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December 20, 2012

Paul asks…

Best way to move from Denver to New York?

We’re relocating to a tiny NYC apartment – not bringing too much furniture but will probably bring 1+ room’s worth. We’ve looked into UHAULs and private containers, but not yet to private movers. Any ideas on the cheapest, easiest way to get it done?

Administrator answers:

It may be cheaper and easier to move yourself, depending on how much you’re moving, and if you’re planning on using a trailer with your stuff in it, or renting a truck and towing your car. U-haul and Ryder are 2 well known companies, for do-it-yourself moves. They also have all the packing supplies you’ll need.

If it’s only a room or two’s worth of stuff, the larger companies may schedule you to move with another family. It all depends on how much room they have on their truck, at the time of your move, and how close you are to the other family. (location wise, at your new place) By “tagging along” with another family, you may save a little money…. And so will they. You’ll save even further, by packing your things yourself. The only items you won’t be able to pack, will be things like tables, chairs, sofas, beds and dressers. All the other little things, you can pack.

I would suggest, however, that if you go with a bigger company, you take your jewelry and higher priced items yourself. Things that would be hard to replace, or impossible to replace, if a moving company lost or damaged it. Also, pack a crock pot and/or skillet into the car, so you can fix a meal in your new place right away. You won’t HAVE to go out right away for a meal. Lol

Good luck and happy moving.

Mandy asks…

Does anyone know of any cheap accommodation in New York city?

A friend and I are in New York for the summer and we need a place to stay for two months. We don’t have a lot of money so we can’t afford the likes of 2 months rent to move in and such. A 1 bedroom would be grand for about $6-700 per month.

Administrator answers:

It will cost you that much PER WEEK for a one bedroom in NYC! You’re talking about $20 per day! You’ll barely find an apartment in NY STATE in that budget Try a HOSTEL.

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