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December 17, 2012

Ruth asks…

Where are some cool places in the USA I can live cheaply?

I am a writer and can live anywhere, but I make about 18k a year. I want to find somwhere cheap that has cool stuff to do, and chill people who don’t care about money too much. Was living in NYC and found it especially hard to find women who weren’t into money. I mean I am pretty poor.

Administrator answers:

Well Oklahoma and Arkansas are reasonable places to live. Lots of women too.Come on down, were friendly and rent is cheap and lots of people looking to share nice apartments in OKC.

Betty asks…

Are there any decent cheap motels in the Bronx?

A couple of friends are looking for a place to stay for a few days while apartment hunting. Could you tell me some cheap motels in the Bronx area that are decent, or in Queens? Thanks so much!
None of us know anything about NYC, but thanks anyway.

Administrator answers:

If you have a choice, stay in Queens. In NYC, you’ll find it’s typically more a matter of ‘cheap’ OR ‘decent’ as opposed to cheap AND decent and the Bronx is really not a place for first time visitors who know nothing about NYC. Try looking here:

Susan asks…

How to live in NYC without a roommate?

I will be out of highschool soon. I hope that I can get into a performing arts college in NYC. But I really do not want a roommate and the apartment I will get if I get accepted is almost 4,000 dollars a month! I really don’t want a really don’t want a roommate. is there anyway I can’t somehow afford all the costs otherwise? If you don’t think it will work out please tell me why. If I somehow find out I won’t be able to afford the costs I will be moving to Los Angeles to go to performing arts college.

Administrator answers:

Is the apartment on campus or something? Why do you need to rent a $4/month apartment? Nobody needs that, especially someone your age. Find a cheap studio or do like everyone else your age and live in the outer boroughs and commute via subway. Western Queens is only 15-20 minutes to Midtown Manhattan via train.

There are no secret answers. Either suck it up and get a roommate or find a cheap Manhattan studio ($1500+/month) or move to the outer boroughs for around $1k/month. Outside of getting a good pair of knee pads you’re out of luck.

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