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December 7, 2012

Linda asks…

What are some affordable universities in New York City?

I want to attend a 4 year university that is cheaper and affordable to get a Bachelor’s degree in Animal science, biology, wildlife management but I would like to know an affordable university in New York City that I can study all that.

Administrator answers:

All NYC schools are expensive. For example, NYU is about $25,000 per year for undergraduate tuition. Compare that to Eastern New Mexico University, where it cost about $8,000 per year for tuition. Also, in New Mexico, in-state residents benefit from the lottery scholarship, which covers all tuition and books. Finally, the cost of living (apartment) is much cheaper there.

Lisa asks…

How do I start selling my paintings?

I live in NYC and I feel I should start selling my paintings…. but I am very modest and shy about it. I paint them and keep them in my apartment. people always rave about them and ask why I am not selling — but I feel weird about it. I know I should … but I don’t know where to begin (?). Also, how much should I charge for an original painting on canvas?

Administrator answers:

Have someone who really likes your work take one or two paintings to a new trendy restaurant or boutique and ask if you can hang them in their place. Don’t put prices on them, but be sure the owner has a bunch of your business cards around, so they can give one out if and when the public asks about them, or comments on them. Make sure the establishment is on the same side as your subject matter, i.e: don’t ask to put up Italian landscapes in a Chinese restaurant, modern art at a homebaked goodies bakery. If you hang them yourselves, be very careful that they are up solid. I had my drawings up in a restaurant in Tucson and through their faulty hanging, one fell and cut open a customers head. I didn’t hang them, so I wasn’t responsible. In regards to pricing, go to galleries and see what is the going rate, or wait until you see the customer and size them up, it’s also good to figure in what circles the buyer is in, you’d like a lot of exposure, then as they start selling well, you can up your price, but don’t sell too cheap, or prostitute your work by selling everything for $15.00.
Good Luck!

David asks…

Do you have advices to find an apartment to rent in NYC?

I’m a french student, who is going to NYC in january to study in St johns University. I would like to know if you have any advices to give me in order to find a not to expesinve apartment within Manhanttan.

Administrator answers:

You’re better off living on campus. You could try finding a roomate service, but it’s still going to be expensive. You could also live outside of nyc in port chester, croton, fordham or some other places and take the train in everyday. But “a cheap aparment in manhattan” is a paradox

Michael asks…

Does anyone know the cheapest way of shipping for a house move from Perth, Australia to the United Kingdom?

I am thinking of sending a motorbike, 15 tea chests etc. What and who are the cheapest – is it worth hiring a mini container?

Administrator answers:

You’ll end up paying for a mini-container anyway as that’s how they ship. When I shipped from the US to Sydney, I pretty much filled a mini with most of what was in my 2 bedroom apartment in NYC. I used Kent movers but also Crown is competitive – they both have international agents in the US and UK. It wasn’t cheap – almost A$15k with insurance…good luck

Lizzie asks…

Which college is the easiest to get into and the cheapest in NYC?

Is it easier to live on campus or to share an apartment and commute to the city?
MaryMount Manhattan College
Hunter College
and City College Of New York?

Administrator answers:

Hunter is cheapest

Chris asks…

Where is the best place for an NYU summer student of film to live?

I’m taking a film and video production class at Tisch and I can’t decide if I should stay in a traditional dorm or apartment. I’m between Third Avenue North (because of the sheer amount of amenities in the building) and Goddard (so close to Tisch and the website says it’s right near SoHo, Greenwich and East Village). Thanks for your advice!

Administrator answers:

My daughter stayed at third north her first year at Tisch as a dance major and loved it. True third north is close to the dance studios. Goddard has no airconditioning and is hot as blazes when you get to the end of the school year. You will find that you will be all over the place for other core classes so pick the dorm you like best. Nothing is all that far from where you take class. Goddard is way cheaper though if that is a factor. Keep in mind the noise level in regards to study and sleep if you are too close to Washington Square Park. NYC is the city that never sleeps and stuff goes on all night long. Soho is so noisy at night. Third north is actually in the east village.

Steven asks…

How to find cheap apts for rent in NYC and nearby area?

well, i’m going to be at all kinda new in nyc, i haven’t ever been there though, i decided to move there. I know, that’s definetely risky, but that’s my dream since i was a child. so, how is it able to find there cheap apts? Thanks.

Administrator answers:

Why move to a place that you’ve never even visited and probably can’t afford? NYC is one of the most expensive places to live in the US. We all have dreams, my friend, but “cheap” is not in NYC’s vocabulary. Your only chance at anything affordable would be a basement apartment in someone’s house in one of the outer boroughs or a roommate/share. Also, rent shouldn’t be your only concern. The cost of living in general is very high. Everything from a loaf of bread to a pack of smokes is expensive compared to everywhere else.

Charles asks…

What’s the best neighborhood to live in in New York City?

Let’s say you are in your mid 20′s, single, like to go out to bars (not so much clubs) and make 50K or so (which isnt a ton in NYC I guess). Not crazy about having a ton of commotion around, which makes Brooklyn seem more appealing than Manhattan. Carroll Gardens looked nice for example.

Administrator answers:

I know the Carrol Gardens/Cobble Hill/Boerum Hill area pretty well, and I’d say add about $200-400 to the figures Behar B gave you. This is not a great time to be apartment hunting as landlords are very hungry to extract higher rents after a few flat years. But anyway, that area is good. Smith Street is still great, and there’s a lot more to do than there used to be in the formerly dead zone between there and Park Slope. And the F train is much better than it was even a few years ago. Expect about 15-20 minutes to lower Manhattan, 30 minutes to Midtown.

Park Slope and Astoria are also good options, although it’ll take you a bit longer to get to Manhattan from each place. And Park Slope is getting pretty crowded with strollers these days. Brooklyn Heights is generally unaffordable but there are cheap places there, too, if you look hard enough. Another good housing bet these days is 4th Avenue in Brooklyn, around the Union Street N/R stop. (Some brokers will try to say this is Park Slope, but it really isn’t.) It’s not much to look at, but you can get more space for less money, and you’re really just a block or three away from lots of bars and restaurants in Park Slope, Atlantic Avenue, art films and performances at BAM, and more.

Check out craigslist and see what’s available under the “no broker” listings. If you do have to use a broker, you can expect to pay 15% of a year’s rent for a place in Manhattan or maybe 12-13% in Brooklyn. That’s in addition to the first month’s rent and the security deposit. Also, if you’ve never tried to rent in NYC before you’ll be shocked and outraged by the depth of financial disclosure and references people expect. Before you look at anything, you need to prepare a packet that includes at least three recent pay stubs, a photocopy of your last tax return, a letter from your employer stating your salary and how long you’ve been working there, names/phone numbers of your previous landlords (even if out of state), and — last but certainly not least — a checkbook. Be ready to pay the full deposit right on the spot if you want the place.

Good luck!

James asks…

Apartments in New york? What are the good parts to live in?

Where is the best place to live in NY? I’m going to move there soon so im looking for an apartment and i love the city and shopping. Manhattan or NYC? Is there any other places in NY that are good?

Administrator answers:

For starters, Manhattan and NYC are one and the same.

It’s really expensive living in the city. The Upper West side is good but very pricey. So are the west village and Tribeca. The lower east side is cheaper but not as well connected by subway to the rest of the city. The Upper east side is good, but subway connectivity is not as good as on the west side.

Why don’t you consider living in Jersey City or Hoboken, NJ? Both are one or two stops away from Manhattan on the PATH train system and considerably cheaper than the city to live in. PATH service, even on weekends, is great and it is on 24 hours a day. Plus, you will actually be able to get to midtown or downtown Manhattan quicker and cheaper if you lived there than if you lived in most parts of Manhattan itself.

I live in Jersey City, and I go to NYC quickly and cheaply. I’d urge you to consider it.

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