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November 21, 2012

Sandy asks…

NYU students, please answer! I also have questions about college in general.?

Ok so I absolutely love New York City and New York University. Even if you don’t go to NYU, keep reading because you might be able to help me too! NYU is where I want to go to college. I am currently living in Florida and as soon as I graduate high school I want to get out of here. I am currently in 10th grade and I have pretty good grades. All A’s and a few B’s here and there. I want to be an actress, but I might want to major in history instead of theatre. I haven’t fully decided yet. But for my acting, New York seems like the perfect place for me. So i have a few questions i would like answers to. So here it goes.
What is the average yearly tuition?
What is the average cost of living in NYC?
Do you recommend living in an apartment or on campus? Which is cheaper?
What opportunities are their for scholarships for me?
If you go to NYU, tell me what you like or dislike about it. Tell me how you got there and how hard the journey was.
What types of things do they look for, as far as qualifications go, to get into NYU?

any other things you think i should know would be great! Thank you so much for your time. Also, please don’t leave anything negative, like telling me it will be impossible for me to get in. I don’t believe in no-win scenarios so I will simply disregard the statement. You can tell me how hard it will be, but don’t be a downer, ok? This is my dream. Any encouraging statements are welcome! Any other advice is welcome as well. Thank you do much for your time. :D

Administrator answers:

You can get the tuition from the web site.

The cost of living in NYC is very high and dorming is your lowest cost option.

Look on for an idea of rents in Manhattan.

Richard asks…

Queens or Brooklyn? Which is safer, cheaper and place’s with close commutes to Manhattan.?

I’m asking this question for something so that’s why I’m not talking in 1st person.

Two children going to school near the U.W.S in Manhattan but which area would be cheaper to move to. She doesn’t live in NYC yet but she is looking for like a 2 bedroom apartment. Obviously safe area because she has two kids but as cheap as she could get on her limit.
She has been looking into the Williamsburg area in Brooklyn but she’s not sure still. She works in fashion even though she earns an alright salary its like not massive.
So yeah I don’t know what else to say on her part but that.

Administrator answers:

If they are going to school uptown, then she would be better off in Queens which is closer to that area. Some decent areas of Queens worth checking out are Long Island City, Astoria, Suunyside, Rego Park, Forest Hills, Kew Gardens and some other areas of Flushing. Two bedrooms are at least $1500 (and up), depending on the area, but consider that she could barely get a studio in Manhattan for that price and it’s only a 15-20 minute subway ride from Queens. She may be able to find something cheaper in a private home as opposed to a building. Rents obviously get higher the closer you are to the subway and the nicer the area.

Michael asks…

Is there something wrong with me? Why i dislike it where i live so much?

I live in a beautiful area by the beach with my nice mom. With NYC an hour away. I am going to college for hardly anything bc of all the financial aid. I get to drive the car and go out whenever i want. I have a job and friends who i like i guess. However, some people here are rude and ignore you for no reason, theres always something inside me that’s always angry and upset. I sometimes cry myself to sleep because i don’t like being here. I have no clue why! When my mom and i took a trip out of state in a small city we felt so happy. I loved it! most of the time i stayed at the hotel. But even doing nothing i was the happiest person. Yeah i missed people, but i was just so thrilled. I am looking into colleges and apartments out of state hours and hours many miles away. However, everything is so expensive. In order to leave the only way i can is to take out loans that i am going to have to pay back for a very long time. Why am i doing this to myself? I just cannot be happy here. But i am nervous taking out that many loans just to get away, what if i don’t like it? I feel so happy even if i just think about moving away, and i have no clue why. I want to move away so badly, a % of me is scared about the money issue. What would you do? Stay and let things be cheap but be miserable. Or leave, having to work so hard in order to pay back loans, but be truly happy. And where would you leave to? Any particular state? Thanks for any advice.

Administrator answers:

Girl time to spread your wings and fly on your own . Time to reach out and move on to the beautiful woman you are meant to be .

David asks…

Can I live in Brooklyn for $2000 a month?

If I make $2000 a month can I afford to live in Brooklyn?

I keep seeing people say you can barely survive in new york on a 45,000 salary, seriously? I guess you can’t survive on this salary if you are very high maintenance.

I’ve seen apartments that can cost as low as $1,100 (with utilities included) which is very affordable for someone pulling in near $2000 a month. I spend about $160 a month on grocery, $60 on lights, $40 on food, $20-$40 on transportation and $40 a month on my phone bill and the rest I just throw into savings.

I don’t drink, smoke, party, go out to eat or go out much at all and when and if I do go out it would cheap deals like on discount days at the museum. So I don’t have to worry about money consuming vices. I also don’t eat much and I don’t eat any meat or dairy so food shopping is very easy for me. I am a frugal person with a good handle on money so it would not be hard to manage,.

So why does everyone say you have to make $80,000 plus just to live in NYC?

I am moving to Brooklyn regardless. I can’t see how I can’t make it on $2000 a month, am I missing something?
I didn’t mean $40 on food, I meant $40 a week on food which comes to about $160 a month. I never eat out and I don’t eat much.

Administrator answers:

You can definitely live on $2000 a month in Brooklyn, especially if you live with roommates and share expenses. But I agree with the other answerers – it will be tight. Your transportation costs, bills and food will be much higher than you are predicting.

I live in Greenwood Heights, Brooklyn. Studio apartments in my neighborhood start at around $1150, and I’m sharing a two-bedroom place for $725 a person. It’s is not too far from a vegetarian-friendly grocery store and the express train to Manhattan, so it’s a good place for me to live, but it’s not what most people would consider a “desirable location.” Apartments get a lot more expensive as you get closer to Manhattan, so while $1450 gets us a modest-sized two-bedroom apartment in Greenwood Heights, it might only get you a small studio in Williamsburg or Park Slope.

My monthly costs are quite a bit higher than you predict for yourself, and I think we live similar lifestyles after you factor out my love for the drink. We keep things to a minimum at our place (no cable) and still pay between $50 and $60 a month each in bills. You’ll pay twice that if you live alone. Transportation costs will be *much* higher than you’re predicting, and I highly recommend getting a monthly Metrocard ($104) and sticking to the public transit, since owning a car can become too much.

In terms of food, I almost believe you when you say you only spend $40 a week in food, but I can’t imagine it will last. Once you’re in the stream of New York City life, you’ll find less and less time to cook, and once you’ve broken the take-out seal, it’s going to be hard to go back to cooking every night. You should prepare to spend at least $100 a week in food, on lean week, even if you’re cooking most of your meals.

All of those basic expenses come to about $1400 a month with a roommate, and would be closer to $1800 if you live alone. I’m believing you when you say you don’t go out and don’t drink, but if you do, you’re looking at at least $200 a month on top of that. So you’ll be fine, but it will be tight, and probably won’t work if you don’t find a roommate. Subletting a room while you get your feet on the ground might be the best way to start.

Side note: Be careful during your apartment search; $1100 apartments are not unheard of, but they’re rare. There are a lot of shady cats working as real estate brokers in New York City, and those less-expensive apartment listings are frequently the bait in a bait-and-switch scenario. They’ll get you to meet them and once you’re on their turf they’ll tell you they “just rented” the apartment they listed. They’ll ask you if you want to see other apartments, but those will not be as nice as the picture in the ad, or will be more expensive. If you want to avoid that headache, your best bet is finding someone who is happy with their apartment and asking them how they got it, or paying for an honest broker (yes they exist.)

George asks…

Moving to New York City, would really like some insight…?

Okay so im going to nyc soon and goodness the cost of living is high! I need to know where the affordable (like 600 and under) apartments are… if there are any. Im from the south and im going there for school. Doesnt have to be a great neighborhood… But Ive already registered for classes there so I really need to get this figured out! I hear aparts. near Laguardia airport are cheap… My school is in Brooklyn so if there are any there that would be great. But really anywhere would be fantastic! The city they’re in and the name if you know it would be SO helpful. Thanks ya’ll!

Administrator answers:


NYC is VERY expensive, but you actually can find a ROOM for $500 – $600 in Brooklyn if you look hard. You will HAVE to share the apartment with someone else, maybe even two or three other people, but you can get your own bedroom in your price range.

You’ll want to look at the Sunset Park area of Brooklyn. There are a few other neighborhoods in Brooklyn where you can find a room for $500 – $700 as well.

What you should do is check out CraigsList. Go to the “shared rooms” section, enter your price range, put Brooklyn as the neighborhood and search. Contact those who come up and look good for a viewing.

I know you can find a place because I had a friend renting out her smallest bedroom in Sunset Park Brooklyn for $550 per month. Yes it was small, but it was actually a very decent place and they even had a back yard to BBQ in.

I hope this helps a bit.

Make sure you SELL YOUR CAR before you move to the city. You WILL NOT NEED IT and it is a real pain to park, etc. In the city. All new people make the mistake of bringing their car with them when they move to the city from the south.

Good luck and feel free to email me if you have more questions.

Linda asks…

If I decide to move to New York City, How should I get the apartment ready I’ve requested at

Do Craiglist have cheap NYC apartments 1br-2br $600-$989 a month? cause that’s what I’m looking for. I can’t afford to pay $1,000-$4,000 on an apartment unless you can help me and how can I afford it.

Administrator answers:

Um… Sorry to burst your bubble, but you’re not going to find anything for that amount. Parking Spaces are renting for $600 a month in Manhattan.

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