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December 18, 2012

Ruth asks…

What is the best way my wife and I can find a nice apartment in Park Slope? (Brooklyn, New York)?

We will be moving to NYC in July, and I will be flying out in May to secure an apartment. Other than the Village Voice and Craigslist, do you have any recommendations? Any links would be great.

P.S. We are both professionals, looking to rent in the $2K – $2.5K range (1BR).

Administrator answers:

My partner and I moved to park slope last summer (and the market has changed since then). What we found was that in NYC, brokers really do have the best apartments and it was worth dealing with them. That said, sometimes the broker fee can be negotiable to save you a little money. Also, the market is dropping, so you may be able to negotiate a bit more on price than you would have in the past.

I would avoid craigslist like the plague. After 3 weeks of searching on there, it was full of terrible apts and shady characters. Every apartment we saw on there turned out to be an utter waste of time.

If you pay a broker fee, you should definitely be able to get a place in that price range through a legitimate broker. If you are willing to go to the borders of park slope (south park slope, windsor terrace) you may even be able to find something with more amenities, slightly larger, or slightly cheaper.

Daniel asks…

How Much would it Cost me and my friend to split rent in a 1 bedroom apartment in NYC?

I’m very curious on how much it would cost me and my friend to buy an apartment with one bedroom in NYC?? We are thinking about moving there. and We really want to know the costs…

Administrator answers:

It really depends on a lot of things, most importantly the location. There are enough neighborhoods in Manhattan alone to range from $1500/month to tens of thousands.

There are also less expensive options than a 1-br (studios).

The other boroughs would be cheaper.

I’d recommend visiting some real estate rental websites like first, to get an idea.

Michael asks…

Moving to Northern Virgina to work out of IAD what are nice reasonable areas within 45-60 from Dulles?

Need to be there by October 1st could drive and commute from New Jersey while I’m looking but would be better to be living there. Appreciate your help! Near the airport and Washington it seems as pricy as the current NYC commuter area I am coming from. Would love to rent at least between 900 to 1100 and under if at all possible.

Administrator answers:

Rents in the Northern Virginia area are some of the highest in the country, so the further out you go, the cheaper it will be. I should warn you that, even from a distance, unless you start your commute very, very early in the morning, you’re going to sit in traffic a lot. I grew up on Long Island, commuted to the city a lot, and I work right outside DC, and I can tell you, commuting here is a horror.

Commuting from New Jersey would be even worse. You have to deal with choke points along I-95 at the end of the Turnpike at the Delaware Bridge, through Delaware and through Baltimore. Then you have to get through the DC area, take the Beltway down to the Dulles Toll Road…I wouldn’t wish that drive on my worst enemy. I drive from Arlington to Long Island occasionally to see family, most on Friday afternoons…6 hour minimum.

As for the rents, you’re not going to find much that’s really nice in that range, at least not near the airport. I play $850 per month plus a split of utilities for a bedroom and bath in a very nice house in Arlington, not far from my job. But there are three of us renting, and the owner is there, too, so it’s not like an apartment where I have my own place…and I’m getting a *steal* for where I am (I commute to work by bus, so I don’t have to deal with driving).

If you’re willing to share a place, you can do OK for that much, if you look carefully. I would give yourself a weekend down here to look, and use Craigslist. I’ve found all three of the places I have rented that way, and I’ve been here for nearly five years (my home is in Floida, so I “commute” there a couple of weekends a month).

Not trying to scare you away, just want to give you a sense of the reality here.

Chris asks…

Purely based on your opinion, what is the best part of NYC?

Best part as in best place to experience culture, live, find apartments, affordability, etc. Please explain why. :] THANKS!

Administrator answers:

Well, as long as you understand that this is completely biased….but here goes:

I love my neighborhood, Park Slope, Brooklyn.

Okay, no, it’s not cheap. It was, when I first moved here in 1981. But it is such a nice place to live, that it has gotten much more upscale over the years. But it’s still a great place to live. Lovely tree lined streets, the buildings were mostly built from just after the Civil War till the end of the 19th Century. The buildings are just beautiful!

In the past few years, this neighborhood has become a real restaurant destination for the rest of the City. We have so many really great restaurants here, all of a sudden. We are also right next to Prospect Park, a huge park built by the same men who designed Central Park (though they always said that Prospect Park was their masterwork.) Prospect Park has many things to do in it – Tennis, ice skating, biking, an historic restored carousel. We are also within walking distance of the Brooklyn Museum, and the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. So there is a lot to do here!

And we are really close to Manhattan.

It’s a great neighborhood.

Maria asks…

I want to move to NYC after I graduate college?

I am majoring in graphic design, and I have been to NYC before. I don’t know anyone who lives there besides my best friend’s grandparents (I am very close to her family). Oh and my parents don’t financially support me nor ever will unless they win the lottery, haha.

Lets be realistic here, am I crazy?

Administrator answers:

Apartments in NY are VERY expensive, especially in Manhattan. I suggest that you look in places that are cheaper — the outer boroughs, Long Island, or New Jersey. There are perfectly nice communities but you’ll have to commute. Big deal.

Charles asks…

Im moving to atlanta ga in a couple of months anything i should know befo i move?

I’m a upcoming actor I’m moving to Atlanta because Hollywood is overrated in the acting industry…I’ve been working hard getting my resume emailed and I also want to do real estate also… Atlanta is beautiful and I am 21 It’s time for me to experience somethings in life. I’m going down their to visit look at houses apartments I wanna stay in the city not anywhere else is their anything else I should know like crime wise wat part of town not ro be on? I’m ready for thus next step in my life! is their any furnished apartments their? And how do get in contact with somebody that needs a body guard or security jobs? pls be nice no rude comments Im just doin my researching before I get up there I’m just trying to do something with my life and make a good living…

Administrator answers:

While Atlanta is much more affordable than NYC and Los Angeles, you probably won’t find as many acting opportunities here as you would in the other cities. (I’ve lived in all three places.)

Without knowing what your criteria is for a place to live, it’s difficult to provide specific advice. Will you have a car? If not, you have to be close to public transportation. There are some very rough parts of town — as other respondents said, south Atlanta — that I would avoid, though you’ll inevitably find cheap rents there.

Promove is a FREE apartment referral service, that may be worth contacting. Google them, or call 404/946-8983. They’ve helped some friends who moved here from out of town. If you’re looking for a furnished room, check Craigslist. Furnished apartments — often used for temporary corporate transfers — may be pricy.

Good luck!

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