours on the train would give you time to do your homework and study. It would be way cheaper and way safer than getting an apartment. I got my 1st apartment with my “best friend” and after only 3 months, she just up and left me with ALL the bills! That is just way too risky to take that chance with someone you don’t even know… Seriously, if I were you, I would either move in with the aunt or find a college close to home.

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