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November 20, 2012

Susan asks…

I received a lease renewal form(RTP-8)from landlord but we never had an original lease. Is this “lease” valid?

I’ve been living in the same apartment in NYC for over 20 years. When i first arrived here, we never had any lease. The rent was cheap (because the whole place was falling apart) and stable since 2006 when my landlord gave me a lease renewal form (RTP-8), which it states that “this renewal lease is based on the same terms and condition as your expiring lease”. It doesn’t make sense because we never had any prior lease. Also, on this renewal lease form, there isn’t much stuff about any guidance when and what happens if either party breaks the lease. So based on the facts above, would this lease be invalid?

I have been thinking of moving out but I’m currently in 5 of 24 months to the “lease” i’ve signed on the (RTP-8) form. If i happened to move out before this period ends, would I be liable for early termination?

Administrator answers:

Yes. It is valid and must sign or he can ask you to leave within 60days.

David asks…

Chepa living in the state of New York?!?

Hello! I am studying fashion design and me and my boyfriend want to move to New York in about 3 years or so. The ony problem is, we do not know how much it is to live over there! My question is WHERE IN NEW YORK STATE can we find a 1 bedroom apartment for a couple that is cheap?! I was thinking Brooklyn?! Since is kind of cheap and close to new York city?! (since I would like to be traveling to NYC for my job)…. What do you recommend?! Right now cheap for us is 600 a month plus utilities! And that is in new mexico

Administrator answers:

Okay, first, NONE of NYC is cheap. Just to start off. 600 a month for a 1 bedroom in Brooklyn- Wait scratch that you would MAYBE get a 300 sq ft studio in a very bad area far away from Manhattan. Also, Brooklyn is in New York City. There are five “boroughs”. Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx and Staten Island are more suburban, and Manhattan is where things like Times Square, Empire State Building, and Central Park are.

If you want something for 600, move to central NJ, or Eastern Nassau County, LI.

I HIGHLY doubt that would happen in NYC.

You can also look in Rockland County, NY, which is about 40 – 45 minutes from NYC.

Hope this helped!!! (:

Mary asks…

Cost of transportation in Santa Clara/San Francisco area?

Hi there,

I’m looking at going to college either in New York City or near San Francisco. I’ve got schools pinned down, that’s not the issue. In terms of tuition, going to SF will save me 10,000$ over the course of college, so that’s obviously a very attractive option. Even rents are somewhat cheaper.

The big question is transportation. In NYC I can pretty much handle everything with public transportation and it costs me something like 100$ per month. Near SF I was looking at costs of below 80$ per month. But looking at apartments near Santa Clara and San Francisco, I’d often get public transit times of an hour or even two and a half hours. Sure, some of them were closer but it looks somewhat likely that I’d have to get a car if I came to California.

I don’t have a driver’s license, I’ve never taken lessons. How much (on average) would it cost in California for me to take driving lessons, take the test, get my license? And after that, how much would it cost to get a cheap but serviceable car, and then drive that for four years, including average gas cost, average maintenance costs, whatever additional costs there are I’m not aware of? Any other input on the whole issue of public transportation in the San Francisco bay area, especially San Francisco and Santa Clara?

Many thanks in advance.
Due to popular demand:

I’m 20. And honestly, I’m just looking for estimates, average costs. I’ve done a fair bit of googling myself but haven’t been able to find good answers. I hope people who live in the area might be able to throw out some ballpark numbers. Averages, estimates, like I said. If the answer is that there are no averages to be had (because they vary so wildly, for example) then that’s the end of that and I’ll be thankful for your trouble.

Administrator answers:

So you want us to:
Look up driving schools and their cost
Find how much it costs to get your license
Look up the cost of a used car
Determine maintenance costs of a used car over a specific amount of time
Predict the cost of gas

Even if someone had to time and inclination to do all that for you, you provided no information on which to base the answers, such as your age, what do you consider cheap, how do you drive, what distances, etc. Etc.

Carol asks…

Cheapest areas of Florida to rent an apartment?

I am a 19 year old female, pregnant and currently living in NYC. I have a few friends scattered in different areas of Florida but they are no help. I plan to move down there, by myself. I just want to know which areas are cheapest for rent. I am considering daytona. Is this a good area? Is this a cheap area? A good area to have my baby? Good doctors around and stores around so I can buy supplies? And what is the average rent for a good sized one bedroom? living in NYC I live in a small one bedroom and pay $1000 a month, too expensive!

Administrator answers:

I as well live in New York (long island) and it is way too expensive. Im originally from florida and im trying to get my gf to move down there lol. I dont much about daytona and if its expensive or not but im from Jacksonville and rent there is very cheap! My gf and I were looking at apartments there the other night and we found a 2 bedroom 2 bath 3 block from the beach for $775. Jacksonville isnt very “touristy” so to speak so there’s not a whole lot to do, but you have the beaches and all the normal stores like target and all that. They also have a very nice outside mall called the Towncenter. I would deff look into jacksonville (not the west side) thats a bad area but anywhere by the beaches and arlington are good areas. My friend lives in a one bedroom one bath down there and he pays 560 so deff look into it. Its about an hour away from Daytona. Id imagine daytona to be a little more expensive than jacksonville mainly because its more of an attraction place (daytona 500) and stuff like that but again, i dont know much about Daytona. Goodluck and hope this helps!!

Mandy asks…

Any good advice on moving to New York? Where are the safest and cheapest places to live? Read Below?

Hi My name is Leo and I am really considering moving to NYC after school I will be working in the Journalism field(which starting out I won’t make that much money) and I just needed some advice on what part of NYC to look for apartments. I have some questions below and I hope you can answer them the best way possible.

1. How much money do I need to save and can you offer any honest advice you New Yorkers can give me because I know how honest you guys are and I love that about you.

2. How is the nightlife different in New York than in any Cities?

3. Could you tell me what neighborhoods should I stay away from when looking for apartments?

4. Can find a good apartment under 1500 dollars in the city?

5. Why do or did you continue to live in New York City?
Thanks Leo

Administrator answers:

I grew up in NYC. Here it goes:

You’re going to need a lot of money to be comfortable in NYC. Yes – you will NOT need a car but that doesn’t mean life will be cheap. Rents are high here and a decent cup of coffee will cost you almost $3. Most people need a salary of about $70k to live comfortably – (comfortable means nice neighborhood, no roomates).

Winter is very cold here and it can be dark and lonely if you are new in town this time of year. Meeting people may be difficult at first. New Yorkers are a skeptical bunch and not as outgoing as people in other places (I don’t know where you are from). It may be hard to meet people at first but you will make loyal, life long friends here (unless you are a complete jerk). Dating in NYC is rough as well. Women are very tough and guarded and the men are just out for sex. Can’t give an opinion in nightlife since I don’t really club.

When looking for apartments avoid:
Staten Island (too far of a commute)
The Bronx (it’s the Bronx – need I say more)
In Manhattan – parts of Washington Heights and Harlem are still rough.
In Brooklyn – avoid Brownsville, Crowne Heights, Bedford-Stuyvansant, Bushwick, East New York, Coney Island.
In Queens – avoid Corona, Jamaica, Far Rockaway

Good areas to look in are:
Manhattan – (most of it is fine)
Queens – try Astoria, Kew Gardens, Forest Hills, Flushing, Bayside
Brooklyn – try Williamsburg, Downtown Brooklyn, Midwood Sheepshead Bay, Park Slope, Brighton Beach

To get an idea of apartments, try this site:

All that being said, if you are prepared and take the city for what it is, you will have a very positive experience. The culture here is rich and there will always be activities for you to do if you want to do them. Give it a try and see what happens. If you hate it here, you can always leave. You’re never stuck anywhere you don’t want to be.

Ruth asks…

Moving to New York for college?

Hi, I have a question that I guess im making a lot more complicated than it really is, but I would really love to know at least you’re opinions/facts, and also, maybe because I just suck balls at statistics and math in general.

I’m going to be a senior soon, and I’m planning to move to NYC for nursing school – that is, after basics. I figure I’ll do 2 years here in a community college and save up money from this year till I eventually do move there. The thing is, though, we’re tight on money, and my parents are being very helpful but are being realist in that they probably won’t be able to support me more than they used to have been able to (we’re actually FROM New York; from Westchester. We just moved down here to Texas last August).

I have met a very close friend here, who has basically become my sister, and she’s planned to go there too (she’s hoping for FIT). We figure that we get an apartment in Manhattan and be roomies while in college. She is a little bit more free to do anything she wants because she is an only child. And so, we’re looking for jobs soon, and most of the money we make will be put in a fund for college/apartments/etc. We are both going to a community college that is cheap (and has a good reputation nevertheless) to save more money than a regular college, and continue to work and save the money to our fund.

I was just really wondering if you New Yorkers (or specifically, those who live in Manhattan?) think that with what we’re ‘planning’, might actually work? I know that it seems ridiculous that we’re planning this NOW, but we really are serious about this. I tend to be a very stoic person, lol. Any opinions/advice? About Manhattan itself as a selected borough (I know its expensive..), and everything else. Thank you in advance! :)

Administrator answers:

It will work if you have enough money.

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