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November 28, 2012

Richard asks…

Where do I find a small cheap house outside New York City?

I want to move outside the city. We do not need to be commutable to jobs since we are disabled. I’m looking to spend 70-80K on a 2-3 bed room house in an area with a small city. Living in NYC apts is too expensive. I don’t want to be more than 3 hours from NYC.

Administrator answers:

You wont find anything like that ANYWHERE in the northeast, never mind in a new york suburb. The cheapest houses on long island, for example, are in hempstead and roosevelt, two bad neighborhoods, and even the lowest priced homes cost more than 200k.

Just to put what you asked in perspective, buying your own trailer and livin in a trailer park would cost you about 90k initialy. So 70k is completely unrealistic.

You might be able to find a 70k co-op or apartment, but you will have to travel pretty far away to get it for 70k….. A 1 bedroom apartment in a so-so neighborhood 45 mins from the city costs 120k.

Laura asks…

I am Jer and I want to stay in new york in July 30 can i have a cheap board and lodging?

I will arrived in NYC on July 30, 2006. I want to meet friends who are true, honest and sincere. I will stay there for a couple of months. I can shoulder my personal expenses during my stay.

Administrator answers:

If you are looking for accomodations… Check out,

Click New York, and then click on Apartments for Rent.
You can search all boroughs of New York City, browse based on price, number of rooms, and number of roommates. It’s probably the best way to find accomodations that will meet your needs.

John asks…

How much for 2 bedroom apartment in NYC?

An estimate price of a decent sized, 2-bedroom apartment in Manhattan?
Location: Anywhere in NYC

Deffinatly need an elevator, not bother about how many floors the building has.

Im willing to pay for a decent sized 2 bedroom apt, not a cramped compact box.. prices based on that information?

Administrator answers:

Most apt, will run you 1500 and up depends where you go, Bronx is cheaper than Manhattan so is Brooklyn, here is a link so you could get an idea of how much it is

George asks…

Can college students afford an off-campus apartment in nyc?

I want to go to college in nyc but i really don’t want to live on campus with a roommate, or in any sort of dorm. do you know if there are any affordable apartments for one person? I have heard of people doing this before. how could i afford it? I want to go to a really big university and I plan on going into journalism by the way.

Administrator answers:

If you want to live IN Manhattan–near NYU–you probably won’t be able to afford it. The housing market is doing terribly, but that’s really more for people who are buying.
You could possible find a loft for $1,000 a month if you’re lucky. Best bet is to get a roommate and split it. I subletted this summer a 500 sq foot (small!) apartment, 1 bedroom, midtown, for $2400 a month, and I was lucky to have found that.
It makes sense to think to look in one of the boroughs…problem with that is that everyone else has had the exact same idea.
If you want to live in a sketchier area, you’ll find something cheaper. Washington Heights, Harlem, right on the border or Columbia (which is on the border of Harlem), etc. But the areas I just mentioned are quite far from NYU–maybe a 30 minute Subway ride if there are no delays.
Short answer: Unless you have some little fund tucked away, you will be hard-pressed to afford it.

Michael asks…

How can I save enough money to move to New Zealand?

So I am seriously thinking about moving to New Zealand for 4+ years to attend university.Obviously,it will be very expensive.Schooling itself is enough to put my in debt for years,but besides that I am worried about the other expenses.I am planning on renting a flat or small house with another person.About how much will this cost?What are other expenses to think about?What are the daily costs like compared to NYC(where I live now)?

Administrator answers:

NZ has quite an expensive lifestyle. I lived in a really small, crammed, and “dirty” apartment and paid about NZ$800 for a month’s rent, which was equivalent to 600 during my stay. I would put in about $100 towards food a week, which is rather ridiculous but you have no choice. You will find yourself cooking often to save money. For example, a block of cheese will cost you about $15 whereas in the US I pay about $2.
Electricity and internet will also be an expense if you aren’t doing university provided housing.
If you are staying for 4 years, you might want to get a car. But once again, gas is really overpriced, especially since you are paying by the liter rather than gallon. It was about $2-3 a liter when I lived there. Also, parking is difficult to find (at least in Auckland) so you will be paying parking fees. I just took the bus everywhere, but that also was pricey. I would go visit friends and family and easily paid $10-16 for each roundtrip.
Also, since you will be living in one of the most beautiful countries in the world, you will have a big travel expense. Take advantage of the many coupon/deal websites as well as bus passes (if you buy early enough, you can get $1 seats!). I got to bungee jump, hanglide, etc for much cheaper than if I didn’t use daily deals. Use JetStar for your flights too, they are cheap.

Nancy asks…

What is an affordable and safe place to stay in NYC?

I am taking my 2 daughters to NYC in June. We are looking for the “cheapest” place to stay in a safe neighborhood.

Administrator answers:

I think most Hostels accept children, as long as they are accompanied by a parent. Hostels are cheap hotels for world travelers. will pull up hostels and you can also view hotels. is a GREAT site for renting peoples apartments for the weekend/week. That is great because it’s more homey and usually they are a lot cheaper than a hotel.
Regarding safe neighborhoods…Manhattan is pretty much safe all over now as long as you stay below 110th Street. South Brooklyn is very safe and close to Manhattan as well (Williamsburg, Park Slope, Cobble Hill, Brooklyn Heights). The days of old scary NYC are gone and it’s all pretty sanitized and family friendly now.
I would try Good luck and have fun!!

Mary asks…

What is the average living expense for NYC?

I am a single male, looking to move to NYC, either brooklyn, queens, or (my favorite,) manhattan. I know manhattan doesn’t come cheap, but how much is brooklyn? I am looking for a one bedroom apartment. Thanks!

Administrator answers:

You can find a one bedroom in some areas for as low as 950.00 a month, but be careful, it’s better to get in a great area, spend more and cut down somewhere else.
Check out craigslist new york for rental, and you will get an idea of different areas and the cost.
Remember travel time adds up quickly here, and parking is VERY costly.
In Manhattan you would be looking at a minimum of 2,000 for anything safe! And chances are that would be a studio apt.
It’s worth it…love NYC

Thomas asks…

What is the best area to set Tent home around New york ,LA for free ?

i will be arrived in US. and have great interest in staying in this 2 cities. but i dont have too much money to afford the cost of house and apartment . i do want to buy a $400-$500 tent for my self , easier to carry . my daily life would be working as a part time job. but i am not sure this life style is ok or not.
the factors of my consideration would be legal issue, reguations, theft, tax collectors, police or gang robbers.

Administrator answers:

I don’t think setting up a 500$ tent anywhere near LA or NYC is a good idea because of the high rate of crime, if you did it out of the city limits away from people then that would be a different story, but you would need to have a way to get into the city for work.

I don’t think its legal to “Live” in a tent because you wont be able to pay taxes without a legal residence and PO box, I would say keep saving up money to live in a cheap motel or apartment.
Good luck and hope this was helpful.

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