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November 24, 2012

Charles asks…

In tokyo how much does an apartment cost in american dollars per month?

I want to know what the average apartment would run me, because I plan to go there to study, etc. Also, is It like the horror stories I’ve heard of all japanese hating foriegners? I live in N.Y.C now, and I’d just like to know what it’s like in tokyo before I go there. Thanks!

Administrator answers:

Student apartments are probably $400 to $1,000 per month. There are other variables. You might need to pay a deposit of one to six months rent. This is normally returned after you move out. You might have to pay one or two months rent as “key money.” This is money that goes to the ladlord and is not returned. You might need a guarantor, someone who promises to pay your rent if you don’t pay. Guarantors must be locals. There are companies that will act as your guarantor, for a fee.
Or,. You might not need any of this. Often student housing is cheap and there’s no expectation of any up-front fees. Check the internet. You might want to reserve something in advance of your arrival.
Most japanese are tolerant of foreigners. If you’re nice, most of them will be too. They are generally curious and polite. They like “new and different.” Even though there are lots of foreigners in Japan, especially Tokyo, you will still be new and different. So there will be some initial interest in you. After a while you’ll just be that guy from America.
I’ve only encountered on unpleasant person and even that was subtle. It was an older woman who was obviously allive during World d War II. She never said anything but did give me a nasty look and move away from me on a train. My assumption is that she had bad memories and disliked Americans. Of course, this was all a guess.
Tokyo is crowded, even by NYC standards. It is safer and runs qjuite efficiently. The weather is similar to NYC, hot and humid in summer (their rainy season) and cold, even snowy in winter.
Take advantage of the festivals and outdoor activities. I list a good online source for that info, as well as general news and info below. It’s the online version of a newspaper published for foreigners.
Have fun and bring a camera.

Joseph asks…

Why is everything so cheap on the east coast?

I am planning on going to college on the east coast, so i was looking for an apartment and i thought i wasn’t going to be able to afford one, i thought they were going to be really expensive just like the ones in CA, but they are not that expensive. why?

Administrator answers:

Except for NYC, all real estate is cheaper than it is in California. And why? Because you people are willing to pay ridiculous sums for a place to live.

George asks…

I’m a MIT student and need a decent high rise apartment in Kendal Square. How much will rent cost per/month?

I’ll be moving in September from NYC and I see a lot of variable prices. Any suggestions for reliable realtors that I can contact or rough estimates of what I should expect to pay? Is $2000/month enough?

Administrator answers:

Cambridge high rise prices vary greatly depending on which area, that’s probably why you’re seeing different prices on craigslist if that’s where you’re searching. I lived in Central Square (10 mins away) in a high rise and my girlfriend and I spent $2425 per month before the bad economy. When our lease was up, they offered to actually reduce our rent because their vacancy had risen so much, but we still moved out. They offered $2350. Basically, I think $2,000 is a tad low for something nice, maybe around $2200. I think ultimately you should go into it deciding exactly what you NEED vs. What you WANT. Sure we had a great place, but we were certainly paying for it! Boston & Cambridge are not cheap areas ;)

Nancy asks…

Is renting an apartment/studio in NYC instead of a hotel worth it?


two of my friends and I are planning on making a trip to NYC, just for a couple of days (3 nights more precisely). We compared prices between hotels and renting a studio/apartment and it seems as though the latter option is less expensive. Do you think there might be hidden fees? And also, is it worth it if it is just for 3 nights? Or should we go with the more “traditional” option and book a hotel room even though it is more expensive?

Thank you

Administrator answers:

For just 3 nights, I would suggest a hotel. You want to make a short visit count and not have potential complications. Not only is it now illegal, but three friends in a studio won’t get the benefit of space (the average studio apartment in NYC is tiny) and you’re probably not going to waste time cooking meals for such a short stay, so the kitchen isn’t much of an advantage and there’s always a chance that the place will be misrepresented or smell, have bugs (or worse) or not even exist. Places like Craigslist are crawling with scammers who collect deposits and then you show up and the address they gave you is it’s someone else’s apartment or not an apartment at all. Seriously, stick with a hotel unless you book a hotel apartment through a legitimate company and that won’t be cheap (many hotels have apartment style accommodations). This link will help narrow your search:

Jenny asks…

What is the best antennae for a basement NYC apartment?

I recently canceled my cable, and have an analog TV and a digital converter box. I am looking for a small outdoor antennae that is suitable for my small basement New York City apartment. I would like one that I can run out under the back door. All the ones I have seen need to be attached to a building, which is out of the question for me.
Has anyone had any experience as a city dweller trying to get a signal?
Can you recommend a brand?

Administrator answers:

I use the ClearStream 2 antenna. I have it hanging on the inside wall of my living room of my condo. I also have a db2 hanging on my wall in my bedroom.

I hang them like picture frames using a plastic tie wrap. It does not look good but it works.

Info on the antennas

you can buy thses cheaper on amazon.

Maria asks…

What time of year and where is the best place to stay in New York City?

We’re planning a trip to NYC and wanted to get tips on time of year, place to stay, flights and any other tips you can give. This is only my 2nd time going and very unfamiliar with everything.

Administrator answers:

Hey there!

I often use Priceline to book my hotels and I get an excellent rate. I often book VERY safe 4 star hotels in Midtown Manhattan, right in the center of the city for $80 per night.

There is a website which explains all about how to book through Priceline’s “Name your own price” program. You may want to check it out and follow the instructions to get the very best deal. If you want a cheap, safe hotel the best way to go is with Priceline’s name your own price program.

The site with the instructions is:

Look under the “Save BIG on Hotels” section. You can also book flights for a discount.

If you want to sublet someone’s apartment, you can usually do that as well for anything between $80 – 500 per night depending on what you are looking for. I have sublet my apartment a number of times while out of town. You may have to pay a deposit up front for that, though. The same site about has a section on subletting as well.

Email me if you have any specific questions.

Good luck and have fun!

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