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October 21, 2012

Richard asks…

What is better place to live-NYC or LA? Better for transportation, cheaper, easier to find jobs, ect?

I´m planning on moving to either L.A or NYC but dont know which is more convenient in everyway. Which is better and more convenient for transportation? I´ve been around the NYC subways and know they have many forms of transportation but dont know how it is in L.A for public transportation …

I know that NYC is very expensive but dont know about L.A..what are the apartment costs(rent)? and food prices?…what about finding jobs, which city is easier to find a goob paying job? I want a job related to the arts..

Administrator answers:

L.A it is better than NYC. Transportation is about the same, both city’s are big. But you wont find the smell, the danger and the longer winter in L.A. Is more beautiful, people are more warm than NY and L.A is more beautiful. Is less expensive than NY. You have 5 lines of Metro service and is way more clean than NY.

I think you better try LA. Best thing to do if you can visit both places and see what you like best. I moved west last year and it was the best choice that I made sins long time. East is more stress more expansive and not as beautiful as the costal passific side of the US.

Chris asks…

Texas girl moving to NYC. Advice?

I’ll be finishing my undergrad next December, and will be moving to NYC with my boyfriend of 5 years to start grad school. I’m applying to NYU, and after talking with admissions and advisors at my current university as well as NYU, I’m virtually a shoe-in. I’m really excited, but it’s going to be a MAJOR change for me. I spent the first 18 years of my life in a tiny fishing town (population <9000) on the Texas coast, and have spent the last 4 in San Antonio. My mom lives in NYC and will be able to help with apartment hunting, helping me get situated, etc., but I’m still terrified. What are some things you think I should know? I’d love to hear anything from housing/cost of living/transportation tips to cheap/free things to do. Hell, I’ll even take advice on what to expect from people in NYC vs Texas, or weather!! Just excited and nervous about the move, and want to know more about my future home. Thanks for your help!

Administrator answers:

I live in Boston. Get ready to be freezing for half the year. A lot of people see movies and tv and they think it’s just a little chilly in fall and the winter snow is snow pretty. It’s not like that! Lol The fall, winter, and spring are all really cold from mid October to end of April, and snow is a giant pain in the A- it’s not the fun pretty stuff like tv.
The people on the north east are a lot more diverse and cultural than Texas, no offense. You will really enjoy meeting people of all ethnicities and personalities. And it will be awesome to have your boyfriend and your mom there to explore with you and not feel lonely. You’ll love it! And come visit Boston for sure!

William asks…

Moving from NYC to Ohio?

In a few months, I might be moving from NYC to Columbus, Ohio for college and renting an apartment there. Do you think this will be a good transition? I’ve been in NYC all my life, so I’m very used to city life. Are there fun things to do over there? How’s the shopping? How’s the weather? The rent and economy? Are there cheap places for me to take, lets say, dance classes? Is there snowboarding over there?
you don’t have to answer all of my questions, but just more info on ohio would be nice. I just want to see if the transition to ohio will be smooth, even if its just for four years.
btw, i will most likely be very homesick for a while

Administrator answers:

Wow are you in for a culture shock.

Mary asks…

how much money do i need to live in NYC?

i wanna move out to NYC, im 18 and i wanna move on my own,
how much money do i need to live in NYC (brooklyn, bronx, queens, whichever borough, i dont care)

anyways i mean for paying a apartment for one person, food for myself and clothes and stuff

will it be cheaper for me to move to bronx, brooklyn, queens, long island than manhattan ?

please help

Administrator answers:

Some parts of Brooklyn and Queens are the cheapest places. You’ll need a lot to get started. You should have some money saved up for rent and other expenses. Maybe you should visit here first and see if you like it?

Sandy asks…

where to live in NYC?

i am a young woman that is looking to buy an apartment in an artsy area due to my work, I’m coming from London and need an area that would be good for my line of work, but also cheap enough for me to live in. thanks. :)

Administrator answers:

Brooklyn. You won’t find a more proud, obnoxious borough in the city of New York lol. It’s very Italian proud, but there’s a lot of funky art there and stuff, or you could live in Chelsea, that has a lot of art galleries and stuff. Either way, your rent is gonna be high no matter what

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