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November 8, 2012

Linda asks…

Should I move back in with my parents or move into a new apartment?

In just about two months, I am going to be a 30-year old man and I have a problem and really need some advice. My place of work is moving in January 2013. That is a problem for me since I don’t have a car. I also am short on cash, so even if they were not moving, I am kinda going to be in a tough spot regardless. My lease for my current apartment is not going to be up until February and I am going to have to car-pool with a co-worker in the mean time who lives nearby when work moves and I’d have to kick in for gas money. And if I were to say – Stay at my current apartment or move back in with my parents, I’d have to spend the rest of my life depending on my co-worker to drive me, and I know that cannot be a permanent thing. I have to be independent. So….

Should I just live with my parents for a little while…as in longer then six months and take cabs to work or should I live with my parents for six months, save money, depend on co-workers to drive me to work, THEN move into another apartment that is close to the new location where I can walk to work from that point on?

There are pros and cons to both and I will name just a few below. (If you’d like to go ahead and skip the rest of this post, that is fine, but I thought I should add some of the pros and cons.)

Pros for living with my parents – I don’t have to worry about money – Can travel to places like England, NYC, Vegas, Amish Country, etc. I can also buy an awesome 3-D TV, and can buy pricey Halloween stuff since I love Halloween, etc.

The cons – I’m a grown man living with his parents. :) And essentially I would become a man-child.

As far as how I would have to get to work – Again, after bumming rides from co-workers for a while, I know I’d have to take a taxi and since money would know longer be a problem, it would be alright and I could just use my credit card to pay for it.

Pros to the apartment – After living with my parents for six months, I could save mony, and move out. The rent at the new apartment is a little cheaper then my current apartment, and the walk to my work would not be nearly as long as it currently is. I currently have to walk for thirty minutes to get to my job, but the new walk would only be roughly fifteen minutes and I could walk back and fourth during the day. i.e. During lunch. Whereas if I lived with my parents, I’d have to bring my lunch and stay at work all day, and never get to leave.

Cons – The apartment is faaaaar away from all my family and friends and I’d be all alone, which could be seen as a good and bad thing. i.e. I have to learn to depend on myself more and could build some character.

There are no grocery stores near-by though for me to walk to. I’d probably have to get a deep freezer and get together with family members, and go to the store once a month, and just stock up on stuff.

I also could not enjoy any “fun” stuff. All money would go towards rent and bills.

This is a tough choice, and I need to make the right one. It’s so symbolic that I am faced with this choice at the exact same time that I approach a new chapter in my life – My thirties, and it is also an election year which adds to the symbolism of it all. When I first moved out of my parents house almost four years ago, it was also election time.

In closing, I admit, I am not the man I wish I could be, but it is what it is and I have to work with what I have so if anyone can nicely tell me what they think I should do, it would help me a lot. :)

Administrator answers:

My main thought was that 6 months is not long at all and would go fast.

Maria asks…

London’s economy/cost of rent and transportation Compared to New York?

I’ve lived in NY for abt two and a half years now. My monthly card for transportation has gone from $89 a month to $104 a month and soon to be $109 a month. I currently rent a room because I can’t afford an apartment on my own. The cheapest a room for rent in NYC is about $500. I got a deal for $400 and it has gone up to $415 to $425 and soon to be $450 which would be hard for me since I’m a part-time worker and have other expenses.

I’ve wanted to move to London since beginning of 2011. But I’m doin my research before jumping on a plane there. Unfortunately the rising cost of living and transportation in NY is pushing me out sooner than later.

So any facts or advice from Londoners or ppl who knw both cities economys for sure?

Administrator answers:

Before you ‘jump on a plane’ you’ll need a visa.

James asks…

NYC questions *10 points for best answer* thanks.?

Okay soo…
- What is the cheapest borough of the city to live in in terms of apartment rent?
- The Financial district is where all the finance is but where do most people work?
- Is the garment district and around times square where not many people live but is the main tourist area and where most of the shops are?
- How long would it roughly take for somebody to get right from the south of the upper west side to the financial district by subway?
- and the last one is how long do you think it would roughly take to walk from the west to the east of the upper west side?
Thanks *10 points for best answer*

Administrator answers:

In regards to the cheapest borough to live in. That depends on how much you’re willing to spend and where you want to live. The Bronx is the cheapest, however, there are also some affordable neighborhoods in the Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island.

In regards to the Garment District. The District is closed to Times Square and however not too many people live in the area. In regards to shopping there are plenty of places to shop all over the city, specially in Times Square.

In regards to the subway. The trip from the Upper West Side to the Wall Street area will take about 20 to 30 minutes, depending on the subway route you take.

In regards to your last questions. Depending on your pace, it would take about 30 to 45 minutes to get from the East Side to the West Side of Manhattan on foot. If you take the crosstown bus the travel time will be less.

I hope this information is very helpful.

Good luck

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